Xiaomi Mibro X1 – Um Excelente SmartWatch Acessível e Completo!

Do clssico que todos os outros Mattioli j tem como por exemplo, o monitoramento do Sono monitoramentos de estresse e tambm, a opo de voc receber as notificaes do seu smartwatch no seu porque sinceramente parece ser um smartwatch bem legal bem, completo cheio de recursos, o preo bem Atrativo tambm voc, encontra ele abaixo […]

Garmin Fenix 7: A Scientist’s Review

I spent the last week scientifically checking the accuracy of the health metrics that the garmin fenix 7 provides because if i spend 700 on a smartwatch, i want to make sure it accurately keeps track of my health. I tested the heart rate, monitor the sleep tracking, the spo2 measurements and the gps, and […]

Moto Watch 100 review: There are much better options available

Uh matt go ahead and just tell us a little bit about this device yeah. So this uh, you know i subscribed to the motorola. I guess news. So i got this email out of the blue and it said motor watch 100. 99.99. I was like how can that be? You know i i […]

6-Months Review Fossil Gen 6 | The Good and The Bad | Smartwatch Review

Once again, so over the last couple of months, we compared this smartwatch to numerous other ones, like the galaxy watch for the apple watch, 7, the garmin venue 2 and the garmin venue 2, plus and after all these months, there are a few things that i noticed That i like and some things […]

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Review – The Best Smartwatch You Can Get Right Now

This is libby tech here back with another video and im here, to give you a quick review and my thoughts on the gtr pro 3 pro now. This watch does not get enough advertising or you know it. Doesnt get enough videos with the other big watches up there. I wish they would um, […]

Huawei Watch GT Runner First Run Review: Testing Huawei's first serious running smartwatch

Before jumping into our initial running thoughts on the huawei watch. Gt runner lets quickly go through the key running details. You should know about this watch. The runner is essentially a more running, focused version of the huawei watch gt3, but offers all of the same non running features and hardware. So it runs […]

Best Budget Smartwatch To Buy – Kospet Rock Smartwatch Review

This watch can monitor my blood pressure and my heartbeat for real its a rugged smartwatch on a budget designed to resist shock and the ammo body is rated ip69 very interesting whats up guys. Welcome back to my channel so im going to be unboxing this smartwatch and give you guys my honest thoughts. […]

Schönste (& beste) Smartwatch? Skagen Falster 6 (review)

Das, dnische design, mein geschmack am besten trifft freundlicher minimalismus wrde, ich es jetzt, mal nennen die falls. Der sechs ist eigentlich die vierte smartphone skagen und ebenso wie ihre vorgnger viel kleiner als die berwiegende mehrheit der konkurrenz, ich trage gerne uhren, aber noch lieber kompakte ohren weil, man, sie kaum bemerkt die forster […]

Garmin Venu 2 Plus vs Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch Comparison/Review | Which one is BETTER ?

One of them is the garmin menu 2, plus that one was released just a few weeks ago and its the updated version of the garmin venue 2, which is my favorite smartwatch. On the other hand, we have the fossil gen 6.. Now it is very good as well, especially if youre looking at […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE Complete Review in Malayalam||Cons & Pros||Best Smartwatch in Market???

I hate being open. I hate being brave Music foreign Music, Music. Foreign Music is foreign foreign, uh, foreign, foreign, Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eU_DGyRx0o

Best Smartwatches of 2022 | The 5 Best Smart Watches Review

They are no longer just a novelty item and can help you reduce your reliance on a smartphone. However, while buying a new smartwatch, you have to keep a few things in mind. The first thing you want to consider is compatibility. You want a smart watch that works with your phone. For example, the […]

Huawei Watch GT Runner Review. The BEST Smartwatch for Runners!

It is called the watch gt runner now. The gt runner is very similar to the watch. Gt3 theyre, almost identical the hardware inside and the system everything similar, but this watch here is focused on running so set up for runners. Weve got more in software here in the menus, through the watch for […]