Today we are going to see the features of the new w26 plus smartwatch and how to pair it, with the phone first let’s discuss the features of the smartwatch. So this is the new w26 plus smartwatch. The straps looks very premium and required with great quality, and this is the smartwatch, with a 1.75 inch display, along with a working chrome button, and when you flip the watch to the back side, you can clearly see it has four sensors and around it. It is written the watch series 6, the 45 44 millimeter dial, the aluminium and ceramic case, ecg hot, monitor and other selling features with which it works, it’s also a qc fast, so it’s a tested product. So it’s not like the apple cs watch which comes unsealed. I mean which becomes fully sealed, so it is unsealed by a pack, but it is tested, and these are the two magnetic charger pins on the top of the smartwatch. On the back side. Let’S switch on the watch and see its features for switching on long press and hold the chrome button it’s just it just takes minimum time to load and do it’s on so this is the watch switch, which i said it also has default. Custom watch faces up to around 10 numbers when you press and hold it. We can see what all the faces it has. This is one of one two, three four five, six, seven around six custom faces.

Also, you can change the custom phase by rotating the chrome button, see when you rotate it the custom. The face custom face of the watch changes when you just click a button. It just switches switch the this watch off. Another click. It switches the watch on when you the touch are so so so responsive, even when you swipe from top to bottom or bottom drop, it’s, very, very responsive, just click slide it. You can see the the main parts of the watch to for going back. You would just press the chrome button you swipe left. You will see the extra the modes of the watch when you swipe right. You can see the features. The other contents of the watch. When you swipe up, you can shortcut, you get the shortcut menu for bluetooth access. So now let’s see what all the features it has settings when you swipe from top to bottom, you get the six icons for first icon is the brute icon. You can switch it on or switch it off, and the second icon is about icon, the name of the watch, the address, etc, and the third is battery indicator. The fourth is alarm. You can set that timepiece specific time which you want to keep alarm, and this is the qr code, that is the m active app, the app which which can be used to track our daily activities when we count it with the phone and a fourth is the Menu style either we can choose the nine apps or like the apple style as chrome.

Yes, this this is the style. You can easily go to any area which you want and come back, and you can go this for back button any you can go this like this or etc. I personally prefer the nine app style because it is easy to navigate and the icons are bold and black. The first is contacts when you sync the it can be used to sync the contacts with the phone with your phone. The third one is dial. You can dial any number and you just can you have to press style and you can’t eat the phone that simply dials.