Differences and I'll try to answer the question which phone is best for you, Music. This video was sponsored by Pandu the company that makes great cheap wireless earphones stay tuned until the end of the video to learn more just before you go to the comment section and complain about this comparison being unfair because of the price difference of these phones. You have to know that ma20 Pro is still huawei's made serious flagship. Even though the p30 release is just around the corner, they made 20 Pro will still be the company's best phone in there made lineup. I will leave a few links down below the video for the latest prices, but you'll most likely be able to get them a 20 pro for about 200 bucks less than the galaxy s 10 plus when it comes to the design. Both phones look similar because they use metal frame, high quality, buttons and glass on the front and rear. Both phones are also IP 68 certified for water and dust resistance. Speaking of buttons, I found the placement to be more comfortable on the May 20 Pro I don't know why Samsung implemented a power key so high. The key differences, the May 20 pro is narrower and it's more comfortable to hold in the hand, despite being a bit heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S, 10, plus the second difference. The May 20 pro uses the notch that a lot of people hate in comparison to the punch, hole, design found on the s10 plus honestly I've never been a hater of notches, but a cutout for the dual selfie cameras looks much better.

The display on the May 20 pro is one of the best on any phone, but once you put both phones side by side, it's obvious that the S 10 plus has a more vibrant panel. In fact, the samsung phone has the best screen on the market. Right now, it's just absolutely gorgeous to look at another difference. The SN Plus has a headphone jack that provides a slightly better audio quality than the May 20 pro. That requires a dongle. In fact, the huawei phone uses USB type c port as the part of his dual stereo speaker setup, which is still considered to be quite innovative, but I found the overall sound quality on the estin plus to be significantly better. The speaker's provide more depth clarity and the volume output is much better. Here are a few audience samples. Both phones have very powerful, triple camera setups that have regular, telephoto and wide angle lens. However, there is quite a huge difference in the number of megapixels and these cameras perform quite differently in practice. More on image quality in just a bit on the front. Samsung has a dual camera system, where the secondary sensor is used to capture depth information. While we phone only has one sensor, but it has a lot more megapixels to play with now a few subtle, but at the same time, important differences. The May 20 Pro has LED notification light, whereas the estin Plus likes this feature. Both devices have expandable storage by the May 20.

Pro uses proprietary nano memory cards, whereas the estin plus uses traditional microSD cards. Both phones have face unlock where the May 20 Pro is the winner, as this feature is faster and more secure. Due to the dedicated sensor, on the other hand, face unlock feature, works really well on the SN plus, but is less secure, as it simply uses the selfie camera for facial recognition. Both devices have fingerprint scanners that are implemented under the displace. However, the estin plus uses a more advanced ultrasonic technology. As a result, its scanner is more reliable. On the other hand, traditional fingerprint readers are still significantly faster. Last but not least, the May 20 pro has a good old Eyre plaster that lets you control devices like TVs, whereas the SN Plus lacks this feature. When it comes to hardware, both phones have one of the best processors out there, but the astons chipset is slightly more powerful and you can go up to one terabyte of internal storage. On the other hand, you can rest assured that both phones will handle 3d games on the highest graphics settings with breaking me, sweat, the user interface or proprietary skin that is laid out on top of Android is always a matter of personal preference. There are many opinions about both the EMU eye on the wowie phones and the one UI on Samsung devices. Those opinions are usually negative because some users simply prefer stock Android and they don't like any, even the slightest changes in the UI.

If you ask me, I like both the EMU eye and the one UI, because there are plenty of features and customization options and, most importantly, both the may 20 Pro and the sn are just wicked fast and smooth, no matter what you do with them. If you want a more in depth, look of the UI on each bone, check out dedicated reviews and you'll find all the links down below the video. If you ask me which user interface I prefer, I would probably pick the one you eye on the galaxy s. N, as it has become one of my favorite interfaces, on the other hand, I like the EMU eye T because of its feature set and the overall performance when it comes to the image quality using the main camera. It all depends on the shot and your personal preference in some pictures. The galaxy s 10 plus tends to capture more detail. There is more sharpness and the images have warmer colors. On the other hand, some pictures taken with a May 20 pro look sharper and more detailed, but the colors are a bit colder. Therefore, you can go wrong with either phone, as both cameras are one of the best out there. The Galaxy S stands wide angle. Lens has wider field of view, but the May 20 protons to capture more detail and, overall, the images look a bit sharper. The estin Plus has two times optical zoom lens that can take nice looking pictures, but the May 20 promo more flexibility with its three times.

Optical and five times a hybrid zoom, as for the portrait shots, both phones perform well again. Sometimes Samsung is better, sometimes wowie. The Huawei phone performs better in low light. Using the auto mode. Pictures have more detail less noise than they simply look better. The May 20 Pro also has he dedicated night mode that lets you take one of the best pictures on a smartphone. Neither phones, zoom lens is impressive in poor light, but the estin plus tends to take better images. The May 20 pros wide angle. Camera tends to perform better in low light, as there is more detail and less noise. Nice selfie image quality is better on the May 20 Pro either. If you take images using auto or portrait mode overall, the huawei May 20 Pro is significantly better in low light. I prefer selfie images taken on the huawei phone as they simply look better most of the time. Selfie portraits look nice on each phone and it's the matter of personal preference. The estimate us, however, has more background effects to play with when it comes to 4k. Video quality, the galaxy s 10 plus captures higher quality footage. It can also shoot in 4k at 60 frames per second. However, I recommend you using 4k at 30fps video mode for better quality and image stabilization and, most importantly, you can switch between regular wide angle and telephoto lens quite seamlessly in this mode. In other words, you cannot switch between cameras and 60fps mode.

The quality of video using zoom and wide angle lens is pretty good. Overall, I have to say that the huawei improved the deal. Video came quite a bit, but 4k footage could still look better. Also, switching between all three cameras is not always seamless and it causes autofocus hunting. In addition, I'm not impressed with the zoom lens performance in video mode. In terms of video stabilization, the galaxy s 10 plus is better, even though the May 20 pro is also pretty good. Still, I prefer the Galaxy S 10 Plus this phone also has super steady, video feature that allows you to record super smooth video. Unfortunately, it works only in 1080p, video mode selfie, video quality is much better on the galaxy s 10 plus. In fact, this is the first phone to shoot 4k video using the front facing camera and the quality is quite impressive. Also, the sound recording quality is significantly better on the galaxy sm. This is the video test using the front facing camera of the samsung galaxy s 10, plus so I'm. Comparing the quality of video with the samsung galaxy s 10 plus and the galaxy s 9, plus both the galaxy s 10 plus and the May 20 Pro – are excellent in the connectivity Department. I'Ve never had any issues with a call quality signal, reception or GPS. These phones also have all the sensors you would ever need on a smart phone. The battery department is where the May 20 Pro is a hands down winner.

First of all, it uses the larger capacity power bank and it combines it with some pretty aggressive power management techniques, the result of it one of the best battery life on any flagship smartphone to date. I could get about nine hours of screen on time under heavy usage of this phone, which is really impressive. If you use the phone just for the basic stuff, you can expect to get about twelve hours of sot. My record screen on time. On the galaxy s, 10 plus was over 8 hours. When i tried to squeeze every minute out of this battery on average, i could get from 5 to 6 hours of sot, which is still a pretty good result, considering a massive display, but not really impressive, compared to the huawei mate 20 pro another area, where the May 20 Pro is better charging time. You can fully charge the phone in just about one hour with a supplied super fast charger charging time on the s10 plus is about one and a half hours, which is a good yet not the best result. Both phones support fast 15 watts, wireless charging, which is really convenient. Also, both phones can even charge other devices thanks to reverse wireless charging, which is a feature you rarely use. What is good to know is here so there we have it. The galaxy s n plus versus the huawei mate 20 pro both phones are one of the best you can buy and both of them have their pros and cons.

You may want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S 10, plus for a bit more powerful, chipset and more internal storage, better display without an arch, a headphone jack, significantly better loudspeakers system and dual front facing cameras. In addition, the sn uses traditional microSD cards instead of the proprietary nano memory cards like the Wow a May 20 pro further. The sn has a more reliable fingerprint scanner and some may prefer the one UI over the EMU. I found on the huawei phone. On the other hand, the May 20 pro is more comfortable to hold in the hand its button placement is better. It has LED notification, light and IR blaster. Moreover, the May 20 pro has a more secure face, unlock feature and, last but not least, the battery life and charging time are much better on the May 20 Pro, even though both phones have excellent cameras, and most of the pictures are very similar. The May 20 pro is better in low light. Its wide angle, camera produces sharper images and we have more flexibility with five times hybrid zoom. I also prefer selfie image quality on the May 20 Pro the samsung galaxy s 10 plus also has an amazing camera setup that can sometimes take better looking daylight pictures. I would also pick the SN Plus for a better video quality. Using all three cameras on the back and the front facing shooter can record videos in 4k. Also, the sound recording quality is much better.

I hope you found this video useful as I try to make it as detailed as possible. As you can see, both phones have their pros and cons and we have to summarize them yourself and decide what matters cu. The most now a quick word from the sponsor of this video Pandu, even though the company is sponsoring the video. I can honestly tell you that that a 6 is one of the best budget through wireless earphones that cost just below 40 pounds on Amazon. Uk I'm. Literally blown away by the overall package you get, the sound quality is just incredible: the air phone's coming in nice charging case the butts are comfortable to wear and they connect to your phone automatically. Every time you take them out of the case. All in all. This is a great pair of true wireless earphones that I can easily recommend you check out. You'Ll find all the links down below the. What do you think? Which phone would you choose? Would you choose the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus, or would you pick that Huawei May 20 Pro use the comment section down below like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel.