The watch has more traditional design compared to the sporty look of the watch. S1 active. The xiaomi watch s1 features 1.43 inches amoled display with sapphire glass, stainless steel frame and wireless charging. The watch is water resistant and has a microphone and speaker for voice calls and voice assistance. We have more than 100 fitness modes with support of gps. Also, all day heart rate and spo2 monitoring, all this comes with enough battery power to run for about 12 days on a single charge. In the box, we have one usb type c: charging cable, the xiaomi watch s1 comes with a wireless charger. This is one of the main differences compared to the sportier s1 active. Next in the box, we have a nice little book with all the necessary instructions in several languages and, lastly, we have one extra silicon strap. It looks pretty nice, we will test it later here. We go the new xiaomi watch s1. Actually, i was expecting to be heavier. However, it has a pretty nice weight on it without being too chunky. It weighs 52 grams slightly heavier than the s1 active. The design is quite nice and goes well with the leather strap compared to the s1 active. It has almost the same dimensions later we will talk more about the differences between the two watches. The xiaomi watch s1 currently supports 26 languages. To connect the watch with your phone, you will need to download the latest me fitness app.

Then you can see the watch in the list of the supported devices. The watch works with both android and iphones. Now lets go through some of the main features of the watch as theyre identical with the s1 active. I wont go through all of them. If you want to learn more, you can watch my video about the s1 active right here with a swipe from the top. We bring the notifications and with a swipe from the bottom, the control center swipe from left or right shows the widgets. They can be further customized in the mi fitness app by pressing the top button of the watch. We enter the apps menu first on the list is the workout. We have 117 workout mods in total, as 19 of them are considered professional and the watch will detect them automatically. On top of that, we have multi system dual band, gps tracking with improved accuracy. The xiaomi watch s1 comes with two main health features, heart rate and spo2 monitoring, as bot can track your data 24 hours a day. The watch supports amazons, alexa voice assistant and has a weather app. Music control calls pressure and elevation compass and remote camera app from the settings menu. We can control the display brightness. We have five levels of brightness, including auto mode. There is also always on display feature for vibration. We have two levels default and strong, as both are strong enough to be noticed. The second button of the watch is used for quick access to the workout mods to change the watch face of the watch.

We have to touch the display for about 3 seconds. However, new watch faces can be added only from the me fitness app, not from the watch itself. In the me fitness app, we have access to more than 200 watch faces. The cool thing is that for each watch face we can see how it will look when the always on display is active when it comes to differences between the s1 and s1 active theyre, mostly in the design and the build all of the software features, are identical Between the two watches, the s1 active has a more sporty look and is lighter, as the s1 body is made from stainless steel worth mentioning is that the display of the s1 is covered with sapphire glass. The main difference is in the charging. The s1 uses wireless charging as the s1 active uses, 2 pin magnetic charger. However, i dont think this affects the overall performance of the watches, as the charging time is almost identical, they have the same batteries and deliver the same two weeks of use. The xiaomi watch s1 comes with a standard 22 mil straps its very easy to replace them. The silicone strap that comes with the watch looks high quality. I think it will last a long time. Of course, if you have another watch band left from other watches, you can easily swap them. I think this watch looks pretty cool with a metal. Strap here is an example with a black and silver strap Music.

So guys, let me know in the comments which watch do you prefer, as they are very similar? However, i think it all comes to the design if you like the sportier or the casual design. The s1 is also slightly more expensive than the s1 active. I think they both look pretty cool and come at a very affordable price and, as always, dont forget to subscribe like and comment.