Zeblaze Ares 2 On the back of the box – are written some specifications. Inside the box. There is a smartwatch magnetic charging, cable and user manual., The magnetic charger using 2 pin mode. And then the battery capacity is 260 mAh. It can use 7 45 days depending on our use.. This bezel is made of metal, so it looks sturdy and solid.. Then the screen is 1.09 inches HD screen with a resolution of 240 240 pixels.. It looks almost similar to the G Shock, GA 2100.. Beside it. There are two stainless steel buttons.. Then the back is made of plastic.. The strap is made of tpu material and can be replaced, but its a bit complicated.. If Im not wrong. This can be replaced with a G Shock. Ga 2100 strap.. If i scroll down there are theater mode, brightness, vibrate mode weather settings. In the settings.. There are stopwatch alarm countdown, brightness, vibrate mode, theater mode, reset power off about app QR code.. Then, if i scroll up to see the notification., If I swipe to the left, there are data on our footsteps: sleep data, heart rate, exercise, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, weather, shutter, camera and music player.. Then, if I swipe to the right, there are sports sleep data, heart rate, training, blood pressure, blood, oxygen weather, shutter, camera, music player settings 2048 games, young bird. In the training.. There are walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football swimming.. This smartwatch has a swimming mode because it has 5 ATM water resistance.

. This smartwatch has two buttons.. The button above is for screen onoff power, onoff and back., While the button below to enter the training or exercise mode.. This smartwatch has four built in watchfaces and uses the Da Fit app.. This smartwatch cant tap to wake up and raise to wake up is quite responsive.. The price is approximately IDR 520.000, but does not include tax.. If you add tax, it costs more or less IDR. 600.000. At price of IDR 600000. I think this smartwatch is not worth it.. What stands out the most about this smartwatch, its water resistance is 5 ATM.. Then the number of watchfaces in the application is more than three hundreds. And then the build quality of this smartwatch looks solid, sturdy and strong., So it is very suitable for outdoor use.. I hope this review can be your consideration to buy Zeblaze Ares 2.. Thank you.