If this phone is worth the price or if you choose another option, for example, the Sharma me 9sc or even other devices like the Samsung Galaxy 50, a 70 or other phones, let's take a look Music when it comes to the design. There are pros and cons of the sharmini 19. First of all, we have great design and build quality, well great design, it's pretty much. In the same, like all other devices, we have a metal trim that goes all around the device and glass on the front and rear. What I also like about the Xiaomi me 90 is that we have nice and tactile buttons and they are still feel responsive after one month. In addition to this, we have a nice LED notification, light that is implemented in a pop up camera. Further, we have a headphone jack and the loudspeaker that produces pretty good sound quality. However, I would say that the phone doesn't feel that great in the hand, because I have tiny hands it, it's really subjective. I know that but, for example, if you pick the Xiaomi me 9 se or other devices like the Samsung Galaxy S 10s and plus in they just feel more comfortable in the hand but again, I'm being really subjective here.

Other cons are related to the pop up camera setup, first of all, I'm concerned about the longevity of this mechanism. I can report that it's still working fine after one month but I'm, not sure how it's gon na work after two months or three months.

For example, if you plan to take the phone to the beach or other dusty areas, so you need to make sure that any sand or any particles doesn't get inside of the pop up camera mechanism. In addition to this, the face unlock feature is not the fastest out there. For example, I need to pick up the phone I need to swipe on the screen. First, then, we need to wait for the pop up camera to pop out and then the phone is unlocked. This is definitely not the fastest face unlock feature I've seen on the market, so you need to concerned about that about the speed and also about the longevity of this mechanism, because you would always need to use that every time you want to unlock the phone another Con about the Xiaomi me 90, there is no microsd card slot and honestly I don't get it. I don't get why Xiaomi does not include that. But anyway, if you want a lot of storage well at least a decent amount of storage, I suggest you go with 128 gigabytes model. The display is really good. On the Xiaomi me 90, we have an AMOLED panel. It has deep blacks, punchy, colors, great contrast and pretty good sunlight legibility.

We also have an in display fingerprint scanner that a pound to be pretty fast and accurate on the daily basis, the Xiaomi ninety ships, with pretty good specifications for the price of the phone, including high tier mid range level, processor that actually hears really good gaming performance.

I was able to play most of the games on that very highest graphics settings. Without any issues you can even enjoy playing pop G on a medium or sometimes even on the high graphics settings with just a few minors to get frames, but no major lag. No stutter and overall I would say that the Xiaomi 90 say pretty good gaming device. The phone runs on my ten point: three global ROM and if you've seen any of my Xiaomi phone reviews, you know that me UI is just packed with features, customization options and you can pretty much customize the point that what you want same as other Xiaomi devices. These days, the me 90 is smooth pass and I didn't see any lag any stutter and overall I would say that the me 90 is one of you. Pass sets mid range devices you can buy at the moment when it comes to optics. We have a triple camera setup that can produce regular, telephoto and wide angle shots. The overall image quality is really good for a mid range level. Device pictures have a good amount of detail. I like the colors dynamic range, sharpness, punchiness of the colors and so on.

However, there are some issues, for example, some of the wide angle. Shots are a little bit. Soft and same can be said about that telephoto shots. They could have more sharpness and detail, but I'm just nitpicking. Other shots. Look really good for you mid range level device as far as low light image.

Quality well, it's not invest, but I think it's pretty good, for you meant range level device and by the way, those 48 megapixels pictures they don't really look great. I think that auto mode sometimes takes better quality images, but if you need to do a lot of cropping, you may find this mode useful. I like the selfie quality too, whether it use auto, are ported Mosby cos the camera. Does he pretty good job separating the subject from the background? As far as video quality goes, I would say that the Xiaomi me 90 produces pretty nice looking video using all the cameras. However, there is some issue because you cannot switch between cameras, while you are recording the video. That means that you need to decide which camera you want to use the regular wide angle or zoom camera before you hit the record button. This is the shortcoming, for example, if you use some flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S, 10 plus, you can switch between different cameras. While you are recording your video. On the other hand, I might be nitpicking too much, because this is him and ranged level device.

After all, tell me in the comment section: what do you think for more camera samples make sure to check out my Facebook page and also check out a Klein HD extras page, where I upload video tests? As always, you'll find all the links down below the video. As far as battery life goes, I could get about 8 or 9 hours of screen on time on the daily basis.

But if you try to squeeze in every single minute out of this battery, you might get over 12 hours of SOT, but keep in mind that you'll be able to achieve this result. Only if you use the device for video or for social media or reading news, and so on, a good thing is that the phone supports 18 was fast charging and we have a fast charger included in the retail packaging. The Xiaomi me 90 also has NFC plenty of sensors and I didn't have any issues when it comes to connectivity. Just before we go to the conclusions. Part here is a quick word from a sponsor of this video. We all agree that cyberbullying is bad. In fact, 34 percent of kids in the US have experienced a cyber bullying at least once tami. Safe is a reliable parental control, app which protects kids in cyber bullying prevention, location, tracking, app blocking web filtering screen, time, control and so on. Parents can get automatic alerts of potential risk of cyberbullying in appropriate adult content, harassment and more in your kid's text.

Conversations say no to cyberbullying with family safe together, love your kids, so keep them safe to know more about fami safe. Please click the description links below despite the future Cummings. I think that the sharmini 90 is still a very solid mid range level device. In fact, this is one of the better options for the price. However, if you don't, like the shape or size or if you don't, like the pop up camera of this phone, I suggest you check out the Xiaomi me 9sc or other phones, like the Samsung Galaxy, a 70 that I've reviewed before.

But what do you think? Would you buy this phone or would you choose another mid range level phone? Tell me in the comment section what you think, like the videos like that, also draw me a comment down below.