This is ava from fitlab and welcome to our review of the runtopia s1 you’ll find the links to the product in the description, and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch to the end of the video To know our final verdict, if this fitness tracker is worth it runtopia s1 overview, what started as a running application is now runtopia’s. First sports smartwatch designed for running it’s, simple in design, but offers the essential features to improve your running at an affordable price through the runtopia app. The s1 gives you real time: audio guidance. As you run, the app notifies you about your speed, pace and heart rate. So you can adjust as needed to meet your goals with the gps functionality. You can get accurate tracking insights that are sent to your phone, which you also do not need to carry with you on a run. The runtopia app also motivates you to keep moving using incentives and reminders. The app is also known to offer gifts by converting steps into rewards. Additionally, it has a gentle reminder that alerts you when you’ve been still for too long. As for resistance, the s1 has a water resistance of 3 meters and a temperature resistance between 14 to 122 degrees, fahrenheit, meaning the s1 can survive various weather conditions. The star feature of the runtopia s1, however, is its extra long battery life, especially for its price.

With the runtopia s1, you can go up to almost a month of full use without needing to charge in between. As for the smart features, aside from gps functionality, you also get notified in case of any text, even though you can’t reply to it. You’Re still kept informed even while exercising what we liked comes with an inbuilt gps. It has great running features. It offers a long battery life, but we didn’t like limited smart features. The design could be a bit more stylish runtopia s1 specifications. As for the table, the battery life and runtopia s1 makes it suitable for long marathons without worrying about the low charge. The 128 by 128 resolution may seem a little but it’s enough for information displayed on the s1 things you should know before buying the runtopia s1. Even though the runtopia app offers an audio running coach, the coach is only available with a premium service subscription to the app. This allows you access to the full features of the application as well, but you can still easily use the watch without the application. Additionally, the battery life varies depending on how often, as well as what features you use with the watch with an active gps, you may need to charge the watch at least once a week. Runtopia s1 features inbuilt gps. The runtopia s1 has dual gps functioning, which helps improve running. It offers accurate real time tracking insights such as distance covered and pace used.

It also maps out your routes and always gives an updated location, no matter where you are because of the inbuilt gps. You do not have to carry your phone on a run. All insights will still be sent to the phone long battery life compared to some top brands like apple, the runtopia s1 offers a long battery life that surpasses even brands like fitbit known for the long battery. The s1 can go up to 25 days without charging and constant use. The battery life may vary slightly based on use and features the gps, especially drains the most charge, runtopia app, considering that this is where it all started. The runtopia application is the center of the s1 sports watch. While you can use the s1 without it. The application comes with additional features that make the s1 a better running watch the app offers features like an audio coach that guides you to improve your running. You will also be able to see a more detailed analysis of your stats as well as arranged training routines. So you can’t get the most of the s1 without the app final verdict. Should you get the runtopia s1, the runtopia may not be the best smartwatch in the market what it lacks in smartness, however, it makes up for and fitness the s1 was built with running in mind and hence provides the essential features a runner will need. You should buy the runtopia s1 if you’re, mostly interested in running and do not mind the limited smart features, who is the runtopia s1 best suited for the runtopia s1 is best suited for runners.

Looking for a sports watch with the basic running features and don’t care for smart features, the s1 is also pocket friendly, therefore ideal for individuals on a budget. Are there any alternatives to runtopia s1? The best alternative for the runtopia s1 is the garmin 4runner 35. It may not have the same battery life, but 4runner 35 offers more advanced features for runners within the same price as a runner. Would you buy the runtopia s1? Let us know in the comments. Click the like button.