You'Ve got uh brightness controls, vibration, weather pushed from your phone when you're tethered even the theater mode that dims it down and turns off the vibration. For you twist your wrist to activate it there we go. You got a setting section where you have access to a stopwatch alarm and a countdown timer. You can control brightness from there. You also have a bluetooth calling in here and you can activate the phone or leave it off to save battery um theater mode, all the things we just saw reset power off about and the app for tethering this thing to the fit app you have. In addition to all of that, these different things, including a game that you can play on the watch, other things which we just looked at a music player, remote shutter weather. You can measure everything. You know: heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen last night's sleep time. All of that's here, which i can show you actually by hitting the down button for step count or i can slide through this way, either way, will take you through the list of all of these things. You have recent calls your dial pad. The sound from the um speaker is decent it's a bit tinny, but it um it does the job. The calls are are great and the range is really really good goes for a long, long distance at least 30 feet or more um remote player. Everything you could want.

Four different watch faces in a nice body with a really uh flexible, rubberized band, with lots of holes in it.