I believe this is made in the same factory as many of the halo smart watches, which is an ecosystem brand of xiaomi such as the original, halo, solar or perhaps a more accurate comparison would be the newer halo, rt2 or ls10 that shares even closer resemblance. In terms of the 2.5 d curves of the round display, or even the emi lab kw 66 again, these are all essentially made from the same factory, so its no surprise that they have super similar dna in terms of the software and the hardware. Really, aside from this, youll get a magnetic pogo charging contact, cable, it takes about an hour and a half to fully charge, and the watch itself can last for around 10 to 12 days before you need to charge it again, so pretty good battery life, but its Actually, the norm when it comes to these lower cost, smart watches that runs on a much lighter version of the os. Finally, there is just a quick user guide, so taking a closer look at the design of the smartwatch first, i have to say, theyve done a pretty good job, just like the halo rt2 and the ls10 that weve seen from the past. It is feeling much more expensive than the price would imply, especially the tempered glass screen. Theyve used here is truly 2.5 d, so it slightly curves off at the edges. As you can see, there just makes it feel even more comfortable as youre swiping, along its usually a feature that we find on more expensive, smart watches and great to find here and also the bezel sizes, really isnt bad for a budget.

Smart watch like this. If we choose a slightly different interface, you can see it a bit more clearly, it does look the part of being a much more expensive smart watch, especially on a cursory glance. I have to say – and there even is this very subtle kind of blue accent going on to some of the bezels as its shining across the light. It actually reminds me a lot of the much more expensive, zepp e smart watch, which is also one of my favorites, compared to some of the other options, including the also solid, where pi hw 21, that we saw from last year. Another very good budget. Smart watch with a round display, but you can see here how this one has a completely flat screen, and it has this more of a bezeled look on the edges. There thats raised above versus something like this, which i personally feel like is a little bit more clean as a budget smart watch. The frame here is still constructed out of polycarbonate plastic, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. It feels rather durable and its similar material. So what we saw on the very popular amaze fit bib series a few years back and we have the contacts here for sbo2, so it does measure your blood oxygen level in addition to the optical heart rate sensor and the charging contacts. The watch straps, of course, are removable and the rubber band here also feels to be pretty good quality by default, its a breathable again, its water resistant specifically the ip rating, though is 68, so it will be okay to use in the rain if youre doing a Light shower, but its not as advised to take this diving or, if youre, going for longer or deeper swims, so its one area where they were able to cut costs a little bit more compared to some of the other watches that might have a 5 atm display.

Here, measures 1.28 inches diagonally. It is an ips lcd panel, but overall i think it looks quite good for the price. Well take a closer look, of course in a moment, but do note that it isnt an oled screen which is expected at this price. There are 12 basic sports or activities that youre able to track on here in terms of calories and distance, and also show you some quick status updates things like weather and well also check out those features. Next, however, this watch also doesnt have built in gps, but, like i said that would be expected at this price and pretty much mirrors. The same features that we saw on the aforementioned halo, smart watches, taking a closer look at the user interface. Its also surprisingly, i think pretty polished for this low price point and you can see that swipes are actually quite responsive, so we can swipe down here to access the quick tray of shortcuts, including things like dimming, the display making it brighter or dimmer as we please, You can also jump into a do not disturb mode. So if you are paired via bluetooth 5.0 to your smartphone, it will prevent notifications and vibrations from waking you during the night, for instance, or if youre in a meeting, and you can also swipe up to access the full list of all the applications. In this carousel view, again looks quite good. We can also, then swipe over to the left and the right to go through the individual pages and widgets one by one.

So the first panel here will give us access to a quick glance of our steps, calories and distance walk for the day. Otherwise i can check out my heart rate and for this you do have a little bit more detail by swiping up. You can take a look at how that has fluctuated during the past few hours that youve been wearing it. The high versus the low for the day, and you can set it up to do continuous heart rate measurement optical sensors, have been getting quite good now, even on budget watches like this, it still is within a close enough range of what i found when comparing it With a maze, fit and more expensive apple watches so not too far off there, which is good, usually just takes a few seconds to get a measurement, and there is also the aforementioned blood oxygen, spo2 measurement, which does need to be triggered manually. So this function, you cant use it to automatically track, but rather you have to tap to start, and then it takes about 15 seconds or so one more type over will take you into your quick status of sleep. This will reset during the evening times. It will give you a snapshot of how many hours youve spent in light versus steep sleep and sleep tracking accuracy on budget. Smart watches has always been an area. Thats lagged a little bit more behind the best and most premium smart watches. I say that because this tracks sleep during night hours, perfectly fine, but like many others in the same price category, if youre trying to take a nap during the day, for example at noon, it wont really track that once over again to take a look at your Weather condition, it also shows you three more days ahead, as well as the highs and lows for the day.

Now, before we take a look at some of the more advanced settings, i can also change the watch face here, just by long holding for three seconds. The memory of the watch, though, is a little bit more limited than the most premium models out there, in the sense that i can only hold up the three watch faces on the device at once and if you switch to a new watch face, it will push Out, whatever is located on the final option here, so you can override these by customizing and downloading more, but it will only hold three at one time so heres one of the default ones that it came with the digital crown. And then we also saw kind of the third one here with analog was one that i customized using the companion app the pixel density of the display, i would say, maybe its not quite as good as some of the most flagship grade. Smart watches, but still is looking quite good in terms of the colors at the very least and for the most part, theres. No real issues as far as making things out looks quite colorful. Brightness is also sufficient, maybe not quite as glaringly bright as some amoled or oled screens, but even under some moderate lighting, you can see that it still remains visible, which is good and as a whole, not too big of an issue. There is no always on display mode because, like i said it is just an ips lcd panel, but overall i think it still works really well enough nicely laminated and easy to control.

Now again, some of these other custom apps. We can just take a quick look at including access to the aforementioned 12 sports modes. It gives you a nice variety between jogging walking, cycling, yoga, running gymnastics, even basketball, football and rowing. So a good list. However, again there is no built in gps, but you can rely on your phones, gps and connect to that, as you are tracking your sport and record that as a separate session for you to then review later on, check out some additional details that you can. Then sync over to your phone to learn more about, otherwise we can also take a look at additional settings, such as any notifications, so this will display any messages that you have from your phone: social media that is synced over using bluetooth. You cant reply to messages like most other budget, smart watches and there is no built in microphone either for things like phone calls, but again expected and mirrors what we saw on the halo smart watches. Finally, there is also a basic kind of remote control for music. Again, if youre connected by bluetooth, you can use this to control and skip tracks to whatever is playing back from your phone, which is pretty neat. Some more advanced settings also allow you to do a quick, countdown timer stopwatch as well as being able to find your phone once you are paired, it will then vibrate the phone and again just breathing or meditation.

Training like we saw from before, will allow you to relax and inhale exhale with the visualizations that you see here on the watch, so taking a look at the companion app, which is called high fit overall, you can see that its relatively simple, but it will track And record your sessions, things like steps, you can tap on to take a look at more details of points in time when you were more active as well as change things like your target, for how many steps you want to hit for the day as well as Check out more details like the specific heart rate fluctuations, although this particular model at least the software at the moment, cant really send you intelligent notifications, say if youve exceeded a certain heart rate beat now typing on the watch itself. We can also take a look at some additional dials, which again these ones have all been ones weve seen previously on many of the other amaze fit watches and theyve, basically just also brought those over. So i like this one as well, because it tells us our weather shows a little bit more details at a glance. But again this would replace the existing third watch face that we have on board. So some other ones that we can see here are a little bit more digital analog and playful this one here. The astronaut is also a animated one that will kind of spin around, but theyre all pretty colorful and attractive.

I have to say and again the custom here allowing you to select your own background photo other things that we can set include turning off the auto heart rate sensor, but you cant really change the frequency of the measurements such as. If you want to take one every 30 minutes every hour, this seems to be done automatically and right now its about 5 to 10 minutes between each measurement. You can also take a look at any notifications. You want to pass through set up, alarms to wake you up in the morning sedentary reminder so that it will vibrate to tell you to move if youve been sitting for more than 30 minutes. The gesture of flicking your wrist to wake up the screen automatically, as well as the timeout of the display after five seconds or longer. This can also be customized and, finally, the ability for you to change between 12 and 24 hour formats. Now, in terms of the weather, like i said, you can only use degrees celsius for some reason, so im not able to really change this to fahrenheit. So there are a few limitations of the software which i feel like could be pretty easy for them to just give you a little bit more granular control, give you a little bit more intelligent recommendations, and that would make it even more of a steal. If all you need is a watch that will get you some basic activity, tracking, overall, very good battery life, again a very attractive design.

It shows that there has been continued refinement and additional improvements. Even on these low cost budget, smart watches, here in 2022, you can check out more details if youre interested in the links down below but for now thats been our video thanks for watching here. At os reviews, thats been the very affordable bh588 round.