For the first time with the pixel watch, it puts pressure on Samsung to up its game. The Galaxy watch 5, though, has been the where OS leader since its release late last year, but how is it held up? Well, weve spent an extended period with this wearable to find out thanks for watching 95. Google, here on YouTube, remember to Thumbs Up Hit, subscribe and then tap the Bell icon to be among the first to watch our upcoming videos. Samsungs recent design approach across all of its Hardware areas has been to refine and own rather than redefine and reposition. In many ways, its both a blessing and a curse as the Galaxy watch 5 is practically a clone of the Galaxy watch 4 from late 2021. youre, basically get in a round screen sharp curves, flat edges and plenty of metal. While the design is visually identical. Something has made changes in the right areas, at least as far as were concerned. This includes an improved sapphire crystal coating screen. The benefits are said to be increased durability and scratch resistant courtesy of a Mohs rating of nine. All you need to know is that the screen glass itself is extremely hard and it shouldnt scuff as easily. In our experience, it seems to have holed up really well without any sort of protection. Having won the pixel watch and the Galaxy watch 5 in equal measure. Since the former wearable was launched, I think that, while I do prefer Googles, a visual design, language Samsungs efforts result in something that I probably will stand up to my daily use in abuse a lot more readily.

That said, like the previous generation, there are risks associated with that design. Paint itself can chip and Flake at the edges of the aluminum chassis, although I havent seen that, but I will say flat screens and sharp edges do make more sense for this form factor. Even if a fully round watch can seem much more appealing, Im not complaining. There are plenty of reasons I do love the Aesthetics and the Galaxy watch. 5. Pro does offer a bigger Bolder option. If you want air or need a rugged, wear OS Smartwatch. The loss of the classic Model, though I do think, is something to bemoan as the rotating bezel help truly differentiate it from the most popular Smartwatch Brands out there, and we do lose that this time around. Where I wish a change were made, though, is in that default watch strap the annoyance of the blocked off design on the edges of the chassis mean that I find that I need to fit this watch a little bit tighter than I would to prevent a wrist Wobble or constant Readjustment when wearing, if, like me, though you dont like that default silicon style, strap and clasp, then the 20 millimeter lug mechanism is really a godsend when you can get compatible stretchy fabric bands or a five pack of those for under 15. I think its a no brainer to pick one up for that extra comfort and security. One of the biggest compliments, though, that I can pay Samsung with the Galaxy watch 5, is that if you care about wear OS its probably the best experience out there visually its an extension of one UI in all of the right and all of the wrong ways.

If youve used a Galaxy phone, youll probably understand what I mean by that statement. Things feel like wear Resto, because this is definitely Googles software at heart, but with little changes that can sometimes be a bit disorientating swiping up into the app grid is one such change. That I personally cant get behind. Similarly, the leftmost notification section is great for organization purposes, but feels like its siled away for better or worse. Surely, having access to your notifications is more useful than all applications, at least for most people on a day to day basis, giving that theres a lack of huge apps or a huge app library on where OS in general thats a question for another day, though many Of these complaints are just carried over from the previous generation. That said, for all intents and purposes, the one UI build pre installed is the same. You do get a few more watch face options, but overall I havent been able to tell the difference in most areas. The Google Assistant does ship with the Galaxy watch 5 pre installed now after arriving in the watch 4 back in mid 2022. For those wondering the new assistant runs fine, but it isnt a game changing update over the previous Ware, OS 2.0 version, at least in our testing. I am a huge advocate, though, for Samsungs menu approach across mobile and wearable platforms. Sure I wish that we had true consistency across all Android powered devices, at least in this regard, but adding hyperlinks to specific settings.

Sections is a great touch, at least in my opinion. However, you could argue that this is bad user interface design. If the initial process of finding specific toggles and settings options is not clear without using such a solution, even as well without a chipset bump, this still runs on the exynos w920 and 1.5 gigabytes of RAM. Everything is super smooth and snappy on the Galaxy watch 5 and I do think the performance has improved with updates, while Ive been pleasantly surprised with what the pixel watch can do, given its really modest internals, which are from 2018. After all, it just doesnt quite match up to the Slick watch 5 experience, even when you put these side by side, theres, still a performance hit with the wearable uh, the watch5, when you reach that sub 20 battery level. Until that limit is reached, though I have to say its smooth sailing absolutely all the way, although this isnt Samsungs fault, I do have some complaints with the Play Store, at least with where OS itself. Over the past 18 months, things have started to improve and Googles increased push with first party applications and updates, for those does help out a lot you like to find a workaround or an app, though, that you will maybe require on your watch. But dont expect to be have everything that you would like catered for. That is just an little bit of an annoyance with Aeros, at least at this point in 2023.

One huge annoyance that is still impossible to ignore is the lack of features or feature lock for non samsung. Smartphone users, I think missing out on features, is one thing but actively preventing people from using on device sensors. Unless you do have a Galaxy phone on hand. Is actually nothing short of shady its really disappointing from Samsung and its just annoying that this is still being done by one of the biggest players in the Android wearable space when others dont seem to do so, Google included, you also still as well need to use A Galaxy wearable application to get paired and manage all on device content, although it is a little bit of annoyance, its not as much of a major problem as it allows for more controls that would ordinarily be available within that dedicated wear OS app on Android phone. So it does get a pass in our book. Most of the major improvements in the Galaxy watch 5, at least over the Galaxy watch 4, are going to be found in the bioactive sensor, which is at the heart of the fitness tracking sweet on this wearable. While this should mean more accurate data, or at least your data should be more accurate, youre, not getting any major new modes, at least for Fitness tracking, you do get a few extras in areas like sleep patterns, including the new sleep, coaching mode and snoring detection, doesnt. Actually need to be have your phone around to to pick that up, it can be done on device.

Are these killer editions, though Id say no, but they are welcome? I do find that, while the Sleep State figures of Fleet, sleep stage, figures at least seem accurate to my eye. It would be hard for me to truly know without going to see a specialist or sleep expert. I would say take all of this extra new data with a healthy helping of salt thats. Basically, what were trying to say here, combined with the solid body composition, measurements which cross over here from the previous generation and the extensive workout modes available on tap? And although youre not getting things like Garmin or chorus level accuracy, the Galaxy Swatch 5 is an attractive option for most people that just want a little bit of everything without having too many compromises and that all all important compatibility and cohesion with your Android Smartwatch. The thing that annoys me most is, though, that even some five months after it was released, the skin temperature sensor is still not yet active or enabled on the Galaxy watch 5, although it was included in some of them early marketing materials giving those promises before and After launch, the fact that its not available is frustrating and a little bit disappointing in equal measure, never buy a device on Promises of future functions. The hardware is here, though, so the ball is firmly in Samsungs core on this one. It would be a great combination with the spr 2 sensor for those concerned, given the Resurgence of covid 19, though in recent months, as they can be used in tandem to help give you early warning signs, although it is an outright proper diagnosis.

In our experience, the Samsung Health Suite, though, still offers a far wider and more appealing set of metrics than the Fitbit application, which is used on the pixel watch. You dont need a membership here or subscription too to access things like historical data and its all presented in an easy type, easy to digest equally visually appealing manner. One thing I will know is that the auto workout tracking is still one of the major reasons that I do prefer. The watch 5 over many other Android based wearables. This just makes walk and run tracking completely seamless, meaning youre less worried about picking up things like even a short jaunt around the block or even a dog walk that kind of thing thats what Ive been using it for specifically the GPS data, has improved slightly over The previous generation – but I would say it Still Remains slightly imperfect and sometimes it can be wildly inaccurate. I wouldnt call this a complete deal. Breaker, though, as I only need basic GPS tracking, if you want higher or more accurate GPS tracking, you probably want to look at a dedicated Fitness Watch. Lifespan isnt always guaranteed with any piece of technology, at least not wearable Hardware. Although Samsungs decision to up the internal cell size by over 10 on both the 40 millimeter and 44 millimeter Galaxy watch, 5 devices respectively has been a bit of a master stroke, at least as far as were concerned. While the Galaxy watch 4 was capable of lasting up to one and a half days at the top end with low or light usage, the watch 5 can stretch to as far as two days with similar usage patterns.

Well, while that isnt the best in the business, its certainly better than most wearables, that weve tested over the past few years, when using all of the on device functions, though, as youd expect youre more likely to hit the charger at the end of the day. With a little bit of Headroom to spare always being appreciated when youre adding the 10 watt charging via that magnetic Puck, it means you shouldnt have to wait quite as long to get things up and running again, and this is among the fastest charging. Wear OS watches out there and it does make a huge difference day to day its one of the best things that Samsung has added with this new wearable so to wrap everything up. We did have high hopes for Googles own pixel watch and while we will say that its certainly a solid Contender, the Galaxy watch 5 definitely remains at the summit of Android based wearables for a little while longer, the design itself is more durable. The battery life a little more consistent and the entire package is actually cheaper than its bigger, slightly big, better brother, the watch5 pro and, of course, the pixel watch itself, we will say locking features to Samsung devices is definitely a major saw point that is hard to Ignore, given that the pixel watch does like, let you use every feature without inhibiting it in the same way, it does make a case for all Android users in ways that the Galaxy watch 5 is slightly unable to do because were still waiting as well for wear Os watches with Snapdragon W5 and W5 plus chipsets, even though this does use the older exynos w920 chip, its still, it absolutely smokes the current competition on the market.

It might be worthwhile waiting a little while to see what that long overdue competition has to offer. In that performance regard, but like just as we said last year, there is no outright perfect smart watch that will be right for everyone. The Galaxy 5, though, still hits enough high notes to be considered the best smartwatch for most Android users. As far as were concerned, the pricing, the performance, even the software update schedule, which is set at four years and that Fitness tracking do usurp the pixel watch was which itself is a very good option. And although this device is a little bit older, its a far better buy in our book for most of you out there looking for a wireless smartwatch to pair with your Android phone thats, just basically a long way of saying that, despite some niggling flaws, this is Still the best wear OS watch that you can buy Id love to hear your thoughts, though let me know if you actually picked up the Galaxy watch 5 in whatever size or guys down in the comment sections below, but until next time this is Damian.