The Vivo move Trend comes with plenty of upgrades over the Vivo move. Sport, including a full LCD display, Garmin pay and altimeter, so itll track your floors, climbed and a stainless steel bezel. But arguably the biggest news with the Vivo move trend is that its the first wearable were seeing from Garmin with wireless charging, so in todays, video were going to go over whats new with this new Vivo move Trend. Well, go over how it works in terms of getting around the device and the interface. What features it has to offer in terms of smart watch features. Health features as well as Fitness features how it differs from the Vivo move. Sport and Ive even got some examples for you in regards to how well a performance workouts in regards to Hardware accuracy and if you do happen to find the information this video useful. Do me a favor and hit that, like button down below its a small little thing that you can do to help this video and the channel quite a bit, and I appreciate it so at first glance, when the displays are off theres, really not much of a Difference between this and the Beaver move sport, where its pretty similar in terms of style. For the most part, however, the Vivo move trend has a stainless steel, bezel versus the resin bezel on the Vivo move. Sport. The biggest difference, though, is when you wake up the displays where, with the new Vivo move Trend, its a full LCD display that fills up both the top and bottom of the watch face versus the Vu move.

Sport, which just has a display that fills up the bottom of the watch face and, of course, since it fills up the entire watch, face theres, just a lot more pixels to deal with. So, with the Vivo move Trend, it has a resolution of 346 by 254 pixels versus the 132 by 64 pixels on the V. Remove sport, oh and they also have changed the display technology to LCD. On the vumoo trend versus the OLED thats found on the Vivo Sport and the refresh rate is actually a lot higher in the display as theres just a little bit of flickering that you may have seen on the sport, but that was just only on video. You actually really cant notice that flickering in real life, either way thats all about gone with a Vivo move Trend. The Vivo move trend is also water resistant, so itll be perfectly fine, taking a shower with it or even taking in the pool or even better. Yet the hot tub, but just like the Vivo move sport since its a hybrid SmartWatch, with both analog hands, as well as a digital display. The hands move away to not obstruct the display, while youre interacting with it and then when youre, not interacting with it. The hands just simply move back to telling the time like normal and its pretty cool, how theyve utilized these watch hands in the interface. So, for the most part, when you interact with it, the hands move to a horizontal position, so theres plenty of room to view the display beneath it, but they actually utilize the hands as gauges in certain areas like here for steps.

It actually acts like a gauge telling me that I need to get in a bit more steps today, and this even works during workouts, with a heart rate gauge its pretty cool so to wake up the display. All you have to do is either raise or turn your wrist or just double tap on the screen and to get around the device you can just simply swipe up or down to get to the widgets that show different kinds of information. So the first widget we have is the steps widget, which shows your current step count for the day. Then we have floors climbed intensity minutes, which is how much time youve spent doing vigorous activity during workouts in the week. Then we have body battery which basically gives you an indication of your energy levels based on your sleep and any activities that youve done, oh and by the way, with each of these widgets, you can just simply tap on the screen to see more historical data. So like here with body battery, we can see how that has trended throughout the last four hours and then to go back. All we have to do is swipe to the right. Next up, we have a stress widget, which shows your stress levels: theres, a hydration widget, where you can track your hydration levels throughout the day, then we have a heart rate, widget and again. This is where we can just tap on the widget to show my heart rate for the last four hours.

Next, we have a respiration rate rigid, a music controls widget. So this is a widget thatll control, the music thats playing on your phone, but just note that the Vivo mode Trend does not have offline music storage. Next, we have a weather widget and if we tap here it shows the weather for the next four hours and if we swipe up, we can also see the weather for the next four days. Then we have a sleep widget, which shows my last nights, sleep with a sleep score and then, if we tap into here, it also shows my sleep stages. Next theres the calendar widget, which shows the events for my calendar for my phone and then we finally have notifications and youll be able to receive text and app notifications from your phone, including emails, and you can actually tap on each of these. To read them and with text youll be able to receive text and view them. If you have it paired with either an iPhone or an Android phone. But if youre paired to an Android phone, youll actually be able to reply to those texts with pre defined responses that you can customize in the Garmin Connect smartphone app, but just know that your phone doesnt have to be in range of your watch. To reply and in regards to why you cant reply to a text message if youre paired to an iPhone Apple, actually locks down that functionality to just Apple watches, but getting back to the interface.

So if we long press on the display, this brings up even more functions, including how to access the workout profiles. So here we can see the workout profiles it has to offer, so it has walking. It has running a cardio profile, cycling, strength, training, breath, work, yoga pool swimming a treadmill profile and then another profile that you can use for pretty much anything else that you may want to do, and theres actually a few more workout profiles that Ill show you here In just one bit so hold on tight for that and then to start a workout, you just simply double tap to either start or pause your workout and then from here you have the option to resume, save or discard your workout. Another thing that this has over here are functions related to the heart rate sensor, so it has a function where you can take an on demand: sp02 measurement for your blood oxygen saturation levels. It also can display your VO2 max. It also has another stat here called your Fitness age, so this is basically a little bit easier to understand figure than your VO2 max that you can use to gauge your Fitness levels based on your age, and then you can also broadcast the heart rate. Thats being collected on your watch to compatible fitness app like lets, say a Peloton, biker zwift, then theres also timers a stopwatch and alarms you can set over here and then finally, some kind of more boring settings and for one last thing with the interface.

If we swipe to the left, this brings up a controls, menu and heres, where it shows the time and a battery indicator along with access to enable or disabled a do not disturb mode. Theres Garmin pay, as well as a find my phone function for the sensors. It has on board to track your health and activities. It has a heart rate sensor. It has an spo2 sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation levels. It can track your respiration rate. It can also provide a high and low heart rate alerts. It has an altimeter, so itll be able to track your floors climb throughout the day, but one thing that it doesnt have is built in GPS. So to track distance for your outdoor activities, youll need to have your phone with you. One feature I cant really cover properly, though, is Womens Health tracking, and this does have menstrual and pregnancy tracking and then for battery life. The Vivo move Trend can get up to five days of battery life and it charges using an included clip on charger, and this is a USBs type c on this end, and this is actually just now the second Garmin wearable now to come with a USBC type Charging cable versus USB type A, but the biggest news really is that the Viva move Trend can also charge wirelessly, and this is some pretty big news in the whole scheme of things thats its the first gamma wearable to offer wireless charging, it can charge wirelessly using Pretty much any Qi certified charging pad and charges up just fine with the ones I already had laying around my house and in terms of charging times they actually dont differ all that much from the clip on charging cable versus the wireless charging so with either of Them it takes about two hours to charge them from completely empty to full, so its not really a disadvantage to charge them wirelessly and whats.

Nice, too, is that if your battery is very low on juice, just placing it on a charger for just 15 minutes should give you an additional day of battery life. Oh, and by the way for any of you that are curious, it does not charge on an Apple Watch charger, but I did find it actually charges onto Samsung Galaxy watch charger and then on the safety and tracking side of things. The Vivo move trend has a feature called instant detection, where itll attempt to detect, if you get into something like a crash on your bicycle, or something like that, and then itll attempt to contact an emergency contact that you have set up in Garmin Connect. In addition, it also has a request assistance feature where you can simply tap on the screen repeatedly to send an alert to one of your emergency contacts. Lets say if youre, in a situation where you kind of feel uncomfortable and you want to subtly let someone know that you may feel in danger, as well as a live track feature where, if you go to start an outdoor activity, a link can be sent out To the contacts of your choice, so you can actually follow along on your activities, so lets say you want to just let your family members know where you are on your run or your ride. But just note, though, that these safety and tracking features do require you to have your phone with you, since it uses your phones cell connection, to send out all this information and then for activity profiles.

The View remove Trend comes pre loaded with those sport profiles. I talked about earlier, but in addition to those theres actually, four more profiles available, so theres elliptical profile, a stair stepper profile, a Pilates profile and a Toe to Toe profile. But just know that you can only have 10 Pro balls loaded onto the watch at one. Given time – and you can actually only edit eight of them so walking and running always are going to be on the watch, you actually wont be able to remove those, but with all of these profiles, when you get done with your workout youll, be able to save And sync, these workouts, with the Garmin Connect smartphone app, where youll be able to view lots of information like here. This is a treadmill workout I did yesterday and it shows all sorts of good information like your distance Pace, heart rate, estimated, sweat, loss and intensity minutes and then theres, even more information like your lap information and some pretty charts and by the way, the distance that It estimated, while I was running indoors on the treadmill, was actually quite decent in terms of accuracy, and it was just about 0.18 of a mile off from the distance recording. The treadmill went on a seven mile run, which is not bad at all. So like. I was mentioning earlier. The Vivo move Trend uses connected GPS, meaning that if you want to track distance while youre doing an outdoor activity like running or cycling, youll need to have your phone with you, because itll be using the GPS in your phone.

But if you dont want to have your phone with you when youre on your activity, you can still track your steps, heart rate and calories burned and then, once you get back to your phone youll, just simply do a sync with the Garmin Connect, smartphone app and Then all the data will just be saved to your profile and then to wrap things up. Lets talk about heart rate accuracy, so the vivomoo trend did well like extremely well so like on this treadmill run. Here it was nearly perfect. There was a slight delay in it, picking up the ryzen heart rate right at the beginning of the workout, which is kind of typical for risk based optical heart rate sensor. But after that it was basically spot on with the external heart rate. Straps that I was using as references there were a couple blips at the end of workout, but those are incredibly minor. This was really good in the accuracy department for the Vivo move Trend and then for indoor cycling, heres, another workout on zwift and again these are really good results at the beginning, it took a moment for it to lock onto heart rate again, but after that it Was pretty much in line with the external heart rate straps that I was using? There were a couple minor blips here and there where it was about two to three beats per minute off, but those arent anything to be concerned with anyhow thats everything new with the new vivaboo trend and its certainly a nice upgrade over the view of the sport.

I love that full LCD display. It really adds a lot more screen real estate for lots, more data, and this watch shows that theyre not really stopping without hybrid Smartwatch approach, which was also shown with the instant crossover that they came out with last year. But honestly, the biggest news about the Vivo move trend is that wireless charging and well, that certainly is going to tell a story for future Garmin devices. So itll be interesting to see how that feature gets implemented down the road and yeah.