I absolutely love this um. You push button and there’s my background with my clock. You can swipe to the right and you can um Music turns your functions on and off. So i want the heart rate: monotone that’s, the wrist sense. Just to find my phone, so if you push that button, it’s gon na um do a sound to let you know where your phone is and that’s the do not disturb so we’ll go back to and then swipe to the left and you’ve got your sports setting, Which does your runs walks? Your bikes, you hike, climbing treadmill, spinning yoga Music, um, Music, well, there’s, my music, okay, Music. Now, okay, i long pressed the button and got out of it. So right, there’s, your heart rate. You can monitor your heart rate. It has a relaxed function, has an alarm function. You can set up um alarms that will um and you set them up it through the app um, the very fit pro app, and then it will do the alarms on your watch for you it’s on a long press, all right and then music controller, timer settings. Sport record settings: you can um. This is where you can change your um, your dial backgrounds and dimming i’m, doing a short press on those to get back to the screen. There’S, the music controller. This operates your music on your phone. You can play pause or go through your um things, um you swipe up.

That tells you how many steps you’ve done, Music, how far you’ve walked and then put your spike down. Well, there’s your messages um. So this is my text messages and i can click it, and it tells me you know what i’m looking for here and then i can delete the message. I can scroll up there’s my instagram, so i am absolutely loving. This it’s a great bar, great caption um. This is the you: can um, take the bands off by pushing and pulling that off and on and it’ll pop them out, and then this is the um charging port right there that’s the charging port and recharge it well worth the price awesome little watch here.