DT94 Smartwatch Review: Best Apple Watch Alternative!

We are indeed going to be reviewing another smartwatch. I actually already made a video of this watch a few days ago, but i wasn’t quite satisfied with the video outcome and the video quality. So now i am redoing it. This is the dt94 smartwatch. It does have a weird name, but the quality […]

Update Best Android Smartwatch 2021

This versatile smartwatch combines symtosport’s expertise with smartwatch technology track exercise accurately with access to more than 70 sports modes. Gps and wrist heart rate sensor compatible with android and eos phones. The suno 7 is powered by aware os by google. So you can see incoming calls and messages check your to do list […]


Sport mouth dan begini, tampilannya, jika, sedang training, selanjutnya ada menu, Cuaca dan ini message, Maksudnya ya, notifikasi, tadi, ya, Lalu, ada, juga, stopwatch tapi tidak, ada, timer dan di sini, ada findphone, juga, jika, terkoneksi dan terakhir menu setting yang sama, seperti, tadi dan Kalian, juga, bisa, menekan; Lama, watchface nya jika ingin, kalian, […]

OPPO Watch – 8 Months In-depth Review | Oppo Watch 41mm | Best Android Smartwatch |OPPO Watch Review

The first vros watch from the company and honestly i’ve been using it for the last eight months. I guess, and i feel that this could be the best android smartwatch out there for most users now, why i say for most users not for everyone, because it does come off with its own trade […]

Review Digitech LITE Smartwatch – GALERY JAM TANGAN

000, ya, Bro, Nanti link, nya gua, kasih di deskripsi, buat lu, para pencari, Smartwatch, murah, meriah, Digitec, ini, patut, patut, banget, Lu lirik, Nahin, dari, tadi, lu, lihat packaging, si jam itu gini, ya, Bro kelengkapannya ada, jamnya, buku, garansi, terus charger kabelnya enggak termasuk charger adapter nya langsung, aja, kita bahas, si jam […]

El mejor clone de Apple Watch – Smartwatch FK99 Unboxing and Review

Se ven hasta el final del vdeo van, a saber el motivo por el cual les estoy diciendo que son muy buenas noticias la que les traigo y uno de ellos es el smart, wash fk 99 que es esta referencia que les tengo ac y miren ustedes miren En la cajita en lo ms […]

Smartwatch Canggih Dan Keren! Unboxing Dan Review Oase Horizon W1

Menit Jadi nih kalau kalian mau bawa berendam berenang ini, cocok, banget, nih, kalian, bisa, bahwa, Smartwatch ini, disebut, ruas, ruas, Horizon W1 ini juga, memiliki, konektivitas, yang cukup, terbaru dan juga, stabil, yaitu, menggunakan, bluetooth, versi, 5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIBYDIY3bH8

SUPER CLONE HT99 Series 6 Smartwatch With ALL NEW Features & Same Design AS The Original!

Six smartwatch, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always pause, sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. […]

t500 MLN smart watch review

Make a brand new video super excited for this product. Today, i’m going to be reviewing the mn and t500 smartwatch, which i just got from flipkart, and the price of this is 1499 rupees. What is the speciality of swatch? This watch is the second replica of the apple watch and more cheaper version […]

⌚ Smartwatch HW21 Review en Español | Nuevo Smartwatch Barato y Bueno 2021 | KING GORY

Lo cmodo y ligero que es as que yo creo que vamos a comenzar por. Ah por el apartado fsico pero antes de comenzar quiero agradecer, a la tienda gates, por habernos mandado, este reloj la verdad una tienda, 100 confiable con la que ya. He trabajado en vdeos anteriores como siempre link de compra […]


This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s videos, we’re going to have the unboxing and our initial review of the m6 smartwatch actually guys. This is more like of a clone of the m6 of xiaomi, so i got this one guys for around two dollars. Only so let’s […]

NoiseFit Endure Smartwatch (UNBOXING AND REVIEWS) | GoldWave Hector

This is my very first video and turn on the post notifications so that you will be alerted every time. I make a new upload. You ready let’s go as you guys, probably read from the title we’re doing a review over a smart watch, so let’s check it out here’s the package. This is […]