If you do want to pick one up as a result of watching this video there’ll be links to amazon and ebay and anywhere else, you can pick one up but they’re the main two, because they’re the ones that give me affiliate links so be warned. This was sent to me and the links below are affiliates. I’Ve tested this for about two weeks now for running cycling, walking, hiking, sleeping heart rate. It also does do your blood oxygen levels as well, and it is waterproof, has a 44 millimeter display on it? Now my first impressions were a little bit average. I think there could be a little bit more effort put into the unboxing and the first impressions experience from a customer point of view. When you buy something you want to feel like you got a deal and for the most part i got that, but it was a little bit lackluster. So in the box, which is a white box with human digi written on it, you get the smart watch. You get the charging cable with the little pogo clip and you get a couple of booklets as well, so all in all, first impressions, weren’t bad just you know that where most techs going these days, you get a box and you get the product. It has. Silicon straps and an aluminium frame – and i actually think it looks good, it feels good and it is not a disappointing smart watch to be wearing now.

There is a bit of a caveat here for the display, i said 44 millimeters, and it is from one side to the other, but it does have a really big bezel that goes right around the outside, which actually makes the display about 26 millimeters from one side To the other now i did really like a couple of things about the watch. Just from that look and feel perspective. The silicone strap is really comfortable. It’S nice to wear it doesn’t cause any irritation unless you’re allergic to silicon. No discomfort, no scratching, i wore it through the night as well as all day, and i didn’t have any irritation whatsoever as a result of the strap. The watch buckle itself is a traditional watch buckle, which i think is what we all need these days. We don’t need anything fancy. This is the best way to go. Traditional watch buckle, i like it human digi don’t, let go of this form factor and then, on the right hand, side of the device as you’re. Looking at the display, you have two buttons. One is to bring up your menu, the other one is to go back. To sum it up, it’s a good looking watch. It has that chunky sort of alpha male sort of look to it, which i think will appeal to a lot of blokes more so than women. It comes in five different colors. There is space, grey white, green ocean, green rose, gold and titanium grazie.

Now um did you use an app called pi active, and this is the link between your watch and you it’s. Where you get your data, i actually found it easier to set up than some of the bigger players in the health game and the smartwatch game. So it was a nice and refreshing change, so it was on my wrist and working really really quickly and another real standout for me was that it actually connects to and syncs with your google fit application. I really didn’t expect that from one of the smaller players like um digi so kudos now it really is pretty simple to use swipe down to get your quick settings panel swipe up to see your notifications, then swipe left or right to scroll through a list of Data that may or may not be useful to you, but is there at the flick of a finger now some of that data, as you scroll through left or right, could be heart rate, blood, oxygen levels, music controls, sleep data, the weather and your step count press The top button once to access the main menu, and it is also your back button, then press the bottom button and it will bring up a list of activities that you can do like running cycling. Walking for sleep tracking. It actually reminded me a bit of the honor band and the way that they presented the information to me through their app. It just looked a little bit familiar, but for the most part it was pretty consistent.

It gave me the accurate information that i requested. There was a couple of times where i was vegging out on the couch like a bit of a spaz unit, binge watching some netflix and it actually thought i was asleep. So maybe i was in a bit of a coma, but i was still awake and there was a couple of times at night where i was just about to doze off and moving my wrist activated. The screen and the bright light sort of woke me up a little bit and i couldn’t find a way of it stopping from doing that, but the data for the most part was on point now for exercise tracking. I had some really good results, ones that i was really impressed with, and it was only one small area where i felt it was lacking, but i will get to that shortly. Let me talk first about the gps tracking, so i mainly used it for walking cycling and running for tracking. It was on point and that’s because it has three different types of gps in here you have your standard gps, you have glonass and you also have baidu. So those three gps services gave it some really accurate tracking. I wasn’t expecting that level of tracking through this watch and it really impressed me now with that. Obviously you also get your pace, your cadence, your kilometers per hour. You get a lot of different data as well as your heart rate, and i must say that i thought it was fairly consistent across the board on par with the galaxy watches, which is what i use most of the time now i didn’t try all 17 exercise Types i don’t play basketball.

I don’t do yoga. I don’t do all the other different types now for me. The heart rate i’m not sure how accurate it was, but, as i always say, it needs to be consistent. And for me, if i was running up a hill, my heart rate would go up and the watch would reflect that. And if it was at the end of my run, i was really starting to hammer the pavement. My heart rate was getting higher. I was getting tired, then it would definitely be reflected in the heart rate. As i was running as well, so we have consistency there. We have consistent sleep data, we have consistent tracking data, we have consistent heart rate battery life, though, was a little bit of a hit and miss, so they do say up to 10 days and, to be honest, i was getting about five before i had to recharge It, but if you just use it as a bit of a watch with some notifications, you’re, probably going to get more like 20 days out of it. But for me i was getting about five because i was using those gps features pretty heavily. It is also 5 atm water resistant who would have thought for 65 bucks. You can get a 5 atm water resistant fitness tracker now it cannot track swimming that’s, a real bummer for me and most active people do enjoy a bit of a swim. My top three reasons to get it number one: gps tracking.

It is just on point it’s. Definitely, my number one reason to get this number two is the consistency, it’s really consistent and data. It gives you and number three is the size i like the size of it has a good display. It is comfortable, it is fairly light. I don’t like the little ones like the xiaomi mi bands and the honor bands, they’re, really thin and they’re hard to see. This is a good size now. My three reasons, maybe to consider something else. I don’t even want to put these in there but i’m going to because i’m, a fair dude – and i like to be fair to everyone number one is the display 44 millimeters across, but only a 26 millimeter display come on the next one. Is the phone slash menu system within it it’s a little bit tacky and a little bit cheap, looking sorry humidity, and then my only other downside to this is the lack of swim tracking, which i just covered so i’m not going to go into it. Any further. Do i recommend the human digi you run? Yes, i do. I think you can pick one up all right: i’m going to scroll through the exercises run, walk cycle, treadmill, walking indoors, elliptical bike, hiking, climbing road, badminton football, basketball, tennis, yoga dancing and training is in weight. Training, it says, train. I was a bit confused there. I thought like choo choo, but no training is in weight, training, so they’re the 17 different exercises it can do.

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