Music. The vivoactive 3 is a gps smartwatch from garmin. That has a medium price point when compared to other garmin gps watches. With that being said, the build quality is still really good. This watch is similar in size to a regular wrist watch and it boasts a large face diameter that measures 30.4 millimeters the face is surrounded by a solid stainless steel bezel that you can get in bare stainless steel or the slate color which i have the face Is made with gorilla glass, which is the same stuff that you probably have on your smartphone i’ve worn this watch around the clock for the last 30 days and i have yet to get any noticeable scratches on it. The watch face is a touch screen which i found really responsive to tapping scrolling and swiping. If you don’t, like the touch screen, you can scroll with the side swipe, which is also very responsive. However, the touch screen is so much more convenient. I don’t think i’ve used the side swipe since the first day. I got this watch now. If you do like the side swipe option, you can change the orientation of the watch to make it easier to use. There is only one button with one tap: will give you quick access to your favorite activities or press and hold it and will give you access to the widgets. The watch comes loaded with 15 indoor and outdoor activity apps, including yoga running indoor, cycling and swimming, and you can also preset your favorites for quick access.

Along with the activities. The watch comes loaded with a handful of widgets, such as daily steps, heart rate, heart rate variability and once connected to your phone, such as calendar, music controls and weather. The watch features garmin’s quick release bands which are easily interchangeable. If you like, a different color or band material battery life is listed as 7 days in smart watch mode and 13 hours in gps mode in actuality. You will be recharging it more often, but knowing these stats, i was still surprised at how good the battery life is when it’s in smartwatch mode. Now one of the best parts about the battery life is really how fast it charges uh, you know, say if you’re done a workout and you’re low on battery. You can connect this to the charger and by the time you’re showered up and dressed. The watch will have recharged quite a bit in that short period of time, also the charger cord plugs in firmly, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out. If you happen to knock it. The vivoactive 3 also supports all of the features of garmin connect on your phone. This took five minutes to set up and is easy to use. Two features i like are the connect iq store where you can get more widgets, more apps and you can download different watch faces and the second one is the live track feature where you can email your activity to somebody to monitor where you are in real time.

Finally, the vivoactive 3 is the first garmin watch to feature garmin pay a built in system that does not require any further login or cards once set up. In essence, garmin pay sets your watch up to become your credit card, so you won’t have to reach for your purse or wallet when your hands are full. All in all, the vivo active 3 is your perfect watch for somebody who’s on the go it’s, not too bulky, and it doesn’t look overly sporty as well.