I wanted to compare the p30 Pro to the Wow's made series flagship in the may 20 pro. First of all, the price and the May 20 Pro is about 200 bucks cheaper than the p30 Pro. I will leave a few product links down below the video in terms of designed. Both phones look beautiful and expensive. However, they are very similar due to pretty much the same design, language, metal frame and glass on the front and rear. The key differences are that the May 20 pro is slightly shorter and narrower. Also, it has more pronounced around at edges, thus it's more comfortable to hold in the hand, but I might be a little bit subjective here. The Huawei, P 30 pro has a slightly larger display with a tiny teardrop notch, but with lower resolution that ma20 pro screen that has a large notch in practice. Both displays are really good and it's hard. To tell who is a clear winner, however, I would go with a May 20 pros panel, as it has a high resolution and slightly punch your colors, but the difference between this bone and the p30 Pro is negligible. Another key difference: the camera setup they mate when he Pro was one of the first flagship to bring triple cameras and the p30 pro brings a quad camera setup with periscope zoom, lens optical image, stabilization and plenty of megapixels on the front. The p30 Pro has a beefier selfie shooter more on image quality in just a bit while we removed the incall speaker on the p30 pro instead, the using magnetic suspension system where the sound is manufactured through the vibrations of the screen.

So far the call quality has been really good and it is comparable to the huawei mate 20 pro, while we also removed an LED notification light from the p30 pro, whereas the May 20 pro still has this feature. Both devices have in display fingerprint scanners, but I found that the p30 Pro has a faster and more reliable reader. On the other hand, the May 20 pro uses he dedicated sensor for faster and more secure facial recognition. Both phones have an IR blaster and they are ip68 certified for water and dust resistance. However, neither phone has a headphone jack. Last but not least, the May 20 pro has the dual stereo speaker system, whereas the p30 pro has just one bottom firing speaker, even though you can clearly hear that the sound is coming out just from the right side, the p30 pro speaker delivers a bit more Balanced sound and much better volume output here are a few audio samples when it comes to hardware. Both devices run on the same hearing 980 chipset, but the p30 pro has more storage options. Gaming performance is equally great on each device, thanks to a lot of processing power and good optimization. Both phones have WowWee skin by the p30. Pro runs on the emui 9.1, whereas the may 20 pro runs on 9.0 version. In practice, you can't really see any difference. The UI is packed with features customization options, but, most importantly, both devices are ridiculously fast and fluid, even after installing plenty of apps check out my mate, when you probably be where I cover the emui in detail.

The overall image quality is quite similar, but we have a slightly different image processing. Both phones are capable of taking great daylight pictures. Well, some pictures may look a bit sharper and better on the p30 Pro, while other shots look nicer or comparable on the May 20. Pro so I can't really distinguish a clear winner. Tell me in the comment section what you think also wide angle pictures look a tad better on the p30 Pro, as I found them to be a little bit sharper again, it's, not always the case as the May 20 pro takes comparable images. Obviously, the Huawei's latest phone kills the May 20 Pro when it comes to zoom pictures are much sharper and have more detail, and you simply can beat the p30 pros five times optical ten times, hybrid and 50 times digital zoom. The May 20 Pro offers a three times optical and five times: hybrid zoom, low light pictures look cleaner and a bit more detailed on the p30 Pro. However, the May 20 Pro tends to deal better with harsh light. Also, I found the night mode to be a little bit more mature in some shots, but I'm sure that the p30 Pro will catch up or even surpass the made phone with a future software update wide angle. Pictures in low light are usually a little bit brighter on the p30 Pro, but again some shots look pretty similar. Naturally, the p30 Pro is much better in low light when it comes to telephoto cameras, selfie pictures look sharper and slightly better on the p30 Pro due to a higher megapixel count, whether you take them using auto or portrait mode.

Myself is, however, look better on the May 20 Pro also, I don't like a weird yellow tint produced by the p30 pro's selfie camera. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure this will be fixed with the future software updates. 4K video looks better on a p30 pro. The footage has more detail. Video stabilization is very good, and switching between all camera lenses is smoother. The may 20 Pro can also produce nice looking video, but the main issue is that once you start switching between different cameras, there are some autofocus issues. The May 20 Pro selfie camera produces better video. On the other hand, the p30 pro reduces cleaner and more balanced audio for more camera samples check out my Facebook page and be the judge great I'm, comparing the quality of video with the Samsung Galaxy S Plus. While we 30 Wow 20 Pro that made 20 points from other folks, so the reason why I'm recording this video is because I'm comparing the quality of the footage brand new P, 30 Pro 30, also with a p20 pro and siestas. So I've already mentioned that the call quality is good on both devices. Also signal reception is excellent: GPS and Wi Fi works well and finally, both phones have plenty of sensors. Both devices have 4200 million hours battery and both of them perform equally well, depending on how used the device you should expect to get from seven to over 10 hours of screen on time.

Both phones can be recharged in just about one hour and there are wireless and reverse wireless charging features. So there we have it. The Huawei P 30 pro versus the May 20 pro. If you cannot decide which phone is best for you or if you should upgrade to the P 30 pro from the May 20 Pro here is a quick summary. You should choose the May 20 Pro because it's about 200 cheaper. It feels more comfortable to hold in the hand well, at least for me, and the phone has a slightly better display with more pixels. Also, the May 20 pro has an LED notification light. He dedicated sensor for faster and more secure, facial recognition and, last but not least, the May 20 Pro still has great cameras and amazing battery life. If you are okay, with paying at least a few hundred bucks more, you need to buy the p30 pro because of it's amazing zoom, camera capabilities, optical image, stabilization and slightly better overall image quality. You should also choose the p30 pro if you want a slightly larger display, with a smaller notch, faster and more reliable and display fingerprint scanner and better loudspeaker. I hope you found this comparison and summary useful and if you did please subscribe to the tech line as take a really long time to make. Just before I sign out, I wanted to show you ACC wireless charger with desk organizer that cost just below 30 bucks and I think it's, a really neat gadget to have.

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