3 inch mold screen. There is also customization of watch, faces, heart rate, monitoring, blood pressure, multi sport modes and, most importantly, a waterproof 5 atm. All of this you get with a stylish design at a price. Average cost is no more than 60, so lets take a look at how it performs the mibro x1 smartwatch has a circular design that looks very clean and elegant in black color and features an aluminum frame, giving it the look of an expensive watch. It really is amazing, and it has too physical to home and the sports overall, the body is slim and light and made of high quality aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight at just 52 grams. If you look at the back theres nothing out of the ordinary, just a plastic cover with magnetic charging pins and a heart rate sensor, the strap here is made of silicone lightweight and comfortable on your wrist for long lasting use, you can use any 22 millimeters strap Because its removable and available in black and pink color, but you can buy another strap from metal or leather. The screen in mibro x1 is my favorite type and one of the strengths of this smartwatch. It has been upgraded from a normal tft panel to an amoled panel, with 1.3 inches and 2.5 d curve to display better content and details, and because it has a resolution of 360 360 pixels with a high refresh rate. This is what makes it good screens in a budget smartwatch in terms of size and resolution.

Even the sharpness of colors and brightness are so good, especially when you wear them in this. In fact, the reason to make this type of screen my favorite, because this screen is large and takes over most of the interface and with narrow sides, and this is only found in smartwatches with higher costs. This is in contrast to other inexpensive smartwatches that contain a touchscreen which comes in the middle of the screen and has rather wide sides. If you are tired of the system default dial background, mibro x1 smartwatch has many pre installed watch faces, you can switch between them easily by mibrofit. App for more watch faces with over 100 online watch faces are available for download. Also has bluetooth 5.0 for more fast and stable transmission and reception of the signal, and this version is compatible with android 6.0 and later or ios, 10 and above so that the connection is through the mibrofit app. So far, the mibro x1 runs on a very user friendly platform and navigation via the touchscreen is fast.you. Can access a quick menu when swiping from the bottom that enables change brightness, lock, screen settings shutdown? Battery save mode also gives you a percentage of your battery and see if your phone is connected to the swap by swiping from the right, you will find shortcuts for heart rate, monitoring, music weather blood oxygen and by pressing the home button you will find the menu With heart rate and sleep monitoring, sport mode settings and other features that include capturing photos from the watch and music weather sound, recording and more from below, there are only notifications.

The mibro x1 smartwatch is equipped with 38 multi sports modes to suit any of your needs, including outdoor running treadmill, outdoor cycling, indoor, cycling, outdoor walking, freestyle ping, pong basketball, football badminton cricket trekking trail, run climbing machine zumba dance, a lift apart from the sports features, x1 Built in optical heart rate, sensors, with a professional, intelligent, heart rate algorithm, you can monitor your heart rate in real time to check whether its beating, normally or not, and monitor sleep, to measure your total light sleep, deep sleep and wait time to provide you with an Analysis of your sleep patterns monitor blood pressure and measure oxygen levels in the blood in real time to improve for the ability of the cardiovascular system to prevent the low level of oxygen in the blood. The app is downloaded through the google play store, the apple app store. So you know it is a safe, app, its easy to connect the mibro x1 smartwatch to your phone. After installing the mibrofit, app and setup. All you have to do turn on the bluetooth of the watch and mobile phone.click add device in the app settings to connect. The watch to the app.iphone phones need to agree to app display message. Notifications, android phones need to agree to read all notification. Permissions, such as contact information notifications are clearly visible and easily readable. You can choose lots of different popular apps to give notifications on mibro x1 smartwatch, for example, whatsapp, twitter, facebook, instagram, sms wetshit and other apps are supported.

While you can also access caller message. Notifications with many other functions, such as stopwatch alarm calendar reminders to not sit remote control of the camera to take selfies with a touch on the screen, and you can control the music in the end. The battery size on the mibro x1 is something that is considered somewhat positive, as you get 350 ma, which gives you up to 15 days of battery life, but this is done with the reduced operation of the heart, monitor, turning off notifications and other features. In any case, x1 guarantees us at least seven days for heavy use with heart rate, monitoring and notifications turned on, and it will charge through the magnetic charger. In about two hours, the mibro x1 smartwatch is currently available on the aliexpress store for a very good price. So dont miss out on this great deal.