It has a future comings to consider and in this video I wanted to mention my top 5 favorite features of this device, a few shortcomings to consider before buying and the best alternative option. The first and probably the most important feature of the redmi note, 9 price and performance ratio, depending on where you buy it from prices start at just about 170 bucks. I will leave a few product links in the video description if you're interested also while you're there. Please subscribe to the channel. Your support means a lot as these videos take a long time to make. The spec sheet makes this phone one of the best options. If you're looking for a great device that is not going to break your bank, some may argue that mediatek chipset is underpowered, but these people simply ask too much for the price. I found the overall performance of the feature rich me, UI 11, to be pretty good. The phone feels smooth and stable and you simply can't ask anything better for the price, just like any other Xiaomi device. The UI is loaded with features. The gaming performance is quite impressive to games like asphalt, extreme asphalt, 9 Call of Duty, and even pop G on HD graphics, run smoothly to really impressive performance for the phone that carries such a low price tag. The display is not ninety Hertz and it could be brighter for outer use, but again for the price you are paying.

This is a really good panel. Overall, it is sharp its vivid and the colors are quite nice. The second favorite feature of the phone is definitely a chart topping battery life thanks to a massive five thousand and twenty milliamp hours unit. The redmi note 9 is a stamina beast on a budget. If you are into watching a lot of YouTube videos, you can expect to get over 20 hours of screen on time. Onload display brightness setting. If you increase brightness to about 50 you'll still get over 15 hours of SOT, and if you use the phone more intensively, you should still expect to get over 10 hours of screen on time. However, the 18 was charging limit means that it will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge the phone, even though the supply charger is rated at 22.5 watts. Another highlight of the phone to me, design and built. The point feels really nice. In the hand, the screen is covered with a Gorilla Glass spy van, although Xiaomi did not specify the material use on the back and it might be made of plastic. It feels like glass, the plastic frame blends with a back nicely and if the overall design of the phone is pleasing to the eyes for comparison, the xiaomi redmi note 9 as feels adhere and the redmi note 80 has a bit boxy refuted. On the other hand, all of the phones are well built and they look nice and it all comes down to personal preference.

I'Ve made detailed reviews of these phones and, if you haven't seen them check out the video links down below now the optics, we have one selfie shooter on the front, any quad camera system on the back. That allows you to take regular, wide angle, portrait and macro pictures. The overall image quality is actually one of the best you can get on any budget phone, even though about image processing to be a little bit more mature. On the note 9s, and even on an older generation, redmi note 80. It might have something to do with different image signal processor in mediatek chipset compared to snapdragon Sola. The data light image quality is very good. You can also take nice looking wide angle, shots macro picture quality. It depends on the situation and night mode produces pretty amazing pictures for a budget device. These are really impressive results for the phone is cheap portrait mode produces really nice. Looking image with both back and front cameras, beauty mode ensures you look pretty good on social media. My last, but definitely not the least, if we can call feature of the redmi note 9, the extras that means that you're getting plenty of low, yet important features like an IR blaster dual SIM card, any dedicated micro SD card slot, a headphone jack, pretty good bottom Firing loudspeaker really fast, an accurate fingerprint scanner, reliable, face, unlock feature, clicky and responsive buttons and NFC for mobile payments and other features.

However, NFC is a market dependent feature, meaning that you need to check if the model assault in your region has it. The flaws of this device are mostly related to camera performance. I was disappointed with the 1080p video quality. That is because we are used to seeing nice stable and smooth footage from other Xiaomi budget phones, but that's not the case with the redmi note 9. For comparison, the note 9ss camera produces really nice. Looking video another con, there is no 4k video recording. So the question is: should you buy the note 9 if you're looking for a new budget phone? Absolutely? Yes, all of the shortcomings I've mentioned in this video are mostly nitpicking, so you know what you're buying. However, here is an alternative option. I know that for a budget, oriented user 20 or 30 years is quite a significant amount of money to spend on phone as there are a lot of bills to pay. But if that's not a problem for you, I would definitely recommend the xiaomi redmi note 9s, that has a more powerful Snapdragon, 720 G chipset, better image, processing and power management for key video recording and much better 1080p video quality. It had better and larger display. So the conclusion of this video is this: the xiaomi redmi note 9 is a really good budget phone and it's an easy buying recommendation, but the company faces tough competition from itself. The redmi note 9s is a better option if paying 20 or 30 dollars.

U.S. more is not a big deal for you. What do you think about the xiaomi redmi note 9. Do you agree with my review? You do disagree. Tell me in the comment section down below also like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel.