This is my first time reviewing a smartwatch and it’s, not an apple or samsung. Galaxy watch, it’s from a generic brand, primarily made in china, so let’s get started. The one i am holding right now is the so called t500 plus, which was released last year as an upgrade for the popular t500 smart watch. This smartwatch is one of the best cheap alternatives to the apple watch itself. You look at its design, it’s, not mistakenly. Just another rip off of apple watch, because its design clearly portrayed the apple watch. P500 plus is made of zinc, alloy body with rounded corners, which i considered light when you wear it on the wrist. It has a length of 33 millimeters, which is quite longer as compared to its previous iteration, which has a 28 millimeters body. The ground button is still the same with red lining on the edge. The smart watch has a removable slide and silicone strap with stainless steel buckle Music, seeing it has a much longer body. The t500 plus watch has a more wider screen with 360 by 360 pixel resolution, which i found vivid, sharp and crisp. When you check out its full color screen display, the glass is made from tempered glass, giving the watch an apple watch. 6, look alike, Music. The overall body has an ip67 waterproof rating, which means it has the basic protection in case of rain. Thus, a temporary submersion in water or 30 minutes at 3 feet or 1 meter.

The charger that comes along with the package uses the magnetic wireless charging method, which i find convenient to use. However, the length of the cable is somewhat short. I monitor the watch. How long does it take to charge it fully, and i find that it was almost around 1 hour and 20 minutes, which is quite decent when you compare it to an apple watch charging time of approximately 19 minutes? One of the main features of the watch is its bluetooth function. This means that you can sync your smartwatch to your mobile phone and can receive calls dial calls right from the smartwatch itself. It has a built in speaker and microphone for clear, sound aside from the bluetooth. You can receive sms and message from your social apps. It has a multi sport mode such as running walking, road, skipping and other related activities, and it will redirect you to an app called m2 where once downloaded and open. You will see your data for each day for monitoring your steps, heartbeat rate, calories and distance. You can also monitor your blood pressure sp02 automatic sleep monitoring from light sleep to deep sleep, duration, Music, this Music, Music, this Music. However, this watch doesn’t have any gps function to track your location, but still i find this watch jam packed with the necessary features to be considered as a smart watch. The wearer ball runs the mt 2502 processor, which is loaded with g sensors, dynamic heart rate, blood pressure, but oxygen monitoring.

This model is compatible with ios 9 or above android, 5.0 or above it has a 280 mah battery and could last up to 4 days depending on the usage Music. The price for this watch is valued at 15. Bucks final thoughts: if you want a great alternative for apple watch, i consider this model and recommended it Music. I know some of you might think that the quality of this watch is maybe inferior because of the cheap price and may be broken and slowed down. After some time, but if you consider the jam pack features or functions, it is worth the cheap price of just around 15 bucks.