com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and news okay. Finally, we have here okay, one of the latest smartwatch in the market. What we have here is the x22 pro smartwatch and, as you can see here, beautiful packaging and seems like we noticed that its pretty similar okay, two of the m26 plus smart watch. As you can see here, okay, they have the same style for the packaging and of course they are using the same support of the wear fit pro okay. So this one is wireless charging the same with am 26 plus okay, so going back to the x22 pro, it is an affordable series, seven smartwatch and its pretty popular for those who are looking for the the newest series, 7 smartwatch in the market, so lets check. Okay, so we have here: okay chose the preloaded watch faces for your wearable okay and for the details here we have a 1.75 inch display advanced bluetooth, 5.2 connectivity, 128 mb of memory okay. So we have the qr code here. It is available on the android platform and, of course, the ios platform, okay, so x228, pro okay or x22 pro wireless charging. So we have here the black aluminum case, its a 44 millimeter smart watch. Okay again, if you have any questions regarding this wearable, please drop a comment below and well try to answer your queries. Okay, so your smart partner on your wrist okay, so lets open it now. Okay, x22 pro smartwatch its this.

So we have some instructions here on how to attach or lock your band okay – and we have here the strap okay for spitting again flexible strap. Here we have the smartwatch okay, its a bit heavy okay, so well check on the style and, of course, the quality of the body. Later on. Okay, we have the. I think this is the wireless charging cable here, okay and what else? Okay, we have the user manual here, x22 pro smartwatch wireless charging. Okay, we have the qr code. Also here lets focus here. What else do we have they available in chinese language in english? Okay, we have some features here for the wearable. Okay, so thats it again. The contents are the user manual, okay, charging, cable, the strap and, of course, the body of the smartwatch okay. So lets try to remove the plastic cover here again. This is the x22 pro smartwatch, okay, series, 7 smartwatch. So, okay, so lets have a closer look at the body here. Okay, so we have here a brush finish: okay, its not a glossy type, its a brush finish! Okay. We do hope that we have a slim, bezel layer. Okay, well find out well find about it. Later on, at the back, we have okay, waterproof level ip67, and we have the sensor here. Of course, we have the familiar crown button here and the peel shape button on the bottom: okay, Music, simple design, still its a bit heavy okay.

So we have this trap. Okay and lets try so again, this is for speeding. Oh, very tight. Okay lets check on the other side. Okay, i think we got were going to need a special tool. I think okay, so we managed to push it okay. Well, the other one lets see: okay, its, not right. Okay oops, we accidentally turned it on anyways – were going to check it. Okay, so lets turn it off. First, okay, so wheres. The power button here lets see the start of the wearable layer. Settings shut down. Okay lets start lets, see the Music starting logo of our graphics of the smartwatch. Okay lets turn it on okay, thats, it very fast, okay and seems like we have a an okay bezel here, its not that wide, but its not that small, either. Yes, okay and we have the first or the default watch face here. We have other watch face. Okay. We also have the other one here. Okay, this one analog type – okay, so we have at least several preloaded watch faces here again animated here. The classic mickey mouse watch face lets. Have an animated watch face here? Okay, im surprised that we dont have the popular contour watch face: okay, that we see all new s series: seven smartwatch the clone watch face from the apple watch. We dont have it here: okay, maybe its in the support. App well see: okay, so so far, heres your x 22, pro smart, smartwatch, okay, so we have to adjust this later on.

Okay, we have the brush finish black color here, very black. Okay. We have a slim bezel here, okay, so the crown button is working here. You can use it to zoom in or navigate on. The series of watch faces. Okay lets go back, do we have access through the menus? We have? Okay, as you can see here were already running out of battery here, for smartwatch were going to charge it later on. So we can have another video review. We do. We have a split screen lets see. Okay, we dont have a split screen. I think okay, so its not support its, not supporting a split screen: okay, so its our favorite, but its not available. Here we hoping on the update that it will be added okay, so we have the bubble menu here you can zoom in and zoom out with the ground button here, hey. What else do we have different menus here? So we are not familiar with the icons. Consider were going to check it on our next video okay, so so far as you can see here, very responsive good display screen: okay, good design; okay, it is pretty similar to other series. Seven smart, watches. Okay, so let me check all we have here: okay, the t100 plus. So, as you can see here very similar to this watch, face or oh no, this one, i think, is the i7 pro its, not the t100 okay, its the i7 pro.

This one is much slimmer, i think, okay, but it is almost pretty similar in design. This one is much thicker. This one is slimmer with a glossy color. This one is brushed finish okay, so they almost have the same size here. Okay, so this is your x22 pro were going to have a comparison of these two smartwatches on our next video, but for the meantime, were going to check on the menus and function of the x22 pro okay and, of course, its additional hardware specs. But if you want to know right away these specs specifications of this x22 pro, please check out the links below okay, so watch out for our next video okay for the review of the menus and features of the x22 pro smartwatch. Okay, as you can see here, its okay lets see an affordable, smartwatch, okay, with the good display screen. Okay, so we have here also have here the magnetic charging.