What level is this? Ah medium, I think, need a break again. This Music Welcome to the channel a unique home epinidithouse. The new stop by please help like the comment and share this video. Yes, Well in the video this time I will be reviewing. Hours of Garmin are vivosmart Garmin 4 longer trend, deh hours of health like this trending yuk. Well now we directly see aja how the specifications of this clock Well here it is the appearance of a box of Garmin. Vivosmart 4 is the color black can guarantee TAM 2 years back, vivosmart 4 is unaccounted, the battery can be Up to 7 days can be for swimming, there is for stress measurement. Throughout the day of sleep measurement, the body battery is calculated in the form of the body battery number. There is also a heart rate. There is a notification. Now we just open the contents. So when we buy, we will get a manual. Then this is the charger. Music. This is the guarantee card. Music in Jakarta is already on Roxy Mas and one more thing is the sticker. We immediately see the clock. Yes, the clock is like this, so when, in a position like this, it will die. If we turn our hands, it will turn on by itself. Here there is a battery clock display the main menu here at the bottom. So when we see other menus, we just scroll. This is a notification.. Is there a new message on the cellphone or a call? Will appear here Turns out.

I got an email from Garmin Google.. If you open it, everything can’t be seen so it’s like a notification aja. So if you play the song again, he will be able to immediately set it yourself. Do you want to play or we want next? This is the footsteps. Today we have walked 101 footsteps. The target is below, we can set it on the cellphone. This heart rate will measure it all day long, so it will always be update. This is 384 calories. This is medium level stress the lower the better, usually when sleeping stress levels will be lower. Well, if this is our battery body, so it’s still good the longer we are tired, then it will measure the battery in our body. The body functions around 90. This is because I am in the morning and it’s just taking a break. We can set the menu at this time. I am throwing away the workout menu because I rarely do. For example, the workout is at the bottom now at the bottom. The order can be arranged in the Garmin Connect application from Garmin. This is Garmin. Connect can be used. downloaded in the Playstore. I have connected it here. You can see that the VivoSmart 4 Connect device looks menu. We can adjust the menu. Do we want to add it or suppose we want to adjust it up and down we can in this I throw it away. We can set it ourselves then, to see today.

This can see here. Everything Today is 100 steps. Then we want to see the quality of sleep. You can see how deep sleep is. Then this sleep is not too deep here, then this is the phase when we start to enter dreams, it can be seen here. Then. This oxygen can also be seen in real time in the garment from any hour.. You can see that this movement, which pulsed at the same time, can be seen here too. The recap can also be seen from all the stairs the calories this was yesterday, and then this was for seven days. The body of the battery can be seen so at night want to start sleeping when we are still small, then if we sleep it will improve the quality of the battery in the body of the battery. That is the quality of our body to do the activity. The heart rate is because I don’t use it it’s released, so it doesn’t count this, but always real time. Seven days, four weeks, one year can see all the graphs. We recommend that you wear it every day. The stress can also be seen when sleeping. Usually we will sleep and the condition of the body is not under stress, so the color is blue and the low is getting higher Then so on will be higher like this. When I wake up 75, then slowly, this slowdown has started to drop to 50. For the song that is connected, try playing the song, for example, we are running, and our cellphone plays a song to change the song.

We can use it directly from Garmin Show. The song pause play for next is up. Here can immediately change. The whale itself can play so you can play it right away on this. Garmin watch.. Well, that’s it. The Ikat is really okay. In your opinion, for those of you who are looking for a health watch start investing in things for health. Maybe the comparison is instead of buying a regular watch whose price is also a normal watch., But there are only features for the watch. Maybe for those of you who, like the features that more complete, can use a clock like this. This watch is also okay to wear it’s, still cool and not bad, and the features are also really complete. I’Ve tried using it all day long so it’s, not hot, nor does it make it sore because it’s soft and this watch is light too.. So, for those of you who want to jog or do swimming and other exercises using, this watch is really good. It doesn’t really feel the drawbacks, because the battery only lasts 1 week, so it has to be charged often while for regular hours, we don’t need to charge, buy a stone just once It ‘s durable yearly, okay, that’s a review. Hopefully, this hour’s information can help you and provide information for you to look for a clock reference. Thank you for watching.. If anyone is interested in the link I bought it, I don’t sell it.

So, coincidentally, this watch gets a prize from the S26 milk competition. So I’m happy Yesterday, Feli really win the race and be able to watch this hour thanks. S26 is really good, really handy. Winder thanks ya, have watched. Please help to subscribe.