I talk about it, but it never gets featured so today, i’m, really hoping that it is going to go on the show. So this is a smart watch, that’s priced under three thousand rupees zebronics zeb fit smartwatch 222 or triple two zero and it’s a budget. Smart watch, like i said under three thousand rupees, comes for a price of about two thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. There are various offers. It does feature quite a few things: heart rate spo2 sensor, complementary, zebf, fit app. Of course works really really well, but is it really one of the best, because there is competition under 3000 rupees with smart watches and wearables selling like hot cakes? It comes as no surprise that more players are entering this segment with their products joining the bandwagon. Now is the bronix famous for its audio products. The brand has introduced its first smartwatch, dubbed zep fit triple to zero ch. So will this smart watch ring the register for zebronics in the smartwatch market let’s find out. Unlike usual budget, smart watches, the zebfit watch looks rather premium supporting an overall black skin. This watch should suit well with both formal and casual clothing. The round dial of the watch looks a bit chunky. However, there is not much weight to it and sits comfortably on the wrist. As for the build quality, the watch supports an ip68 rating which makes it water resistant impressive. Given the price point, the nylon straps on the watch are also quite comfortable and maintain a firm grip on the wrist shifting our focus to the watch on the front.

We get a 1.4 inch tft display encased in a 2.5 d, curved glass, one of the brighter displays that we have come across on a budget smartwatch. The panel produces vibrant, colors and crisp texts. We were also able to look at the watch under direct sunlight at maximum brightness. The panel is also fairly responsive and the watch did not miss out on any of our commands. Waking up the smartwatch. We are greeted with a colorful ui, which is quite intuitive, with colorful icons and some practical features. The watch manages to check in all the boxes we expect from a smartwatch in 2021. There are customization options like multiple watch faces. There is also an option to control music playback from the smartwatch. The watch also chimes for calls and notifications on paper. The brand has loaded the smartwatch with every possible tracker available. We get a heart rate, monitor a spo2, monitor and a blood pressure monitor as well, but does this quantity translate into quality? Yes, and no, while the heart rate monitor works? Well, when we are exercising, it tends to struggle if you keep it on throughout the day, the spo2 monitor on the watch is more of a gimmick and delivers unreliable results. The blood pressure monitor has the same story, keeping this disappointing but expected sensor story aside. We are bound to highlight a credible feature, which is the fitness tracking on offer. The watch comes with eight workout modes, all of which performs well and show precise data.

A user can track all this data using the 20 series application by zebronics with a neat and tidy ui. The application provides comprehensive data logs of our activities. The application also provides general options like downloading, more watch faces and setting up notifications before wrapping up this review. It’S important to talk about the battery life on the zep fit watch an underrated usb. This smartwatch lasts well over a week with all the features turned on and with that it’s time for the verdict packing in some decent features, zep fit triple to zero. Ch smartwatch can be a good option for someone who is fairly tight on budget at rupees 2999.