If you are in the market for a budget phone, you should always check out what the Xiaomi has to offer. You have probably already seen my redmi note 7 and the note 7 pro videos, but the redmi 7 is the cheapest out of the bunch with a starting price of just about 97 es for the base model. It packs a punch and is still one of the top recommendations in the budget phone segment. The model that I have is a bit more expensive as the chip suit 3 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of expandable storage via the dedicated microsd card slot. I will leave a few product links down below the video in case you're interested the Snapdragon 632 chipset might be less powerful than the processors found on the note 7 and a no7 pro, but the redmi 7 can also easily handle 3d games really good. Overall gaming performance for a budget device same can be said about the day to day performance, just like any other Xiaomi phone. This device runs on the me UI that might not look appealing to everyone, but it's clean it's, packed with features and it's fast and smooth other features that I love about. This phone include nice design and good, build quality, pretty good display with Gorilla Glass, 5 screen protection, face unlock, feature fast and reliable, fingerprint scanner, great loudspeaker, a tiny, LED notification, light a headphone jack and the cameras that are capable of taking really nice and sharp tailored Images using both main and selfie shooters, the low light shots are not IBAs, but they are still pretty good for such a cheap device.

Sharmee phones are one of the best when it comes to the battery life and the red ms7 is no exception. You can rest assured that you'll be able to get more than ten hours of screen on time on the daily basis. You can also recharge the battery quickly, thanks to that 10 watts, fast charging support, and now the word from the sponsor of this video Udacity. This online education provider has quite a few nano degree programs that each technology skills via online videos, hands on projects and personalized support. The nanodegree program that I found the most interesting introduction to self driving cars with just minimal programming experience. You can learn the essentials of building a self driving car. You will discover how to solve problems in both Python and C, as you explore what makes self driving cars possible, you will also learn the skills and techniques used by soul driving car teams at the most advanced technology companies in the world by doing real world projects. Having one on one technical mentor, personal career, coach and services, and lots of flexibility that allows you to plan when to study, check out the link in the video description and start learning. Even though the xiaomi redmi 7 is a budget device and it offers a lot of value for the price, let me do some nitpicking, so you know all the cons or little flaws about this phone. First of all, I like the overall image quality but Xiaomi removed.

The video stabilization feature found on the note 7 and the pro models. The footage still looks nice, but it's a little bit shaky. The second complaint is not really a flaw, but you have to know that the phone still uses a micro USB port instead of the USB type c, while all the connectivity options work fine. On the redmi 7, there is no NFC, which is a feature that quite a few users need. I think xiaomi needs to bring it back to their budget phones, lineup, it's, not a high end feature and NFC chips do not cost much. Xiaomi is just trying to take the more expensive phones line up. In my opinion, the last flaw about the phone. There is no gyroscope sensor, meaning that the phone is not compatible with neither 360 video nor VR games. Overall, the xiaomi redmi 7 is a cheap phone and it simply has to have some shortcomings to consider. Despite some flaws, I still think it's an amazing value phone, especially if you consider the fact that the prices started just about 97. Yes, you get a nice looking and well crafted device with capable cameras, a reliable Snapdragon chipset that assures great overall performance, excellent battery life and a lot more. I think this is an amazing phone for the price.