If this is your first time kindly hit the subscribe button down below, it will help the channel grow in this video i’ll be unboxing. This robidrow watch 2.. By the way, you can check video description for the short link, Music, let’s, open it, Applause, Music, so Music. The watch strap feels smooth and premium Music charging usb cable is magnetic, which is cool Music. Let me try to wear it. Wow it’s very comfortable to wear and looks very sleek here are rogue row watch 2 functions. Introduction Music first feature bracelet time main page display the bracelet time day of the week. Steps and other information second feature blood oxygen on the blood oxygen measurement page touch the screen to start the measurement after vibration. Result appears. Third feature will be weather information display current weather, air quality info and conditions for tomorrow, steps record the current number of steps of the bracelet calories and distance sleep, the bracelet records and showed the total sleep time you had last night as well as the deep sleep Time message, notification can receive phone calls, text messages, wechat, qq and other notification and alerts on the phone exercise shows latest exercise time, heart rate and calorie info heart rate on the heart rate measurement page touch the screen to enter the measurement after vibration result appears blood Pressure on the blood pressure measurement page touch the screen to start the measurement Music breathing training. After entering this function, the breathing training mode is automatically turned on, and breathing training is performed according to animated graphics displayed on the bracelet.

Take photo control after connecting to the app the bracelet can be used as a remote control of the phone camera music control. After connecting to the app the bracelet can control the play or pause of the music player on the mobile phone before you can control on the smart, bracelet and, lastly, settings click, the settings icon to see all functions and features first, let me charge it this time. I’Ll show you how to install its app and connect road with raw watch to on your smartphone, open the manual and scan the app qr code. Let me scan it Music and then install hero, band 3., Music and then open the app Music make sure to allow the app and input your personal details for proper tracking and measurement and make sure to turn on your bluetooth device to connect your smart bracelet into Your smartphone Music, once it opens just click on pair Music and click, allow that’s how you connect your rogue big row watch 2 into your smartphone device using heroband 3 app below you will see 3 options, personal stats watch settings and features and personal details. Rogue draw watch, 2 comes with multiple watch dials to choose from, and i really love it. You can also install brand new watch dials by clicking on discover more dials. This time. I’Ll show you how to navigate this smart bracelet to go to settings. You swipe down. Music here you can adjust brightness Music.

You can tap battery logo to save battery or keep vibration on for notification and alerts. You can also use it as flashlight and check weather, but in checking weather make sure you are connected on wi, fi click, the gear icon. For more settings here, you can use it as shatter in taking photo play our past music, timer and others that’s. All for this video, if you have questions, feel free to comment down below and please don’t forget to like smash the subscribe button and hit notification bell to stay updated.