But one thing that we can say for certain is that indeed the apple watch series 7 is the best watch that will ever be made now ive been using the series 7 for a little over four months, and you know i think its time that i give You guys my 100 unbiased opinion on this watch. I do need a few minutes just to get this device charged up and then you know we can talk about all of the details of the apple watch series 7.. Now one of the most important parts of owning an apple product may be, the most important part is the actual unboxing of the product itself. Opening an apple product is kind of like witnessing um a baby kitten take its first step. You know, while at the same time your favorite daughter dances with your deceased grandpa on her wedding night, its just a its a magical moment to say the least, Music Music, dear matt, hope i can count on you to give us an unbiased review of the apple Watch keep up the good work on your videos. Tim cook, thats nice put this somewhere safe marcia. If you could put one of those like fancy, jump cuts in here and yeah thatll. Do the trick remember to remove this part from the final Music video? Now the series 7 has been completely redesigned from the series 6.. The new apple watch can track your sleeping, your steps, your gps running or walking.

It can track your heart rate. It can detect blood oxygen saturation levels. You can even perform an ecg with this watch and, yes, you know all of those features were available on the series 6, but where the series 6 had either a 40 millimeter or 44 millimeter size. The series 7 watch has a 41 millimeter or 45 millimeter sizing option, so one millimeter difference there totally different product. Now the series seven also comes with you know: a usbc charging cord uh instead of a regular usb charger. So you know as far as charging cords go. This is a really big jump up and its, i guess, fairly timely, just because you know were running out of juice again as far as charging stuff goes and it wouldnt be too bad just to give this baby. Another little bit of a charge now the series 7 also has a 50 thicker curved glass display. The thicker glass provides a ton more durability, so theres really no way that youre going to be able to scratch. This glass display its basically impenetrable. I would say impenetrable, you know unless maybe youre gon na like drag something across the display or knock the watch into something or really you know any sort of like wearing the watch outside that kind of stuff. Then, in that case, yes, theres theres a chance theres a chance that you are to scratch. This display, but apple did say that having thicker glass over the display is better, so we know its better and it should still be better up until apple releases.

The apple watch series 8, which is rumored to have thinner glass, and you know at that time you know, thicker glass is going to be worse, which actually makes a lot of sense, but were going to wait for them to tell us that now, apple watches are Also square square is clearly superior in shape to circle its simple geometry really, and a lot of people think that time is circular that history repeats itself, but time is actually linear. Space time is like fabric that can be warped in energy equals mass times a constant squared squared its pretty simple. Really, if you have a circular watch on your wrist right now, youre watching this, its probably holding you back and, i would say, go ahead. Consider you know throwing it in the closest trash can, or maybe recycling bin, if thats your thing. But what about those of you guys with android phones? What about the 87 of the global smartphone market that uses android devices? And while you know it is true that an apple watch is just flat out not gon na work with an android phone, it still seems like a device that those people should still consider because its better, even if you know youre, not able to connect your smartwatch To your smartphone really just rendering the watch useless, you would still know that you have an apple watch on your wrist and you know, in my opinion i would say, like thats a pretty bold, you know power play move and i think you guys should consider it Now, with the current inflation rates, most financially savvy investors, you know, like myself, are looking to get rid of cash and you could pick up something like a samsung galaxy watch, for that does similar things set you back about 250 dollars, maybe something like a garmin venue Square for between 200 and 250, or maybe something like a fitbit cents for about 300 or you could dump even more cash.

By going with something like the apple watch. Series 7, which comes in at a cool 400 and apple, has some other options. They have a titanium edition that starts at around 800 or a few designer styles that can cost as much as 1500, which you know is a very nice way to get rid of some of that cash thats devaluing now battery life on the series. Seven is absolutely fantastic. This watch will sometimes go for hours without needing a charge. I do have you know a small like hack, for you guys uh that i picked up. You know, while testing the apple watch series, seven kind of like a bonus tip for you. If you will, if you pick up a portable battery pack like this one cost you about 20 or 30 bucks, they can easily be taped to your arm. In this case, i do need to adapt the usbc to um the classic usb style, to get this particular charger to work, and then you know, i would say just with a little bit of cable management. You end up with a very comfortable display that can last you, you know, i would say almost an entire day without needing a charge. Youre welcome. So there you have it. The apple watch series seven. Clearly, the best watch that you can buy – or you know really ever – will be able to buy uh. I will do you guys a favor and leave an affiliate link below this video in the description right below the thumbs down icon uh, that video is going to get a lot of of hate messages, but in all seriousness, the apple watch is a pretty solid device.

Um, if you would like me to do a more honest, uh swimming biking, running review, let me know in the comments of this video uh. If you need something else, thats a light. Hearted like this video, i will leave links to my review of the casio calculator watch that i made two years ago on april 1st, and i will also leave a link to my friend chester q heaters video about how to cheat on zwift.