com and inside this rack box that you just hang at a department store? Is the xiaomi me smart band? 6.? Yes, it is a super sized increase of the band 5, but exactly the same shape and size, tiny, tiny little bit difference in size, but what's huge is the screen. Yeah there's been some screen changes let's take a look at what comes in the box. We'Ve got there, it is three things. Basically, we've got the watch it's. Oh, you want to see where you can get it. Of course, i'll tell you all about that before we get dive into it from tom top, they brought us the uh five, the band five, the bam four and now, of course, the band six and i'm going to refer you to the show notes for the link To jump over here and pick this puppy up and also in the show notes, is a link to the review of the me band 5., and because these things, i'll tell you right up front, are basically identical. A few more um fitness activities are in this one and the screen is slightly different, a little bit longer battery life, but other than that identical watches. We'Re going to have you go over. If you want to see the full review of the me band, 5 you'll learn all about how the 6 works. So today, we're just going to focus on the differences primarily – and here we go the biggest one – is a 1.

5 inch screen size, amoled uh, with the bluetooth 5 running on this one. Now it says it's 50 percent larger than the me band 5, which is at a 1.1 inch and that's. True, it is a nice size easier to see you can get two icons on the screen, instead of one overall it's, an improvement, same illumination, same brightness outdoors, just the bigger size and finer pixels, you can automatically monitor and record your heart rate blood pressure, and this Is new blood oxygen on the six wasn't on the five? Let you know your health conditions automatically record your sleep and analyze the quality that's identical support 30, instead of something like 11 or 12 different kind of sport modes. But you know really: the additional ones are just the esoteric sports and all they're doing is giving you an algorithm for step, count and heart rate and um distance, traveled and pedometer reading, and all that stuff it's not really um doing much more it's, not giving you Any trajectory or path or any of that kind of stuff so but you do have more sport modes that are part of this. One synchronous display of messages all that's, the same weather phone unlock, find your phone sedentary reminders same as on the uh band, five. Okay, so the specs are as follows: you're looking at a 152 by 486 pixel 1.56 inch screen 125 milliamp hour battery is the same memory, basically the same standby time they're claiming 14 days, which is about twice what you would get on the 5.

. So if you tend to be charging the 5 more often you might want to upgrade to the 6. they're, both 5 atm the strap length and other information is here and remember, it's only in chinese and english, and you have to select the dial language in the App it's going to launch like in chinese, so you have to you, know pair it together and do all of that. We show all that in the uh band 5 video. We won't go through it again here, but you do need to download the same app it's. The me fit on the google play, store or apple play store, and we have the google link in the show notes down here there. Now we can dive into it open up the package and bring it out there. It is, and this is the band it comes with, but as you know, the module can pop out of it. Oh look at that it's already coming up and it's wanting to bluetooth tether. You see that before you can go anywhere yeah. We just have those options and uh here: we've got the charger, which is a funky, interesting kind of charger. Same thing, it's got this little cup or hat on the back uh with the pins over on one side, and you use it by placing the pins over and letting it suck in there and it's, really really strong it's unlikely that you're going to get oh. No, it is, you could get it off center.

Look at that and it'll hold there, so you got to make sure you have it oriented right, don't, just plop it down in the bedroom. Oh wow did not realize that it's got ta line the pins up. So you get connection and you should see charging information on the screen as well in the manual we have chinese and we hope english. Oh no. We only have chinese okay well there's, that qr code. But again i advise you to download directly from the play stores and not from the server in china, because it's uh safer to go that way. Google checks everything, and i can't show you much in terms of a manual because we don't have the english version with packed with this. It is the international version of the watch, though, and it should automatically switch to english, which we'll find out right now, when i pair it to the phone here we go. The me fit app it's still got all the stuff from when i was doing the uh. The band 5., so it's not available right now, it's off. I have to come in here and look again. Uh agree to all of this stuff agree to that stuff and now it's searching for the band want to keep it close by and it should find it and confirmed. Okay, we are check mark check, mark check, mark and it's going to update the time pairing successfully. Activate device now yep before activation previously paired smart band 5 will be stopped.

Yep continue that it's now disconnecting the me band 5 from before and activating the me band 6.. So if you have a former or an older one that's using this app, you can only connect to one at a time you have to have it disconnect the previous one. First, this device has now been activated successfully, say: okay, it's, restoring any band settings. We had it's got the time in there, which is matching what's on the phone and now it's, giving you a description about it, where blood on wearable blood, oxygen, detection, monitor, cool, immediate notification of abnormal heart beats: okay, that's something new 30 types of workouts to choose From and your sleep breathing quality is monitored as well. Wow let's try all that stuff. Transferring the resources to the watch so now it's being updated with those new features that i guess have been added and pushed through the app to the band since it first came out. We'Ll wait for that. To finish there it's doing the updating of the resources and i'm cutting out a lot of stuff in between, but now you can see the circle growing as it does a firmware update so set aside some time when you get yours to go through all of this We'Ll be back: okay: okay, can we use it yet updating firmware and it's done updated successfully and look it's rebooting we've landed on the home page we've got the time and we've got all of our other stuff here.

So i'm gon na wear it. For a few days, collect some data and then show you important new features like the blood oxygen and sleep stuff that this band does that none of the others do we'll be back in a bit here we go, got uh, active step, count and uh. Well, i guess i tapped on it and it'll. Take you deeper into some of the information about your previous days and show you your your distance, traveled and calories burned here on this particular watch face. We also have heart rate, oh yeah. If i touch on it, i can get the heart rate information in here as well and it's, showing me my zones that i've been um active in which, of course, is sedentary because we're doing a reviews and a time in the middle there's. A variety of different bands or faces that you can choose from swipe up. You got the weather report that you can go into your status, which is basically what i just showed you already. When you tap the step count. You'Ve got uh wow all right, we've got pi. This is that fancy computed number based on your activity, level and heart rate and it's, showing my accumulation they're, not very high, because i really haven't been working out. But the goal is to try to get it up to a hundred and to begin with, at least into the 30s it's kind of a nice little motivator and it's.

On a lot of these uh me band xiaomi type devices, you got heart rate, which we just showed you we'll come back to that and here's our blood oxygen, and i can just tap it to get a real time blood oxygen. Reading now now, when we look in the back, you see, it's got both red and green diodes going right now and it's also computing, my heart rate. So this is really a nice one to go to, instead of just the heart rate, one you're getting the heart rate you may as well drop in here and also let it do the timed analysis of your blood oxygen when you hit the double arrow button at The bottom that's when it will redo it for you, okay, it's, coming in because i'm roll breathing and talking to you right now, it's on the low side, 95 to me, i feel that's low. I, like about 97.98 really low, would be below 90, so that's kind of a thing to look for so heart rate and blood oxygen you've got overall stress, and this is a com computed thing. I'Ll show you a little more on the app right now. Uncle ticks is a little stressed. I got a lot of videos to produce. I got a bunch of watches in here, so working kind of hard right now, i'm at 61, usually it's about in the 30s let's, try it again and see what it comes up with.

Not sure how it's doing this uh, it says, screen upwards to see the the information further again it's going to do it over a fixed period of time, which is great because it can average the results. My guess is: it's working with heart rate variability because usually that's an indicator of your body's stress and in order to get that it needs to take several pulses and time the difference between each of the pulse cycles and compute, the variance between them. And then from that deduce through an algorithm what your actual stress level is and i'm still up there, pretty high 55 it's saying right now: oh look at that. It finished it jumped wow it's jumped up to 74.. I think i need to go out and breathe. Some fresh air i'll do that after we finish this segment that's, our stress level. Oh, i could just do a breathing exercise right here. You start this. You can set the amount of time and it gives you that breathe in breathe out exercise which tends to reduce stress. You got your workout section where you have walking outdoor running and cycling, treadmill, indoor stuff, few other things, including yoga, jumping rope and then there's. Even more that don't fit on that screen gymnastics wow h, i i t look at that lots of things pilates in the app you can arrange the ones that you actually use and when you get into them you got to set the permissions and the app to Always all right, if you want it to be on always, and you can say, go and, of course, it's going to give you the countdown begin that particular exercise it's, showing you your elapsed time the time of day and the battery level up at the top distance Step, speed, cadence and it looks like your heart rate as well come out of here.

You can press and hold and exit this too little time, of course, and that's, basically how your activity works and there's your history you've got alarms uh. This is female cycle information. It shows the whole cycle here where you are on a particular time whether you're, ovulating or whatnot that's – all here for the ladies and you got a nice settings by the way you need to register as a female for all of that to show up uh the Band displays the do not disturb mode your brightness, locking the screen and then all the different things about when you twist your wrist, what it'll do rebooting factory reset that kind of stuff too and then more there's? All these other things remote camera a stopwatch, timer. Finding your device and going into silent mode and again in the app you can shift these things around and put the most important ones to you at the top. This runs everything through the other direction and going this way you can put in alipay, which will only work in china and looks like we need to uh, set up permission and everything for our onboard music player swipe again, and i got the temperature and whatnot weather In your area, with the city identified up at the top swipe one more time and we're back over to the watch, face press and hold on the watch face and you get to see some of the other ones. So you've got this one there's one i downloaded from the server that's kind of a nice one.

You have this one with weather and with the setting you can change the different things in here as well. Uh oops. I went right back to the one we were in. I think there's an analog one in here too, you got to make sure you don't, move your finger when you press it there we go there, we go there. You go analog with distance and heart rate in this case and we're back over to this one that we were in originally let's. Take that one just for diversity: nice, big numbers in white. I like that one that's one i wanted to set with because it's easy to see from a distance, so check this out, guys we're, always wondering about the accuracy on these things. Well, i've got this on i've been wearing it today. I'Ve got 2100 steps here, 1740. On here same arm same exact amount of time same steps, everything else. I got a 89 90 92 92. Exactly heart rates are correlating pretty evenly. Both of them are updating live, but why the step count difference. Why do i have results like this? At the end of one day, i did 4 500 steps here and i did 3 800 on the other one. How come the next day, which was yesterday? Actually i did what seventy seven hundred and eighty six steps and i did sixty three twenty seven. This one's always always lower. I finally figured it out, and the answer has to do with covid yep covet 19 has got us washing our hands more frequently, 1740 2116.

Now uncle ticks is washing his hands for a good 20 seconds. Make sure i get everything all the fingers right and i'm sitting here now. You would not expect to be doing step count when you're doing all of this right. Okay, grab the towel, throw it away, grab another one dry: it off, really good, throw it away, and where are we come on light up? There we go 21. 50 51, something like that. 1740., this one the really expensive fit bit since it works since it's, not sensing the correct step count, it should have an algorithm in there that waits until it senses at least 10 real steps before it counts them, and this guy's not currently not on the twisterist Thing so uh didn't change because a hand washing is not a step count activity so um this little inexpensive, knee band six is actually more accurate for step count, heart rate and now it's up to 97. This is at 90.. They do tend to bounce around a little bit so not sure which one i would uh look at that now. They'Re almost identical at 80s, mid 80s, not sure which one i'd say is really really the best accurate heart rate, but definitely step count. The uh me band six. I think you can rely on that as being pretty accurate shifting quickly to the app then not a lot of stuff in the app it's. Not very robust we've got um on the opening workout page your step, count, information, pi stress and the female cycles.

I can save you more and it gets into detail here's each day. Sorry they're, so small 100 would be up there and if i get out and really do some stuff, yeah it'll it'll show here's. My stress level at night was really low. Uh daytime it's missed a few. I think that's because if you're moving it's not able to get accurate data and it would rather give you none than give you inaccurate data – i like that, but at night of course, it's really smooth and then the cycles, and it shows you where you are and What zone you're in and you get into that you can go way into the chart and see a lot more, and i know the ladies are interested in that stuff. So there you go here's our blood oxygen, and this is where you find last night's sleep information. Deep light, it does do rem, sleep and your awake time you get the chart down in here. I can't tap on it. It doesn't look like well, i guess, if you tap and hold it okay, it'll show you green zone is rim from 1' to 1 58 a.m and then your summaries, if you have any naps your sleep, breathing quality, it is a beta feature, but this is coming Through as well and i'm, a little bit high well or a little bit low, i don't know green, is good there's. The description of what all that means sleeping on your side, don't, drink alcohol.

I got 89 points um just below 90, where it shifts i didn't have enough sleep and that's nothing new and here's a lot of more information about sleep compared with similar users. So, if you're interested in working on improving your sleep or just seeing how you're doing it's not really going to do sleep, apnea analysis for you but it's going to give you a quality assessment and show you your sleep times, including rem, sleep which is pretty darn Good weekly monthly yearly is on here as well and wow rate it. No thanks not right now, we're in the middle of a review don't, you just love it when they interrupt you like that, okay heart rate uh, is here showing you your continuous heart rate and where you are at any particular time of the date and a big Number abnormal heart rate information today i didn't have any so i don't have any to report, but if you had any – and it tells you about it right there, those uh incidents would appear here and i presume when they happened. I was relaxed 10 hours and a light, nine minutes and so forth. So your daily exercise information is here, along with your resting heart rate information, your max minimum and average really robust data related to heart and sleep. Then you got your weight. Wow, 195.. All right! That'S, quite a lady, because i've registered as a female, too uh balance the ability to measure your bodily composition.

Oh you got to hook up a special scale for that. All of this is part of that whole process with other pieces that also link to this particular app, but in terms of the band that we're looking at they're all here, my workouts would show you data related specifically to the workouts that you do um on the Band itself: okay, uh that's, the app as well, we covered the app we've covered the band and all we got ta do tell you now is where you can get it over at tomtop. Tomtop has brought us before the me band four to five and now the six uh so we're sticking with these guys because they um they really support this particular product it's. About 50 bucks check the show notes for a discount coupon remember. It differs a little bit from the me band 5 in that the screen is slightly larger 1.56 inch. Instead of about 1.1 inch it's, an amoled screen display good good quality, uh clarity and a little bit larger, but not much it's got the spo2 sensor in it. So you can do the blood oxygen and we showed you all of that. If you don't have the five yet um. Definitely this would be one to look at. I would say if you have the five you have to evaluate whether the features are important enough to upgrade. If you have the four or earlier, i would definitely say, go ahead and upgrade that's my feeling on it and if you are in a different device, compare them see if you're getting the same quality of information, um from your particular band of choice, uh or not, And uh consider this one tom top show notes buying, link coupon.