This is a watch it’s kind of like uh, it’s kind of like an apple watch for kids from being correct and it’s it’s, quite amazing, believe it or not right here we have the watch itself now. This watch is actually really cool because, first of all, you see this charging right here, it’s literally so easy so right here, we’re in the main page of the of the watch – and this watch has so many options. It has so many options. Okay, so right here this option, this watch has so many options. You can do these. You can literally do so much with it uh it’s, literally like an apple watch, but just for kids. So we like touch screen so that’s really cool. It has all the options right here: i’m gon na show you guys right here. It has a text message, so you can text on this and you can also facetime. You can also facetime and you can have group chats. You can dial numbers as well. I believe yeah you can dial the numbers. Whatever number you got to call for kids run into an emergency or anything you can call it uh. It has a camera. I’Ll show you guys, you see that’s, you guys right there, it’s, really cool and there’s a settings, and you know i think this one is actually for the weather. Oh no it’s just no photos, okay, well and there’s, the calendar and calculator whatever you need it and it’s so good, because this watch is actually this watch is waterproof.

It’S waterproof you can, you can get it in water, it’s, really good um. It has a tracker. So you know obviously for your kids, you know you know where, where they are anytime, it doesn’t matter, you’ll know where they are every single time and you can just keep a lookout for them. I’M gon na show you guys something right now this right here. This right here is actually tick. Tock. You lot, you download the app on your phone, it can be android or it can be iphone it doesn’t matter, um and right here. You can actually see where the phone is like right here. It tells you where it is that’s where it is tennessee that’s, where the watch is obviously right here in tennessee, you can do you can reboot the watch from your phone. You can put do not disturb you, can uh call them call their number as well. You can facetime them, you know you can um technical support. Just look at anything wrong, and this is just all your things. You know this is just all. I think you got ta do instead yeah right here right here and these bottom ones. You can you know those are all the uh contacts messages, all the messages and stuff and right here is the group chat? I’M. Sorry, so you guys can see it better. The messages the phone voice call, wi, fi, call face, call and then super hearing. I think i believe that’s just so.

You can hear the watch just in case you lose it. I believe, and right here is the reminder. Just in case, you got ta remind your kids about anything it’s right here, good and another thing how you pretty much set, because this watch is kind of like a real phone. Well, it is a real phone it’s, a real phone. So obviously you need to set it up. So in the box, where you buy it, it comes with a little sd card that you put on your phone, which we already did it comes. It comes it’s right there that’s, where it is so you pretty much put it and then you go to and you make an account and you set it up there that’s what you do to actually make the phone the watch available to actually work. Another cool thing is that these you’re not stuck with these um. You know you can change these uh bracelets. I mean yeah, the the little you know, bracelet that they come with. You can take them off so simple. You can just pull it. Just like this. You like that, and then you grab your other one that has the same things: Music there. It is here we go right there and that’s how you can switch them out. So now you have a newer one, it’s better, cleaner just in case, and you can buy many different ones as well. So you’re going to worry about that and right here, let’s just turn it on real quick.

It obviously tells you the time. The day you know tells you everything tells you how much charge you have. You know your service right there. If your kid or your boy, pretty much and yeah that’s, pretty much it that’s pretty much everything there is to know about this.