I have toyed around with ive dabbled, with all the different smart watches and trackers and things that are out there, except for this one. This is one of those ones. Ive been wanting to try its a scan watch from withings. It has up to 30 days of battery life. I hate charging things. I was a traditional watch wearer for a number of years, not having to worry about charging the idea of up to 30 days that got my attention on its own, but then there was the design aspect. The scan watch kind of looks like a traditional watch, but then its got some smarts inside of it atrial fibrillation detection. You can do ecgs on here, breathing disturbances day and overnight. Heart rate, oxygen, saturation level, sleep cycles, activity tracking fitness level, water, resistance up to 50 meters and, of course, smartphone notifications will work on both ios and android and will integrate with apple health. If you use it, we have the larger scale devices. These are 42 millimeters. In scale this is 38 millimeters. I believe ive also got some extra accessories here. Wristbands, and this is going to be the larger 42 millimeter size. Uh your journey to better health starts. Now we have this cool felt. Packaging here is the device. What a classic type of design, possibly a timeless design! I like this sort of retro modern tech, a kind of homage to the traditional form factor. You have your sensors on the back here for blood oxygen, heart rate and such designed in france ecg sensor.

A couple of little contact points as well for your charger and, of course we have our crown still in place very smooth action on that crown as well. Now the charger is going to slap on like this, but of course, the key feature here to have something: thats that smart tracking all that data and possibly only having to be recharged once a month. So youre not even going to be all that familiar with this charger, thats the beauty of it all right. So not only is this one a little bit more sleek its also polished, so you can go with brushed or polished. Obviously, its going to be a smaller watch face as well coming in at 38 versus 42. option, three back to the brushed look, but again with the lighter watch face the last but not least, we have the other 38 millimeter option. Ah, this is a link style. Bracelet i mean this would probably go well with this brushed. I would think that would be a suitable fit right. There, whoa look at that. Little hammer cool a little holder and some more tools for aiding you in band replacement cool, so that portion is going to be utilized for your link style bracelet, because you will need to adjust the size of this. Oh check this out kind of stitched fabric. Another nice style. What would this look? This will look good over here. You may want to swap that out dress it up with something like this.

You can do that. Ah, italian calf leather, look at that nice brown, genuine brown, leather, its a classic right there um its another link style. This is gon na go well right here, especially with that polished difference on the front part of the face for me, im gravitating towards this setup. Right here, as it came out of the box, just like that with the rubber strap im gon na use it for a few days, crack some sleep, some activity and ill be back Music. I have to say its been an enjoyable experience, its such a slim and comfy profile. How aware i am of the thing that im wearing when im talking about wearables, am i constantly reminded? Am i banging it into things? Is it causing a pressure point or something? This is none of that, including when ive worn it for sleep. They have engineered something thats comfortable to wear, which is key, especially with this watch, which has this extended battery life, its going to spend a lot of time on your wrist and not on the charger. I was using it like, i said, just out of the box, never charge it. I dont remember what the actual amount of charge was, but its still at ‘ after three days at this point, thats a major plus, especially for a wearable. I just like to not have to think about it very often so its set up inside my application here, along with actually some other withings products uh, which can now live in one place.

I have the body cardio scale, so thats nice. They have a variety of different devices: health tracking devices that can live in one place, steps goals, heart rate, resting sleeping heart rate. You have your average heart rate, sleep and sleep score. If you do have the scale and youre doing weight tracking trends and changes, things like that, that will also be in here it tracks, not just the duration, but the quality of sleep as well as whether or not theres any sleep interruptions such as breathing disruptions and Things like that thatll also be in there, and you can also see your average sleep heart rate. You can attach your own comments if theres something that you notice about that particular sleep. This is one area where i think the battery life comes into play because when it comes to sleep tracking, often with one of those smart watches that lasts a day or two, your instinct would be to charge it at night and then you would kind of get Off the sleep tracking, because you just get used to this habit of charging it at night and taking it off at night, instead of just wearing it all the time, which is what you do with this one. Oh by the way, i should mention the hardware itself. If i click this button here, the time will pop up in digital format as well as the date in this tiny little display. Almost everybody wearing a smart watch with just a black display on their wrist at all times, and then they lift it up and it turns on.

There are obviously always on options, but you still dont see them as well as having dedicated uh watch mechanics in there and then, if you need to access any other features, you press the button. Now you dont get that big colorful display that you get on those other smart watches but, like i said, thats a trade off that im personally willing to make. If you scroll down youre, going to quickly get your heart rate, you can see measured a minute ago. You have your steps there, your distance traveled your floor is climbed. Then theres ecg functionality in order to do an ecg im going to click here, youre going to put your hand on the watch like this, and you can see that theres about 30 seconds left here. After youve done the ecg you get this reading inside of the app you can see it play back in real time. Itll tell you if your sinus rhythm is normal, as it is in my case here also your heart rate and then itll tell you. If the recording sees anything unusual, this particular reading the recording doesnt show any signs of atrial fibrillation spo2, we measure in the same way we put put our hand on top of the watch like this. It says on my watch here like 20 seconds 99, normal 50 bpm, and that will sync up and show up here in your app. It has actually quite a comprehensive set of sensors in it and you might be looking at it and saying: hey it.

Doesnt have a big display on it. So therefore, its not all that smart, but it actually is, has pretty much every sensor that you would get on any of these other devices, its just a different. Take on how to do it. Im glad that the product exists as an option in a space where a lot of the stuff is very similar. I have really enjoyed wearing a device with a traditional watch face. Maybe this hybrid is the best of both a watch which is always on with tremendous battery life and a health tracking device. When you need it and when you want it, thats the withings scan watch one of their many devices. Their variety of devices has expanded greatly. Since i got into their scales a little while ago, scales, watches trackers blood pressure, monitors sleep sensors, they have sleep, sensors, sleep analyzers that can go. I guess under your mattress, all of them living under one roof in one application and kind of integrating with one another. Thats, pretty cool as well yeah check it out. Man check it out its a different style in the digital era. To have this crossover, i dont know im kind of partial to it.