Let'S take a look at all the pros and cons of this device Music when it comes to design we're. Looking at quite a typical Samsung mid range phone, we have glass on the front and the back weight of the phone feels like it's made of glass, but I might be wrong. Samsung calls it a glass stick backplate with a 3d design. As for the frame it's. Really sturdy, but it might be made of high grade plastic, not metal, either way the phone looks and feels premium and the buttons are nice. I also like that the phone is thin and light. Despite the fact, it has a huge 4500 million hours battery that lasts a long time. You can easily get over 10 hours of screen on time on this phone and if you try to save energy by reducing screen brightness, you may even get over 13 hours of SOG. You can also fully charge the battery in just about one and a half hours via the USB type c port. There is no wireless charging, though another shortcoming. There is no LED notification light, but we do have a highly customizable, always on display a major design. Letdown and the phone is not water resistant, on the other hand that the device is well crafted and it is comfortable to hold in the hand thanks to nicely curved edges on the back.

Keep in mind, however, this is a huge phone due to its massive display.

That is now called the infinity. U, this Super AMOLED panel is really good. Overall, we have punchy colors, deep, blacks and great contrast. Sunlight legibility may not be the best but it's quite decent Samsung brought in display ultrasonic fingerprint scanners to the mid range segment. While the reader is not that passes out there, and you need to keep your finger press for a long time. It'S really nice to see premium technology in mid range phones, there's also a face unlock feature. That is pretty accurate, but it could be a little bit faster. Flip the phone to the back and you'll find a triple camera set up. The main shooter has plenty of megapixels the secondary, collects depth information and the last one uses an ultra wide lens on the front ik and finally, beefy 32 megapixel selfie shooter. As always, I'll talk about image quality in just a bit. Other key features include a headphone jack that provides great audio, a SIM card tray that lets you use two SIM cards and microSD card at the same time, and last but not least, they receive pretty good loudspeaker that is implemented on the bottom of the device. Here are a few audio samples Music. The Snapdragon 675 is at the core of the galaxy, a 70 and it's paired up with a good amount of RAM and plenty of storage after using the phone for quite some time.

I have to tell you that I really like this chip set and how Samsung optimized it for the best performance.

Well, this CPU may not be the flagship grade, but the phone had absolutely no issues in gaming department. We can play all the latest 3d games on the galaxy a70 without any stutter or lag. Last but not least, the pop g ronn spine, even on the highest graphic settings, which is really impressive overall, the galaxy a 70 is a good choice for mobile gamers, who cannot afford to pay the flagship phone price. The 1ui 1.1 is built on top of Android 9 and if you have watched any of my samsung phone videos, you know that I, like this user interface because of its clean, look feature set and the overall performance the galaxy. A 70 is no exception. We get all the same features and customization options like Samsung's flagship devices and, most importantly, the a 70 is really fast and snappy on the daily basis seriously. The a 70 feels like a flagship phone, really good, overall performance. The overall image quality is really good. The pictures come out, sharp detailed, dynamic ranges on point and colors are pretty accurate. Well, some wide angle pictures could be a tad sharper, but overall the quality is really good to night image. Quality is not that impressive, but you can expect flagship, great results at this price point portrait mode takes nice. Looking pictures as the subject stands out from the background quite well.

Selfie image quality is quite impressive. I, like the level of detail, sharpness and skin tones selfie portrait mode, does a great job separating the subject from the background, however, if you take selfies at night, and the quality may not be really impressive, 4k video may be a little bit shaky as there is No image stabilization, despite that, the footage looks really nice and sharp continuous autofocus works.

Well, and if you throw with the phone on a gimbal, it can definitely shoot a really nice video. With this phone 1080p video is more stable, but still it. The footage is not as smooth as out there. You can also shoot videos using the wide angle camera, but there are a few caveats. First, you cannot switch between the main and the wide angle lens during the video recording. In other words, you need to decide which lens you want to use before you start shooting the video. Hopefully Samsung will fix this in the future software updates. Second, you can use the wide angle lens only in 1080p, video mode. Last but not least, there is quite a bit of noise and some jello effect in the video 1080p selfie video looks really nice and sharp, even though it's a bit shaky while walking. Last but not least, the sound recording quality is really good and today's lighting conditions are not the best, but we are not the worst either because we have a cloudy day. That means we have nice soft lighting.

You can record slow motion videos in 720p at 240. Fps, the quality may not be the best, but is still usable by the way. Please check out full length, video samples on my secondary youtube channel and subscribe. While you are there. Samsung phones are usually great in the connectivity department, and the a 70 is a good example call quality and signal. Reception are great, GPS is very accurate and there are quite a few sensors onboard.

Last but not least, the a 70 has NFC overall, the Samsung Galaxy. A 70 offers a lot of features for the price, but let's summarize all the pros and cons. The main shortcomings are that the device is not water resistant. You should also know that there is no LED notification light, but a good thing is that there is a highly customizable always on display. The last char coming is that you cannot switch between different cameras during video recording mode, but hopefully it will be fixed with a future software updates. Now the pros are why I think that the Samsung Galaxy a 70 has a lot to offer for the price of about 400 euros. You get a premium design great, build quality, excellent display, an e versatile camera setup that produces great images and video. In addition, the phone offers great overall day to day and even gaming performance plenty of RAM and storage, excellent battery life with fast charging and display fingerprint scanner, USB type c port, a headphone jack and last but not least, you get a SIM card tray that lets.

You use two SIM cards and a micro SD card. At the same time, just before I sign out, I wanted to show you guys awesome LED light strips made by min jure and say thanks for sponsoring this video they cost about forty bucks, but they offer plenty of features and both of them can be controlled via The phone app the first LED strip has seven scene modes, but my favorite is special music mode that works with the help with a built in mic into the controller.

The second LED strip that I've got can be controlled via the Wi Fi and, most importantly, it supports Amazon Alexa. All in all, these LED strips bring a lot of value for the price and I can easily recommend you to check them out as I've been using them for the past month and they've been working. Absolutely fine, as always, you'll find all the links and show notes down below the video.