. This is simply a smart watch with all of the features that you will need, whether you want to use it in a very simplistic manner or a very advanced manner. Lets get right into the video review. First of all, lets take a look at the smart watch, beautiful design. I love the screen very bright, okay, very comfortable band, very durable band, the one that it comes with whether youre using it to wear at a wedding. Okay. In a formal event, or whether youre on the elliptical or going for a jog and youre sweating, so whether youre at a wedding or sweating, and you rhyme all the time you can wear this thing, it looks great. It feels great okay, so lets take a look at it very, very good sensors on the underside, which ill go over in a moment. Okay, so sharp design is the first thing that i wrote down. I have a couple notes that i wrote down with regards to. As i was using it, this is also almost like a first impressions video, because i just recently got this so very, very sharp design. It looks sleek. It looks like a real watch thats. Why i love these galaxy watches they dont necessarily look like a smart watch, especially when you change the clock face. You can really make them. Look like just a regular watch, which is fantastic because you get the classic look of a regular watch, but the advanced functionality of a smartwatch good value for the price is the next thing that i wrote down.

Okay, these are, in my opinion, basically in the middle range of the smartwatch price point you have. You know smart watches that are more expensive than these, and also ones that are cheaper, but youre, getting a great value for your price youre, getting a great bang for your buck. Okay, youre, paying a low a decently low price for a great, astonishing value. Is this gon na have every single feature that you have in a watch that costs twice as much, probably not okay, not to the same degree, but it will have them most of them to the mostly degree, if you can imagine what im saying so, basically for The price of your fan youre, getting a great great smart watch; okay, easy to use interface once you set it up, it takes you to a quick tutorial and literally the tutorial takes. I dont know two minutes three minutes to go through um and you know how to use it. Okay, it comes pre loaded with tons of apps very great connectability, so the user interface is absolutely amazing. Slim design look at the profile of this youre. Getting a watch. Thats, basically, the same thinness as a regular low profile watch, roughly low price, a medium profile watch, okay and i dont know im a watch guy like i have a collection of over 30 watches right now. I dont have any crazy, expensive watches nothing like that. Nothing! Collectible but like i have over 30, you know relatively inexpensive, watches and all sorts of styles colors designs ill.

Do a separate video on that in the future. I did one when i had about 15 watches, or so i believe, maybe close to 20, but ive got many more so ill. Do that at a later date. So keep your eyes peeled for that video as well, but with that being said, youre getting a watch that basically has a slim design like a medium profile watch but youre getting all of these features so youre literally getting you know a crazy amount of things. Um packed into the small little package, if you can imagine okay customizable, so you can do anything basically to customize this. You can reorganize the tiles. So if i go and i swipe all of these tiles – i can add tiles. I can remove tiles and stuff like that. You can reorder the apps so that the ones that you use the most are the easiest to access. You can change the clock face. You can change the band. There are a limitless amount of things, basically that you can do to customize it, so you can turn this into very truly your own type of watch great battery life. Now, with regards to smart watches, phones, smart tvs, i will maybe thats a bad example. Not smart tvs because you dont have to charge them for the most part, anything smart, anything, technological, that you have to charge the more time that it spends on the charger, the less time that you get to use it.

Now, if you dont track your sleep using your watch, then you can charge it every single night easily, but most people are going to use, watches smart watches to track their sleep and monitor their sleep. Oh look at that. It said look at that sleep popped up right there, so its just telling me to get more insights using the sleep tile right over there. So um you know, most people are going to use it to track their sleep. So whenever you charge it, youre probably going to be at some point during the day and youre going to have to be still, or else it wont, be tracking your activity that youre doing okay so having a great battery life is a plus for me, because it Means that you, you are able to use it more often uh. The next thing. I wrote unproblematic. Okay, lots of times. You know you get a new device, theres problems. You know so far from what ive read from what ive experienced like you, just use it and you dont really experience any glitches or problems, and even when there is a problem from what ive read other people experiencing, i havent experienced any myself yet um theyre really Easy to solve so i like the way that samsung has allowed the galaxy watch 4 to be unproblematic, whether youre young old, whether you know a lot about tech, a little bit about tech, its your first smart watch, its your 20th smart watch.

You know its not going to cause you any problems which is good. It kind of treats everyone equally with regards to not causing problems. Okay last thing wrong comfortable. This thing on your wrist is so comfortable when i work out okay, i might not. You know, im trying to flex in front of the camera. I dont look like it now. In my younger days, i was like veins popping out of my biceps, like absolutely ripped. Okay, i had a physique of like a greek god: okay um, i im kind of exaggerating a little bit, but not that much. But you know i take my workout seriously. I dont get to work out as often as i want to now. I have four young kids, but when i do work out, i take them seriously. Okay, i take those workouts very seriously when i do workout. So with regards to that, i didnt think that i would be able to wear a smart watch comfortably. While i work out ive worn smart watches when i work out, but i didnt think it would be that comfortable. This thing is so unbelievably comfortable when youre wearing it. I think its a mixture of the curvature of the back of the smartwatch, along with the band the the nice softness, the nice soft rubbery feeling of the band it just feels great when youre wearing it in any situation, so thats it overall great watch. The one thing that i was sort of disappointed with with this watch is that i couldnt connect it to my iphone um.

You know i thought i just assumed that you could connect it to the iphone, because from what i remember, reading the other galaxy previous, the other galaxy, watches previous versions of it um you could connect to ios. I got this and i couldnt connect it to the iphone, and then i realized later that you know you cant, but its okay. I have a motorola smartphone as well that i use for social media and stuff like that, and essentially i just connected it to the motorola android phone, so it still works really well, but that was one thing that i was like. Oh, i didnt know that, but you know i read it online and its my fault for basically not doing my research. I could have just done my research and i would have known about that, but its my own fault and thats it. If you like this video review, please be sure to give it a thumbs up.