com today, i’m. Looking at the garmin mk2s, i had a nice dive this morning and i was using the mk2s as my computer, and i think probably the most obvious thing i can say about. It is just how easy it is to read the information and the data that is uh displaying the controls are simple, intuitive uh to get through the menus and so you’re not actually wondering which one to press or hold this one. While you press another one it’s, just simply very easy and then, as i say, the display of data is perfect. I can’t think of a better option for it. Really, it is in fact a mini me version of the mk2i and the eye being integrated. This one is not integrated with the transmitter on your first stage, but i did do a a more in depth. Review of the uh 2i and i’ll put a link to that up on. At the end of this it’s full function. Um dive computer watch, smart watch, fitness tracker, i mean you name it it does it. I think the only thing it doesn’t do is make tea there. You are can’t, have everything it’s good down to 100 meters and comes in three colors, and it is the perfect size to wear every day. On your wrist, i mean without knowing people just think it was an ordinary watch, but it is actually much more than that. The glass face is actually a sapphire crystal, so unless you try really hard it’s not going to scratch, so it’s always going to look pristine, lovely soft wristband as well.

It is amazing just how much technology is packed into this little dive computer watch. It has multiple dive modes, it’s, a multi sport, fitness and training. Smart features so much stuff in it i mean it even has an easy pay: swipe banking system yeah. If you upload your your card information to it, you can pair the watch to an app on your smartphone. It also has a gps mapping among a host of other things. As i keep saying, there are a couple of very good videos that tell you about all the features on the garmin website. I will put a link to those sites up as well, so you can just look at the full extent of what this watch offers.