Yes, this is the box. This is series 5 replica of the iwatch. This is uh. It shows that this is a black smartwatch that is inside. So this is the unboxing. This is it. It comes with a smart watch at the middle, the strap by the side. This is the strap. Is a silicon strap? This? Is it sorry? This is xe. This is how it came from the manufacturer, and this is a watch. This is exactly exactly like the um series: 5, five smartwatch soundcrew more than this. This is the sensor area where you check your bp. This is the charging area and uh. What is written at the back is series 5, 44 millimeter, aluminum and ceramic case ecg heart rate bluetooth watch, and this is the charging parts. Yes, this is how it comes. It has a button here. This is the mouthpiece, the mouthpiece is, this very dots here and this button here there is no button here. This is stiff, it’s, not working and the other side. There are two spaces here. This is an open space where um it speaks out. This is the speaker area, and this is it there. It is when we open it, we find the charger and the manual inside yes, this is the charger is a magnetic charger, so we can actually charge through it. This way, sorry, i want to test the charger. The checker is blocked now, so you have to clip it to this very uh, true place, so once it is clipped, it will start charging.

Maybe we should just leave it for some seconds. Okay, this is it that started charging already. So this is how it’s charged and uh the last thing inside the box is the manual. The manner comes, both in english and in chinese language. This is it so this is a qr code where you can scan. I want you to scan it to take you to where you download the application, so this is a manual. The manual is in english here, while the manual is isn’t chinese yeah, so let’s go into the watch and see what is what it entails all right. So hopefully i think i’m packing this. So this is the watch. We are switching it on now by pressing this very button here, the one button that is there when you shoot it on it request for languages to choose. So we are choosing the english language, which is this when you switch it on it to bring out these uh butterfly face, and you can change the watch phase by just tapping on it. This way, you tap from right to left you tap from right to left. You tap your tab for different watch, faces you tap from for different workspaces and uh. If you want to i’ll just go on ibanet, you just click on this very uh menu button. So the next thing we do now is just a click here to check the menu. This is exactly like the um series: 5 iwatch.

This is it. The menu is just as the same as that, so we can actually go back and uh look for another view. By going into the settings from the settings you go into display settings from display. You can just click on style, then it will be to start and style true. So when you click on style 2, it will show this very menu so for to now check the applications inside this. Is it let’s check on the application inside the first application inside the first application we are seeing inside? Is this dialer? If you click on it, it should show you that you will be able to call out from this very smart watch and you can receive code through this very smart watch. Yes, you can call through it and you can receive calls it is not connected, so it will not call for now. So on our next video, we will be showing you on how to connect it to the smart watch, how to use it with your smart watch. So this is just a review on this very t500 smart watch, so you go back click on it again. This is a phone book. This very phone book will cycle nice everything inside your phone. I need to bring everything here, synchronized with phone. It is not connected. So there is no way it could cycle nice, so let’s just go back and click on it again. This is called log.

You have to check your incoming calls, missed calls and call so the next thing is this messages you will. This is where your notifications comes. In all notifications, this is where it comes in. So the next page is your motion record. If you are working to start reading it from here this is it machine record pedo? There is pedometer training, stand and uh settings, so anything you set on your smart phone when it is connected, it will be attached here and it will recognize here and start showing. So the next thing is heart rates. You can check your heart rate with this when you put it this way for checking out rate just click on it, so it is written. Please keep still so to check our outreach. This is a um bp attribute serving that’s it 71. So when you click on it, it will show this very green, green light here once it is blinking. That means it is working. So the next thing is blood pressure. So for you to check our blood pressure, you just have to click on this and put it on your body still, i need to bring it out the next seconds. This is it, so this is how this works for the vp checking and the heart rate. This is your physical training exercise like you want to run, you can just click on it, it will start and, as it is calculating your working step, it calculates your calories that you’ve used too, so you can just check on another one.

This is rob skipping. There are different options of uh sports trainings here. This is abdominium abnormal, actually abdominal call. This is when you are doing training for your belly. This is a third table. Tennis base basketball, bad maintain, climb, cycling, tennis, walk! This is work. This is volleyball, so you can just click on it and it will start reading. So the next thing is uh. You go. This way reminder tab to start tap to stop. This is a reminder, so we don’t need any reminder now. The next is a bt connection. If you want to connect to your smartphone, this is the very place you click on it so start searching for the smartphone and it should connect to it automatically and uh. This very um button here is a this relevant yeah. Is this very button here? Is a sleep monitoring? It monitors your sleep from here and this is a beauty music if it is connected to your music and if it is connected to your smart watch to your smartphone sorry, you will be able to play all the music in your phone on your smart watch. So the next is remote, your mods notification. Your motion notification works for notifications too, so you will receive all your notifications through this very place too. This is a calendar. You can check your calendar here. You can set calendar everything. This is it so go back by going this way. This is the settings.

The system shows bluetooth settings. If you click on it, it will bring out for you to either switch on your bluetooth or to switch it off and to make the visibility on or off so at the moment you are you’re not using it. So it is on off the led raise lcd on that is if your your smart watch is uh is, if it is on now, if we put it on it is on now. If i pull it this way and uh bring it back up. If the okay let’s just do it this way, this is how it is now. So if i bring it up now, it will show it to show once it sees light. It’S assured that um it will bring out light, so you’ll be able to watch your time or check any other thing, so that’s the function of this one. So the next option now is so we have to just keep this one close. You don’t need it for now. The next option is your clock. You can’t set your watch here. You can set it from this rail place. It is on on now time cycle, nice. If it is connected to your phone, it will synchronize your uh phone time and set the um the watch. So if it is off you’ll be able to set everything yourself. This is it. If it is oh, you can set it yourself, as it is now with the time and the um time format, either on 12 hours or 20 48 and 24 hours.

So i thought now we are keeping this on, so we don’t need it for now. So the sound too, you can just change the sound either you want it to ring only vibrate, only vibrate and ring or vibrate. Then the ring – and you can keep it moved from here. So if you don’t want it to ring, you can just keep it remote. So you can choose on um different different um tones to use. I think the watch is very low. That is why it is not speaking of where i will increase the volume notification. You can change the notification for the watch too. The notification messages – these are the notification messages. You can just change it as you like, so the next option, for it here is the volume you can keep it on. You can increase the volume from here. There is a multimedia volume. There is a music volume. You can keep it loud going give volume. You can keep this too loud. So i just click on this click on. Ok, it is, then the notification, so we keep it. Keep this too sorry my hand is pressing it’s. Just too big sorry my hand is too big. Okay, this is it now, so you can just click on this. Everything is loud now, so the next option is display. If you want it to uh display in the iwatch type click on this, it will bring it. This way, and if you want it, show in the normal um four corners style, just click on this, so this is it so the nice thing is, is sorry, click on this, the brightness.

If you want to increase the brightness, you can increase the brightness from here. This is screen timeout. We left this on 10 seconds because 10 seconds is okay for us, you can increase it to 15, 30 or 60 seconds, and you can even reduce it to five seconds as you like, so that is all for this display. The next is international international. Now, if you, if you leave it on cycle night, auto cycle nice on you, won’t be able to change the language, but if you remove it from this, now put it off you’ll be able to change this language to any other languages. You feel like chosen and uh the display name. Is it you want it displaying in the first name and the last name or the last name and the first name. So this is it. So this is a and you can reset your watch from here. If your fort is manufacturing, you can actually set it from here so, and this is the about where you will get the device name, which is a t500 the device address and some other things. Yes, so the next option is sound recording you can actually record from here with this very smart watch. This smartwatch will record for you and once it is recording you can you can actually use this for your spy purpose. When someone is uh, you are actually um talking with someone or you just want to collect some voice recorded message down, so this can do it for you, so there is no space in it.

If it is connected to the phone it will, it will get enough enough space for it to um to be able to save more data in in it. So this is out. This is the application download area. This is where you scan the application for it to download on your smartphone, so you’ll be able to connect this to your smartphone. So the nexus alarm you can set alarm from here on youtube, actually wake you or give you the notifications once it says time. Please stop watch. You can actually time yourself with this stopwatch and you click on start it to start wedding and click on split or you just go back this way, and this is a remote camera you will. You can use this very smart watch to make to snap on your phone by clicking just this very um. Is it a android or when it is connected to android or when it is connected to your ios phone? So when you click on it, you’ll be able to snap on your phone through this smart watch. So when you click on this uh find my device. Now this find my device. If your phone is missing, it can actually look for it for you. So when you click on it and it is connected, it will make a ringtone on your on your phone. So this is the calculator you can actually calculate with this. This it works. Fine. The calculator works very well.

So this is a twitter notification area. The twitter notification area, the facebook notification area get notification through this place and the whatsapp notification through this place. Yes, this is basically how this uh t500 smart watch works. Yes, there are other type of smart watch. Is that if you’re turning this very place, the it works, those have been uh we’ll, be making a review on the smartwatch later. But for this this is say 500, and this is how it works. So our next video will be on how to connect this very smartwatch to the smartphone. Thank you for staying with me, and i hope you liked this video please. If you did like this, video give us a thumb up button by giving us like, and you can actually subscribe to this channel for more of our videos.