It comes in a very nice little box um. It obviously is a smart watch of description um and it has a bunch of features around here. You can have a quick read that if you fancy but ill try and go through as much of it as i can as were opening her up and see whats inside, because the tech watch is a very exciting watch. Um. Obviously, theres theres a couple of watches out there that are very desirable at the moment. Um and i think the most popular on the market here in the uk would be the samsung galaxy watch four, but this is one other alternative. That is a very high end. Watch its nicely priced for the level of hardware thats in there, and i wanted to take a look at it because it does seem to be the one that isnt samsung infused it doesnt. It doesnt require all the samsung apps that may work better uh for universally across phones, as opposed to just in some the samsung ecosystem. So so in the box we get the ticwatch pro and another charging cable and a user manual uh. So not a huge amount and certainly no plug, but then thats thats whats to be expected. Um and theres a thats. The quick guide, then nice, its sort of in the box, but maybe more so in the sleeve, all right. So there it is on the top. There it is not as large as i had anticipated it being.

It is quite small. Now i have fairly big hands and wrists and arms and well leave it at that. So im hoping that this is going to look like a treat on my wrist ill. Just set it there, so you can continue to drool over it for a wee while yep there. We have the the connector that you fire onto the back of it um its, not a usb type c connector, which some people would obviously moon about. But then it needs to be waterproof, and things like that, so pogo pins are actually one of the best ways to do that and the the cable itself looks to be fairly decent quality, quite long, its maybe about a one meter, cable and a usb. At the end, which has a fairly robust connection to the usb, we have some bump. So this is the model number its got the snapdragon inside, but well run through those in a second, as its booting up and theres, a little pack of silica yup all right. The tic watch has a piece of foam there that you have to remove before you. Take it off this bit of cardboard there. We have it now on my fairly big hands. It doesnt look entirely out of place. It actually looks kind of nice, although, under this light my arm looks very pink and blotchy. I must go somewhere and get a tan yeah and so thats that its got a screen.

Protectory type thing on the front and we dont have a rotational thing on the front. We do have two buttons which uh and we have a sort of uh once in a final strap a rubbery plasticy strap, which is easy enough to swap out for something else. Now thats, where the pogo pins are for you to charge, and then youve got your biometrics and that kind of thing on the back here, for being able to tell your fitness so inside we have these qualcomm snapdragon wear 4100, which is a a rather nice attractive. Speedy processor, but its backed by a mobvoi dual processor system, which i dont know, should make things faster and speedier. Well, look into that later on, theres, one gigabyte of ram and eight gigabytes of storage. This is a 1.4 inch round display, as you could tell im sure, which is amoled and its got a customized colorful backlight, which you can set through the app which is kind of cool weve, got cornering gorilla glass on the front here with anti fingerprint stuff on There, although i dont know if you can see that, but there is one fingerprint that managed to put on already root f5 wi fi is built in as well. There is an lte variant which this is not gps. Nfc payments through google pay built in microphone and speaker, which we can see there actually thatll, be the speaker. I imagine thats the microphone then and then weve got two arrows beside each of these buttons.

Its got ip68 waterproofing and allows you to you can swim in the pool with it, which is kind of nice. I do wish that would rotate. That would be nice now. I dont know how to turn it on lets. Try about one of the buttons see what happens there. We go. We have the wear os logo jumping in. There seems to be quite quick to boot up as well fluid animation and we tap to begin and we can pick a number of different languages which which language did i just pick? Bum. Okay, so were going to go back to english united states im not going to scroll down to see if english uk is there ill do that later, so please read all the stuff and say that ive read it. I do have it open here so im reading through all the stuff, and i i have sort of read it and theres other documents that you can read on the screen here: the terms of service and things like cookie notice, so ill just say. I have read them: okay on your phone download and open wear os by google; okay, so its looking for our thing were gon na hit start setup terms of service, make wear os better, send diagnostics. Yes, okay, you can have those connect to your watch. Okay, so its it sees it there. We hid it and well give it access and were connected and continue set up on phone.

Okay. Well, well: just drop the watch for a while and were bringing it into our google account so go copy. Your google account to your tickwatch okay hit copy, allow that copying the account and connect to wi fi, okay, so theres a whole rake of questions about like giving it access to calendar and contacts and all that kind of stuff location. Turning on various things in your settings to allow you full access to the device, so here we have the its identified as the tech watch pro 3 ultra gps and some watch faces that we can download to make it look nice, ninja and stuff like that, and Then tips, tiles and things so back to this remember this: this is the watch which is completing setup and were all set. We can start using it. This will be the default theme. It looks rather nice, its got the ticwatch colors and we can go through aware os tour which well do later, which is probably a bad idea, but – and we have system updates that were going to do all right. So thats the hardware of it im going to go and set this up, put it in my watch and have a play with it for a while and ill get back to you in a few days, and let you know how im doing so, its been a Little over a week and ive been wearing it every day and ive thoroughly enjoyed it.

I havent been sleeping in it because that, well frankly uncomfortable you know, you can do that if you absolutely need to or you need to monitor your sleep. I havent noticed any significant problems with this um to report. Things like battery life were sitting on 75 or so of battery 74. Just says there at the very corner i didnt charge this last night. I reckon you get three days worth out of this battery, which is pretty good for android wear the charge mechanism is one of my favorite that ive used in a long time. These two magnets just pick up the charger really quickly. You dont have to line it up with any sort of wireless charger or get it in the right spot uh. Initially i was a wee bit put off by the idea that this didnt have qi charging or anything on it, but this is so much simpler. I just hover it over and it snaps on its a really strong magnet and it lifts up a couple of inches off the desk, and then you can set it down and itll be charged in a couple of hours. If youre going from zero to 100. It may take about two hours to charge fully, which could be off putting to some its, not a particularly fast charger, but i dont think its a particularly slow charger for what for what it does. If you stick it on charge every other night, then youre grand, also given how light weight the charger is, you can take it with you theres.

A bunch of nice features that i found are really useful and ive really enjoyed this, which allows you to record conversations and things. So if youre standing trying to do a return in the shop, you can hit this button quite discreetly and and get the information you need and say, for example, someone showing you how to do something you can. You can find out using this to record. The microphones in are very good ive done a little test. This is a test of the recording facility on the tech watch. I am talking it right in front of my face now. If i extend my arm out and then turn my head around so im talking directly away from it, and this is what it sounds like in the room. So now its back in front of my face – and it all sounds rather nice and it seems to be compatible with a comp, a couple of different useful applications if youre not just happy with the one thats included. Other things that i use is obviously weather on the go is, is very useful to have and uh well its quite early in the morning and ive been working all morning, so i havent really done too much so far. Today i walked from the bedroom to my office and your heart monitor as well very useful to have very simple interface. The screen is quite responsive and all in im, im im sold on this.

I i will be using this as my daily smart watch. Im quite happy to carry on with it, i would say, laying out the uh. The 200 odd points that this happens to be is is a bit expensive but youre getting a quality. Smart watch thats going to last you for a good long time. I dont know whether or not this will be updated to the near to the newest version of android wear when google brings out their pixel watch later this year. Hopefully it will id like to see it doing so, because people want value for money. I havent changed the strap as yet, because i wanted to see whether or not i was going to continue wearing this before i buy a new strap for it, but its relatively simple you just pull out those pins and away. You go theres little considerations to make. Like, for example, this sticks into the band quite easily and keeps it on your wrist and you dont have to worry about the the band coming off, but this is uh the stock band. I dont know that most people will keep it on, but it is darn good band to be included and itll. Give you something to go back to and swap out. If you decide youre a bit tired of the one that youre changing too speakers quite good works. Quite well, uh announces things. Phone calls are very simple: to get very useful uh to have whenever your your phone is maybe in your pocket, and you just want to take a quick phone call.

But obviously other people are going to hear you whenever youre on the phone and uh and think things of you, while youre doing that and its just a good size, its not too big its, not too small, its a good size, especially for my wrist, which is A fairly large wrist, i wouldnt recommend this one for the d deer of wrists, but then its entirely up to you, i wouldnt say this is an oversized smart watch in any way. It just looks good on the wrist and people wouldnt go. Oh look at that. Over bulky thing on his wrist uh it, it looks. Fine im, im, really pleased at what tic watch have here there isnt too much in the way of a battery, and it lasts a good long time with what theyve managed to cram in its an excellent size. For me all right, well, let me know if you have any questions in the comments box down below hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification and remember to tune into the tech addicts podcast where ill be continuing to cover this over the coming weeks and Months, you can find that over at garethmiles.