I made a video about this smart watch, so this is the smartwatch ws7 pro, so this is from airpods 3 that ph on shopping. So this video is sponsored by them and i just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this product so again, guys if youre interested to this product and link ms description box button shop and before i start reviewing this product im editing In offering chef milan my tws airpods, so you can check it out under shopping shop, so guys this is the ws7 smartwatch or ws7 pro from airpods3.ph. So it is so before i start lets unbox this ws7 pro smartwatch, okay. So after unboxing this product guys its sending you manga features before we start going on the smartwatch itself. So this is the ws7 pro smart watch with 1.7 inch touchscreen display it has a features. Two phone book, dial call heart rate, monitor blood pressure, monitor blood oxygen, monitor sleep, monitor, multi, sport mode, pedometer, call and message, information, push reminder wire, push reminder, uc, control, auto light app and call id display. Another feature that it has is it has stopwatch. Timer reminder camera remote wireless charging and split screen thats its a feature for the w7, actually, indeed, how to feature any operator but thats the basic feature: look like a normal android devices. Another go offer to communicate with others to get some reminders im again, my smartwatch. They monitor young health, now gamete so guys.

This is the ws7 pro itself, so uh disclaimer, along guys, um, i know bubbles you can screen because screen protector anyway, guys skin protector or lets just say a 90 silicon tempered glass for this is smart to watch. But im a protected screen yeah and the video can shop for only 48 pesos description box. So this w7 pro smartwatch has a body of 45 by 38.3 by 12.8 millimeter. It has a processor of realtek, two rtl876 processor, with a weight of 50 grams. Its material is made of zinc alloy. Its display is 1.7 inch, ips lcd with 320 by 385 pixel resolution. It also has a bluetooth of 4.0 and 3.0. Its sensor is g sensor, heart rate, monitor blood pressure and blood oxygen monitor. It also has a waterproof rating with ip67, which is guys. Your ip67 is quite good enough for a budget. Smart watch so intimacy totally illegal was a too big, but it has a waterproof uh capability. Ip67. It has a battery of 280 capacity that has a 7 to 15 days of normal usage, so guys um. I paramount download your application and you can scan the qr code, that is user manual. Actually, its user manual is written into language which the english and the chinese simplified chinese traditional guys, wireless charger nagasama. So this is the ws7 wireless charger. So this is a normal wireless charger for its battery capacity. Nine off bar nitto, ws7 280 battery capacity and and savvy guys box that ws7 can charge up to 1.

5 rs, so Music, now five to six days, all right guys. So now now the ws7 pro smartwatch, its strap, is made from silicon two buttons. It has the power button maintenance, microphone built in microphone and parent id built in speaker and the toyoting rotary knob for switching young, adding up style of watches in the home screen yeah. So, for me eating lcd, although this one is an affordable, smart watch at kumar, responsible, Music and italian basic application, we have calculator weather. This is a voice assistant. A volume downloads do not disturb this. Is the smartwatch settings, the clock, heart rate monitoring and among weather temperature? This is the remote for camera. So this is the application, click agree and then click on you log in then clicking on allow to give the access to the application now for pairing click, new equipment, the bottom part and then is scanning qr code that can be found starting smartwatch. So to find it out turn on slide on left, then you are and then paired once the pairing is done. Mug installing another watch face market or my heart rate is 77 times beat per minute. So i knocking heart rate or 76 million, so paramount oxygen is Music and clicking the shop in your blood pressure 112 over 88. I dont know how normal low blood or high blood pressure and by the way guys this one is magnetic. So let me tell you hi guys so thats all for todays video suddenly having unboxing and review thats the review and unboxing of the ws7 pro.

So it is a guys and so far uh. So brown convince guys, um thats the features actually hidden feature. You just need to explore um im just still exploring this smartwatch anyway, you can watch on different kind of uh youtube, videos or tutorials, and how to explore this kind of smartwatch and dna part charging and style, and how to monitor your blood pressure like for health. So i guess basically paramagametra features like contacts on your smartphones Music today, and i will give the pros and cons for my last verdict for the pros um its good for a cheaper price for a mission they offer from shanghai. Beginner features. Bluetooth and another.