Coming back again with another review on another smart watch, i got my hands on it because before i get into this, i wanted to find a watch that i could talk to on the phone on the watch. That makes it not on the phone but through the phone on the watch like an app watch and i have i’m, an android user, so it’s hard to find a watch that isn’t so expensive, like a samsung watch or basically that’s, basically or maybe a fossil watch. I i don’t know if they have one yet i’m, pretty sure samsung does. But i picked up this from amazon right here. Um it’s a atgtaw11. I picked this up from amazon. I believe this one was 49 or ‘. I ordered two of them. At the same time, i’m going to be doing two different reviews – i’m going to be doing this one first and then i’m, going to turn around. Do this one second now it says these are both going to um, be audio and i’m. Definitely going to check this out and definitely going to test this out to see what it is. So we definitely get into this. So just a look around the box of it, it does look pretty nice um. It does look pretty fancy so um i was like so you know first impressions kind of kind of got me going, but i was like man, you know what i really want to check.

This watch out see what it’s all about so anyway. I end up getting this watch uh the price i’m not too familiar not too on point about, because i ordered both them at the same time i can’t recall, but trust me – it was below 50, okay, so let’s, look at the back of the watch it’s giving You that apple look right there, giving you some different faces that you can do on there. We turn to the side and it’s telling you that it has sleep motion. Let me see if i can zoom in on that sleep motion and um. You know better. Yet let me flip the camera around and we’re going to get more into depth and do the unboxing all at once. So i’ll be right back here we go okay, guys so here’s a better look at the box without having me like all in the way. So getting back to the side of the box, we have sleep motion, split screen, display, bluetooth, music, bluetooth, calling i’m very interested about that split screen that looks pretty cool and here’s a better look at the faces of the watch that it has right there and um Got that going on right there and on the other side it has a 1.63 full screen, um hand rise, screen, blood, oxygen and long endurance. Excuse me guys so let’s do the unboxing of this box and take it out. So we take the sleeve off right there and then we’re hit by this type of outline watch right there.

So it has some tape on it. I wasn’t expecting it to have some tape on it. Give me one minute guys, okay, so we are back right here. So we take it off and we are hit by the a dash tg tga active um active your warranty now visit right here and um here’s a scan code right there, so that’s pretty cool and there’s. The watch face right. There um we’re gon na slip that out see what else is in here so before i get into that so right here, you’re hit with you got one band right: there i’m pretty sure that this snaps right on and then you got your charging dock right there. Let me see what kind of charging docker there that’s a usb okay and then here is the prongs that it goes and then we got more bands right there. Then we have a pamphlet right there. So that being said, we’re gon na move – oh just put that stuff to the side right there and we’re going to take this off and look at the screen, which looks really really nice. And you can see the outline the the outline of it has a pretty big screen size to it. I’M loving, it’s, pretty hefty feels really really nice, um really really cool let’s see if we got some juice in it, let’s see. If we can power this up, see how turn this thing on probably have to charge this up, so i will be right back guys.

Give me a moment to try to turn this thing on see if it will come on and i’ll be back. This watch has turned on and i have to say i am impressed i’m, not even gon na lie to you guys. This watch looks amazing. I mean the the angles on here. Look like it’s an amoled display i’m shooting it through my camera, which really doesn’t. You know, let you guys know like how fancy this thing looks, but it looks really nice i mean really nice, i mean let’s, see let’s, see the faces that it has so you just hold down and you should should get a vibration uh. Maybe not, i guess not usually when you hold down and you can go through the faces, but you can’t so let’s, just okay, so there’s one face, i guess that’s what you have to do then there’s another face another face. Another face which is oh that’s, pretty cool right. There it’s pretty awesome and then go back to here now i’m. Trying to see how do you activate the split screen? Okay, so this watch is very um very um. You know fluent. You know i’m saying swipe down. Okay, so you got your bluetooth calling right there, which i got to hook up through my phone, get your light. Um. Let me see you got your um brightness power, moon, uh, lock, button and turn up, and then you got your dimming. You get your screen off! Rising wow there’s a lot of stuff here, like a phone it’s, a very nice contact password about restore okay, all right and then you swipe down like we did.

We swipe up got your messages right there down: okay, okay, then i think i want to have this, but it looks like it’ll just take too much battery, just all that going on right there, but um. I think i’m just going to keep it on there, like that, which is really cool and um i’m about to just connect this to my phone uh and see you know the um and see how that goes i’m about to give like a screen share so hold On guys, i’ll be right back, hey guys! Sorry about that. For the screen record that i was doing, i was trying to talk, but i was having some difficult problems talking on it, but i was just giving you the layout of the wear fit pro app and it was some new stuff. I came across i’m still trying to get this thing to work where i can talk to on the phone i’m still trying to read it, as you can tell me trying to read the instructions it is in chinese, so i am not able to understand most of It, but i did see something like that says, connect your watch and this is double click. The screen that says switch to the dual thing i’m, still trying to find that. But i did find this out that here’s the screen right here and you can double click. It and it brings you to another one where you can pick the home screen like that, and you get all your stuff right there.

Your phone meet messages: music, all that stuff, which i didn’t know, and then we go to the music part, let’s open the music let’s, see it says, connect bluetooth and it says x to the bluetooth so i’m still trying to figure this thing out right here: okay, So if you double click, the two you get like a apple type of thing right there and um. These bubbles really do work right here. Okay, let me see i don’t want to hit the boot, but then you got that you get your running, which i like. This is really cool. I wish it would add apps to it, but you know hey. This is not that professional, but i like that see that that has the x2 so i’m trying to see what am i doing wrong and i’m definitely going to be able to figure this out, and i definitely will leave a description below. Then you get your calling thing right there, which is all bluetooth. So let me see if i swipe down and hit that on. Let me see if i still okay it’s still on so let’s see if we can do this on camera. Okay, oh it’s, just one click: okay, i’m, clicking it like. Oh one, click, okay, so let’s see. If we can get back to the dollar right there. Oh man, maybe i hit it off. No still on one click. One click see that let’s go to let’s, go to the music let’s, take a picture.

Okay, i don’t want to go there. I do want to go okay, i’m, having some trouble, but i am definitely going to figure this thing out and definitely gon na be doing it. But anyway, if you guys like this video, please leave a thumbs up. Please don’t forget to like subscribe hit that bell button. Sorry i’m, trying to get this thing to why to work. This watch to work for me and it’s like really irritating. I hate when things cannot work.