Talking about cb6, t500 plus plus this wristwatch is a superb one that it stores almost all the functions of ios phone and android and fm classic gmat review team. You can subscribe to our youtube channel, so you can button down below and you can also drop your comments down there. Here is your series, 6500 plus plus smartwatch. It comes with a silicon stripe and also it has a charger of its own that you can use to charge it anytime. Your smartwatch is down. Here is the charger for the smartwatch. Now let me take you through the features of this lovely smartwatch. So let’s do a quick rundown of those features. You can easily access everything you need through this widget, which is the shortcut to everything on the smartwatch let’s go through the settings. First, it has bluetooth setting, which means you can easily connect your smartwatch with any other device that you have and you really want to connect. You are not with your phone, you can connect this drop your phone and use it for whatever you want to use it. For it has the clock, it has the sound, which means you can also have your sound on it. You can download, you can have your music on it when it is connected. It has the volume the display you can change your display anytime any day with this. On this smartwatch, you can also have your picture right here on the smartwatch.

As your display screen, you can actually connect your smartwatch with any bluetooth device. Also, you have your clock, but it also has sound, which means you can actually connect your phone, your music or your phone with your smart watch, which will give you a very lovely sound. One major important thing about the smartwatch is it’s as password. You can personalize your smartwatch if you don’t want anybody to have sexy, except you, which means with this. You can password your smart watch to keep it safe for you, and you only and also it has this display screen, which means you can change your display screen. Anytime, you can use your picture. You can use anything in as much as it is connected. That is one of the features of the smartwatch. You can also connect your whatsapp, your facebook, all your media accounts. You can connect it with this smartwatch it’s as good as that you can use the smartwatch to receive all the nails everything you do on your phone. This smartwatch reduce your stress from everything, even when you’re bored at all and you’re, not at your phone. Maybe your phone is down, you can use the smartwatch to play games Music, so it saves a lot of stress and it makes things very easy for you. Another thing on the smartwatch is you can use it when you are doing your exercise? Maybe other exercise indoor exercise, you can use it to check everything you can use it to keep your sports record.

It also has this auto app on it, which is the you use this auto app to check your oxygen level. This is not a medical phone, but it does so many things for you. You can check your att beats yeah your heart rate. You can measure the rate at which your athlete is on this very smart watch. Also, it serves as a calculator. You can use it to do your calculations. In case you have no with your calculator, you can easily access your calculator with the smartwatch. You can check your calendar on this smartwatch. You can make calls on this smartwatch. You can even synchronize your contacts with this same smartwatch, so you see that you, it has a lot of functions that you really need to save your strengths and your energy, and i know you will so much love it. You can also snap your pictures with your phone through the smart resource. All you need to do is place your phone at the strategic place, connect it with your smart watch and use this to take your picture in as much as it is connected with your phone. Also, you can, you can use the same smart watch to track your phone when you misplace your phone it’s, not a tracker, but in a note it is connected with your phone. It will help you access your phone. All you need to do. Is you click on it then it’s called it brings find my device with this.

You can track your phone where your wherever your phone is so don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel, also press the notification button. You can also drop your comments there and don’t.