A lot of you. People wanted to see this, but here we have it let’s get straight into it, but just before i start make sure you follow me on one of these social medias i’ve always pulled sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you Subscribe and also hit the bell notifications, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. Anyways uh. This is the box of the w66. As you can see here, you got a printed picture of the watch. It comes in a few different colors. You can purchase it from aliexpress alibaba here we have a gold sticker but it’s. Definitely not a gold, maybe rose gold, but we’ll see you as we get into the um box. Uh unboxing, so you’ve got njy tech um a sticker right there, and here is some of the information about this w66. So the cpu is rtl8762c. What size is the 44 millimeter recharge wireless charging? So it’s got the latest uh charging technology. The main features is sports. Heart rate, thermometer, etc and the package what you receive inside is a smart watch, plus the charger and plus the manual there’s, nothing else, except for just this text on the box leading a healthy lifestyle, so that is about it, let’s open the box and see what We get inside so we have a pink band with a rolled gold body on the watch before we take a look at what we get inside.

Well, what the what you like let’s, see, what else we get inside the box so opening this up, you get a wireless charger, so this is what the original one looks like, but of course, uh. This uh w66 does not work with the original charger. I’Ve already tried it, so i hope that answers a lot of your questions. You’Ve got to charge it with this one, so it’s just like the same but uh it doesn’t perform the same as the original, just a wireless charger. So well as you get, you get a case for the smartwatch as well, which is really good and you get some manuals which comes in two different languages. As you can see right here, you can choose, you’ve got english and the other one. So that is this. What we get inside the box let’s take a look at the smart one. Here we have it a pink watch bands with, like a rose gold body, as you can see right here. So here we have the w66 smart watches 1.75 inch display i’ve been told. The battery life lost lasts up to three to five days, depending on how you use it as well. So, as you can see, it looks similar to the original. The only thing different is the sensors at the back, the old style. So here you have watch series, 6, 44, millimeter, aluminium ceramic case, ecg, heart rate and bluetooth. As you can see, that’s the sensor right there you’ve got a sticker to say it’s past no idea what is past.

It also has the buttons to take the watch bands on and off, which is really good. The same as the original have the crown in the right place that might cut out in the right place and also a button, and this is a real button as well. It’S, not the fake one, like some smart watches, actually do. It’S also got the speaker grille cutouts, which i’m pretty sure both of them work as well, because they’re, both the ones not fake and one’s, not one’s real type of thing so they’re, both uh alright, could have, as you can see right, there, one’s not filled in, But overall the looks of this w66 is really good, because it’s definitely a one to one copy. Just the looks on the w66, because it’s got the button for the watch band. All of the uh body of it is exactly the same. So let’s take a look at it. All we need to do is push it in and you can. Hopefully it should jump. It’S got some battery in it. The button is really stiff, so you get a vibration and, as you can see here, it’s switched on straight away, so there’s, no startup logo, no tone or anything like that. It goes straight into it and let’s swipe it down see if we get anything so here we have your shortcuts. That is your bluetooth information. It just says: watch six mac in the version and what else we have your battery information higher your battery level.

This is to turn your audio mode, so once you’ve connected it to bluetooth, you can turn your audio mode, which goes straight. You can actually use it on the watch to play music from the watch or from the phone you’ve got to turn that on and off the qr code to download the app and it’s got two menu: styles, the smart style and the grid nine grid. So that is the show called swiping it to the left. You’Ve got your menu style right there, just pushing the crown. It goes back to the home screen swiping out for your notifications, swiping it to the right and that’s your exercise. You can choose from all of these exercises as well, so it’s really good uh. The only thing i can actually see on this smartwatch. Well, the only thing i realized on this smartwatch is it’s a bit laggy i’m, not going to like um. To be honest, a few people wanted to see this watch and compare it to other ones. So what i’m gon na have to do is do a comparison between this and a few other watches, but overall it is a little bit. Laggy i’m, not going to lie. I’Ve, just i’ve i’ve used it before as well so let’s see the watch screen just goes off straight away: let’s go into the menu and see what else we have. I want to show you all of the apps. So here we have your pedometer uh, as you can see the crown there’s.

No, your sleep monitor. This is your breathe. You can actually choose one or two minutes. Your heart rate let’s go into heart rate and uh just hold it up to see if we actually get a reading it’s doing something because you’ve got the graph going up and down and let’s just show you. If we get any flashing lights, we’ve got no flashing lights at the back. I don’t know if it’s actually doing anything so we’ve not actually got a reading so i’m just going to bring a box in and see. If we get a reading um when it’s on an object right, it showed the reading and then it vibrated. That means it’s finished, so 74 beats per minute on this box, so the box has a higher a heart rate. So, as you can tell with all these smart watches, you never get a accurate reading when it comes to all these blood pressure, heart rate, blood, oxygen and your temperature. So it does have the options there to show you what it’s like, but they are not 100. Accurate, so you got your music, you have to connect it to your phone. For that, as you can see, with the crown the crown does work going back into your call. Settings call records your phone book. Your call dialogue, which means you can actually make calls from this watch information we’ve already seen that you got your menu style, so let’s go back into menu style, and here it is look at that.

I don’t actually like this menu style, no idea why? Let me know what your main favorite menu style is it’s not got a lot of options. To be honest, so that is uh let’s go into settings. You got. Languages got quite a few languages right here, as you can see so it’s a good um option of languages, so dial switch. You can actually only change it to four watch faces so which is not really really good. Um let’s go back into settings, display brightness and you can actually change it um by swiping it which is really good. That’S. A nice animation screen time nine seconds, ten wrist to wake so tilt to wake. You can actually do that, but i don’t know why. There’S a timer on there, and that is about it and for the display. What else do we get in the settings? Vibration, dense intensity, so you can actually vigorous smooth or medium menu style, we’ve already seen that, and that is about it system as well, about we’ve seen, shut down and reset, so that is it with this uh smart watch. I have no idea what this is. What does that do? Oh, that is a that actually shuts it down, to be honest and, as you can see it just resets it so let’s go back into settings, change it to uh nine grid, as we like now angry there’s. One feature i actually saw on here, so if you go back into the menu as you can see here is this: the women’s health feature is not turned on.

I’Ve tried turning this on, but no idea how to turn it on might be. You might have to download the app to turn it on so here we have your exercise modes right here and then you’ve got your weather, particularly cloudy. No idea where this particular car is not connected to any phone. Uh you’ve got your alarm clock your stopwatch. Countdown messages, notifications, uh to search for your watch, find my watch and your brightness as you can see right there, so that is the menu for this now. What i want to do is connect it to my phone to show you what features it’s got with that right. The app you need to download is this one right here fit cloud pro and, as you can see here, this is what it looks like now when it comes to the watch, usually when you’re going to shortcuts, you can just swipe it down and click the bluetooth, But that doesn’t do anything that just connects this watch to the phone right here. So if we add the bracelet as we call in it right here and we it’s just searching for it and as you can see, watch 6 and it just hold the watch near to the phone and it’s just going to connect straight away. It does ask you: do you want to pair, and also do you want to accept notifications, but we’ve already clicked that so, as you can see here, the watch is connected now with these smartwatches, you have to actually connect them twice to get the full features when It comes to the phones and text messages notifications, so with this one uh, as you can see here, it’s just connected once allow notifications.

Yes, now to uh, you have to switch this one on right here. This will actually uh activate the calls and music to the watch. So, as you can see here, it will come and put the watch six le, as you can see right there. We need to connect that and, as you can see, it’s connected right there. So, just before we take phone calls and notifications to show you what it’s like let’s, see what the app is like and uh yeah that’s for push notifications. So here you can actually choose which notifications you get so you got call sms, will put on whatsapp i’ll show you uh the notification from whatsapp, but look at how much notifications of you can get from different apps. So that is really good, enable reminder as well uh alarm. You can check, alarms activity reminder you can toggle that on and off drink reminder watch face as well, so the watch face store you can put different watch faces on. We like this one, so let’s uh sync watch face to that and, as you can see here, it’s just doing that so let’s just wait for that to be done. Synced straight to the watch and as you can see here, this watch face is much better. I like these watch faces, but you can choose from either one so my watch face. You can actually edit it and just delete it, but i don’t think you can actually put um the uh custom watch faces on.

So if we go back into watch face store, i think it’s. Just this way, as you can see, no you can’t actually choose a custom watch face. You can only edit and delete it off the watch, but that is about it. So a bit disappointed about that. About the custom smarter watch faces raise to wake, you can switch that on and off, as you can see right there, elevated heart rate measurement, uh automatic health, monitor uh risk preference left hand, time format. You can sync your time as well. Favorite contracts shake for photograph. Hardware and restore to factory settings that just gives you the information on what you’d want to pull about yourself and everything. All the information from the um watch go straight here, whether it be your steps, your calories, your ecg heart rate and everything like that. It’Ll all sink to there. So now it comes to notifications. So let me just make a quick phone call, as you can see right here, let’s see how much credit i’ve got when it comes, and you can see it just goes to like that. It says connected all right: let’s. Do it again all right so let’s as you can see, it’s connected and the noise is going to come from the watch, one pound, ninety pence, so we can uh, we can take it off from there and, as you can see here, the notification has come from On to the well, i received a text message from 150 swiping it up and there’s your notifications from the text message as well, so let’s see what it’s like when we make a phone call i’m.

Just on my other phone now, uh, just gon na get up the number and we’re going to see if it actually um says the number when it calls or gives you the name as well. So, as you can see, we’ve got ringing and all sorts is calling, and here the noise is on the watch as well, so that’s really good. At least it comes up with the name and there we go so you’ve, seen the notification from the text, messages and you’ve seen the notification from the calls as well. So you can toggle on and off what notification you get with this smartwatch. So, overall, my uh opinion about this watch is okay, it’s good don’t. Get me wrong, it’s good um. The only thing i don’t like about it is the lagginess. It is a bit slow. It could be a little bit better. You could have a bit better features, but even the resolution of the screen is not really good it’s, not a hd screen. I do like the looks of it, but would i use this personally? No, i wouldn’t, so i hope that’s answered a lot of your questions when it comes to this w66 watch.