REVIEW: Misirun Z35 Full Android Smartwatch – 4G LTE, GPS Cell Phone Watch!

This is a android smart watch. You have the ability to install apps from the play, store and even check out things like youtube browse the web. If you wanted to on this tiny screen pretty much any app that you can install on an android smartphone, you can do on here competes with other […]

ODEVA SERVAS Review! Smartwatch 600ribuan Dengan Fitur Kesehatan Terbaik?

Id di Instagram, ya, udah ngirimin, kita, Smartphone Ini, untuk, kita review, tapi untuk, reviewnya, sendiri, tetap ya, kita review berdasarkan opini kita pribadi, berdasarkan, pandangan, yang jujur juga by untuk Unity, sendiri, ini, kitab, dapetnya, yang orde, fax service, ya, dan di dalamnya, kalau, Kalian, beli, itu ada. Si satu smartphone nya terus ada […]


Cara melhorar ali para ver se os movimentos como os batimentos e sofrendo, a ao se comportou durante, o sono para te, dar algo muito, mais precisa aqui, eu quero, testar tambm eu uso Sempre, coloca nos comentrios, qual, voc, escolheria watch 4 ou 4S. What quatro quer que eu v a diverso de 40 […]

✅ Kids Smart Watch: Best Smart Watch for Kids (Buying Guide)

To help you make your buying decision easier. Is your child begging for a smart watch, whether they want to be just like mom and dad, or you want peace of mind? We have a roundup of the best smart watches for kids when looking to purchase a smart watch, keep in mind what you […]

RedMagic Smartwatch Review | Full Tour & Features | Budget Smartwatch & Unboxing

I will tell you everything that you need to know what a watch can do, how accurate the gps tracking is and if its worth a buy so without further ado lets start the video. But first please leave like and subscribe to my channel if youre new to the channel also click the notification […]

Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic hands-on

Theyre one of the biggest deals in wearables in quite some time, because its finally happening. After years of trying to go it alone. With ties and old, smartwatches Samsung is finally biting the bullet and collaborating with Google on a smartwatch operating system.. Upbeat music. You definitely get the sense with these smartwatches that […]

COROS Vertix vs Suunto 9 Baro – Review After 3 Months

Well Ive been testing the COROS Vertix here against my trusty Suunto 9 Baro. And Im here today to tell you all about What I have found. Now this is not going to be an exhaustive review of every single feature of this watch because its been on the market for over two years, and […]

Comparativo: TICWATCH PRO 3 vs GALAXY ACTIVE 2 – Qual smartwatch vale a mais a pena? Qual comprar?

030, tambm claro, os links, dos meus, grupos, no telegram em, especial tem, um grupo, somente com, promoes em, Smart, One, cupom, desconto e Promoes de assim vai Enfim ento link, embaixo vamos l, aqui dos modelos, como falei dois tops de linha, ou c tem dois marrons com, tela Amoled, no caso do prprio […]

Review IMILAB Smart Watch W12 | Murah Terbaik!?

000 plus pajaknya ya, kemudian ada emas with GTR Lite, itu dijual, dengan, harga, 1800000 kemudian ada, mi watch itu dijual, dengan, harga 3200000, dan Huawei gt2, dijual, dengan, 2350000 dimana ini, live ini, harganya, masih, paling, murah, secara price point, ini, Menang, Telak sehingga teman teman yang mau cari smartbox berkualitas dengan harga murah […]


Aqui que seria uma evoluo do nosso hw12 que tambm de 40. Minutos que a gente j conhece que muita gente gosta por ser um relgio de tamanho menor para quem tem, o pulso Fino que mais magro as mulheres tambm gostam muito desse modelo que um pouquinho mas minimalista ali s, que ele Traz […]

LTE Smartwatches: The TRUTH about pricing, the best deals, and setup pro-tips!

But what if i told you you dont, actually need your phone to own a smart watch and get the full benefits of that device calling text messaging. They can do many of the things your phone can lte wearables rate plans. The best deals ill. Tell you everything you need to know lets go […]

Smartwatch DT100 Review SISTEMA Perfeito e TELA HD – Ainda vale a pena ?É bom? DT100 PTBR Unboxing

No me arranjou Sodr e nesse vdeo aqui eu vou estar trazendo, a voc um revinho e um relgio inteligente chamado meter sem ele est aqui irmos j poder fazer um review para voc, beleza J que pea, imediato cara acreditou, like e se, inscreva nesse canal que eu Vou estar vou estar trazendo mais, […]