Last year of smart watches and my wife said, i want a smart watch. I said youre choking ive done quite a few videos on some hot watches. Now you decide you want one and ive got rid of all their other ones because yeah, so she has chosen this one. This cost around about 30 pounds im looking on amazon that moment, and at the moment it says, apply 15 voucher, im, not sure how long thats going to last, but its on there right now so yeah. Another smart watch so in this video were going to do the unboxing like we normally do im not going to show you around the box theres, not really a lot to see alarm. It says alarm alert activities, track, multi, sports mode, uh, cooler, sms alert, heart rate, monitor she wants it for she says for walking. You know, exercises stuff like that and she chose it. I had nothing to do with the input why she chose this one. She chose all of it. She said she read loads of reviews, theres 43 reviews on her at the moment on amazon. She said i looked at all the reviews of all the different ones, and i like look at this one and its had some really good reviews. Its only at 43, but she likes it. So i said: okay, can i do an unboxing. She said your course came. Youve got to set it up for me as well, so it is its a pink one or pinkish.

You know its not well. I suppose it is pink its not what i call a proper pink, though you know what i mean pop, i suppose its a proper girly pink or am i being sexist? Hopefully, not so it comes with a charging usb cable, with a little sensor on it and thatd be magnetic, because ive done one of these before theres a little magnet there, which connects to the back of this. Let me quickly show you also. I did have a quick read of the instructions because the box wasnt sealed, and it says you must charge it up. First, before use all right. So three little dots theres that it there was that in there lets have a look. Weve got oh its there there. It is right so a lot of the go like that, but it wont go like that, see it fight it, so it can only go on one way which is like that cable length. I would say thats, probably about 800. I guess i will have a quick measure up in a minute and stick it. You know on the video right now, so you can see what sizes are or the length of the cable approximately. So this is it so what im going to do now now weve had a quick look around it pink whats that fire go run. If you go around, if you can run, i dont know something like that: yeah yeah, it looks all right.

Would it go very modest, yeah, oh yeah, it will easily so its good if youve got big wrists. Like me, yeah plenty of holes only comes with one strap, because some of these watches come with more than one just double check. Yeah only comes with one strap and uh yeah. First impressions yeah its a nice size, watch out its quite quite a big face, which i like even for ladies, i think you know most. Ladies nowadays dont like the really tiny watches they, like you, know similar to what men have in sizes. You know – and i think thats fair enough so with that what im going to do now is im going to charge you up and then im going to see how easy it is to set up and it should. It should be straightforward, easy to set up. We will go through the settings i could normally do, but we need to charge up first. So with that quick message from our sponsor this video is sponsored by sahara. Gaming ive teamed up with them to bring you a 20 pound discount on their all in one water. Cooling system check out the link in the video description for more details. This discount will only last till september 2022. After that you pay the normal price. So with that lets get back to the video shes all charged up, but ive had a little play about it, because i want to make sure i know what im talking about so ive actually downloaded this software already and ive actually gone through some of the scenes.

Like you need to tell it whether youre a male or female its for my wife, so its female, how much you weigh what your age is stuff like that and its important that you do that, because it will give you a better experience. So try not to cheat, you know and say: oh im. I dont weigh that much make sure youre honest to yourself, because its only for you, anyway, so im not going to show you how to do all that, because she doesnt want you to know how much she weighs and they have all. She is its up to her, so lets go through the binding scenario, so thats ready to go get your app up. This is a very fit pro. You can get it from the android store or the eye store it doesnt matter. Its the same program works exactly the same, so you need to bind it so go to devices and pair device. Also, if youre thinking about giving it to someone else in the future or selling it on, you will have to unbind it thats very important. So its come up straight away its that look baby. There click on that and do a search for it, try and make sure theyre near each other. Expand it straight away, confirm, bind give it cut a second job done. That is it. That is how easy it is to do. You dont need to go into your bluetooth settings or anything like that, but you must make sure your bluetooth is turned on.

It wont connect without bluetooth, okay, so just make sure its turned on, so that is it really easy, and also you get quite a few extra functions, especially on the app. So you get active sleep heart rate and check your heart rate. Obviously, we havent done no testing at all because im touching it see 123., so good, i dont know uh details. It will give you a graft as you do your steps and things like that. Also, there is some options to turn other devices on or like alarm alarm alerts, sns alerts stuff like that you need to actually turn them on. If you want them on heart rate, detection is on automatically wrist sense. I think that is the sensor on the back. To you know, check your blood pressure stuff like that. I think im not sure, because i havent read the instructions. The only time i read, the instructions was for the app to find out which app it was uh firmware, upgrade and users. You can log in or register i havent done either for my wife, ive just put in the details and its working, so you dont have to log in and you dont have to register, but it might give you an even more better experience if that makes sense. So lets have a quick look at some of the functions actually on here, so you can go left right up and down. So if we go down you get text messages i havent set that up.

Yet they go up the steps back down again left or sorry right and heart rate, not sure what that is or what they do. That is for your phone. If you want to find your phone, you press that and it should make it vibrate like if you dropped it down a settee or something wheres, my phone gone. You can get this to. You know connect to this and send it a message: it will vibrate and make a noise or something like that again, you will have to turn on the feature thats. What were done yeah. You will have to turn that feature on in the settings. So make sure you do, which is i cant remember? Is it more options? I think it might be under more options, find my phone im going to turn it on there. You go thats on lets, get back to the watch, so go right or left side, sports, heart rate, relax, alarm, scroll up and music music control. Thats turned off at the moment. Timer settings sports record. Okay, i think thats it, and if you want to get back to the clock, you can actually change the clock face by the way you just press the button on the side and there it goes straight back. Yeah turn off the screen, turn it on again. Also. I do believe if you double tap it aint going to work now. Is it no that doesnt work or is it shake its one or the other? I cant remember neither it might be because it aint on my vista, but yeah seems to work very well.

What were gon na do now is im gon na give it a few weeks, because you know you want to get proper experience and see how well she gets on with it, and i will ask her her opinions. Doesnt want to be on camera, so i will tell you what she thinks of it. Okay, so we will be back at some point instantly. You know with this video verdict time. My wife says she absolutely loves it. Shes constantly checking how many steps she does. Every single day, shes addicted to it its terrible its a nightmare dont buy one. She even even takes photos of how many steps shes done. I think the best one shes done was about, i think 19. 000. Nearly 20 000 steps in a day. Now seriously, i mean look at this: its ridiculous see that the screens gone off screens over its, not my phone. It says, yeah absolutely loves it. Shes constantly checking it just gets messages come up or vibrations to tell shes got messages. Shes checking her heart rate. Look shes done 13 120 steps today, thats one of the lowest seriously really addictive. Im, not saying its a good thing, im, not saying its a bad thing, but it can be very addictive. I was quite impressed. Uh 5.54 miles shes done today, uh 602 calories because i aint losing a lot of calories. Well, youre only doing walking check sir checks up heart rate and stuff like that, yeah, like i said, shes addicted.

She absolutely loves. It thinks its brilliant. What can i say you need to stop using it woman, so i can say this thing: yeah, the actual app is pretty good as well. It gives you you can do this week, thats what shes done this week its friday today, you know this month. Dont know why it went blank now, but there you go this year, look at it mental sleep. She doesnt wear it in bed. This doesnt, like wear one in bed, heart rate for the year im, guessing thats, good yeah, and then you got down here. Youve got average heart rate 62, maximum heart rate, 62, minimum heart rate, yeah very addictive and easy to use. If i remember i get out of here, oh youre, on heart rate and activity there you go so look annual distance 84.45 miles annual steps, just no its 199, 883 and shes had it only had it for like a month or so yeah its mental. It definitely gets my wifes thumbs up because she said yeah, i really like it. I love playing about it. I love keeping it on how many steps ive got to do minimum its set for ten thousand. She does that very easily most days of the week, occasionally. Well, go below that, but most of the time its over that, if not ridiculously ridiculously high – and she sends pictures to a sister as sons. She said. Look at me, steps ive done picture just to prove it crazy, its crazy, definitely crazy, definitely its her thumbs up.

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