Today, we’re going to unbox the brand new me watch color sport in this video. We will see what we have in the server of this device. What option this smartwatch offers us for a better daily usable and we will test all of these options, see how they will work. We will talk about the watch itself, we’ll see what we have in the box and we will run some tests, see how this watch will work. So let’s go ahead. Do all of these things Music. This watch has 1.’ inch. Ammo led high resolution display with 16 days ultra long battery life over 100 uh watch faces 170 sports, 24 hours, heart rate and a lot of more health caring options in the in the me watch color sport. We have high end gps, which is very accurate and it detects the movement immediately here in the package. We have some details in the back, but we will see better for ourselves when we turn on the watch. As you can see, the package is very long, but it feels solid, very good quality of the package for the first time that we um, we are unboxing it at the top. We have the user manual immediately. It reveals the watch itself, which is strapped in for better protection. Underneath this package we have two other more pockets in the first one. We will see the user manual in different languages, which is always very helpful, and we have the charger itself magnetic charger.

With two points and as you can see, is always protected with different types of plastics, which i always appreciate now we have here the me watch, color sport itself, let’s peel off the protection case, and we can see the first look of it press and hold the Button so it powers on and immediately we have a very good resolution here, very good colors, going on press and hold to change the watch faces we talked about. The watch faces a lot of them that we have in the app here or some of them that are already downloaded, that we can change immediately, which looks pretty good at the top. We have notifications down. We have the toss board with do not disturb brightness, torch settings, etc. In the right we have heard rate energy, sleep, weather, relax, blood oxygen and we have the music also all day things that you did here in the menu starting from the workouts workout history. We have activities heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, energy that we saw before stress, breathing exercise. We have the weather, alexa music control, find my phone alarm stop watch. We have all of these options of a timer weather down below. We have the air pressure with barometer that we will see later how this works. We have the compass. We will calibrate that later notifications find my phone. We have here the torch that we saw in the toast board. Here we have the help with code and the settings with watch face brightness doing disturb, raise to wake heart rate, workout activity reminder password, bluetooth, reminder display, vibration, notification, 24, 12 hour language and the settings of the watch.

Let’S go ahead and begin some testing and see all of these options how they will work all the way at the top. We have the workouts. First, we have outdoor running walking and treadmill and the first page. Next, we have tracking trail running outdoor, cycling, indoor, cycling, freestyle, workout, pool swimming open water, yoga rub jumping hiking, high density triathlon, and we can add sports where we can see dancing, bald sports, water sports and many other sports that we mentioned before. We have a lot of them over 170. press go here, as you can see at the time at the top. Second, is going underneath space hoard rate distance in the first page in the right we have music down. We have last kilometer space average pace space at the moment and we have calories, sudden stride and steps and back at the first page in the left we don’t have anything and the right. We saw that we have the music press and hold the button. So you can end the session very good information for the workouts, which i always like. We have the activities activities that we did here is the heart rate. Now that begins to measure immediately at the top we have the current heart rate being measured. We have some statistic done. We have highest and lowest heart rate that we did before you can see how it goes immediately to the always on display, which it looks pretty good and let me watch color not gon na lie.

We have hard rate for the all day, 30 days, hard rate and very good information here, as well. After the heart rate, we have here blood oxygen, as you can see, that is measuring right now, it says hold still. You have to wait a couple of seconds. So you get some results and here, while it’s filling up the circle, we have the final result with color, so it shows that we have a very good blood oxygen. Next we have the energy that we used. We have the stress here. You can see the statistic for stress highest and lowest. Here is the breathing exercise from one minute to five minutes. We have the speed that we can choose. Press go three second countdown and you have to go with inhale and exhale like it says in the watch. After a minute, you have your result, and also you have this result in the app, so the music now is not working because it’s not connected with the phone right. Now we have here the stopwatch timer and all of the things that we saw before the air pressure that we solve as well as elevation, which are very good options if you are running or hiking in the outdoor – and this is now the compass very simple that Is calibrated, it looks pretty good, not gon na lie, but i saw more complicated ones before so. Basically, this is what we have and the me watch color sport very good, uh watch.

I used it for a couple of days, almost a week that i’m using it all. The notifications are coming that we will see in the next video we we got the notifications for calls and all the things are working properly very good watch.