This phone is much cheaper, more compact, and it even has some advantages over his bigger brother, like a headphone jack let's, take a look Music, the phone ships with all the usual stuff and some extra security, soft TPU case and a pair of earphones. However, the rest of accessories may vary depending on where you buy the phone from design wise. The p30 does look similar to the p30 pro, but there are a few key differences. First of all, it is more compact and more comfortable to hold in the hand the build quality is equally great, as we have a sturdy metal frame, very nice buttons and glass on the front and rear that compact size has to do with a smaller OLED display That I found to be pretty nice and sharp overall also the panel is flat. So if you are a hater of curved screens, you'll appreciate that flip, the phone to the back and you'll find a triple camera setup. Instead of four cameras found on the pro model. On the other hand, this is a pretty powerful imaging system and I'll talk about it in just a bit on the front. We have the same beefy 32 megapixel selfie shooter. Unfortunately, the phone does not have an LED notification light. One really important downgrade at the p30 is just IP 53 certified, whereas the pro model has ip68 certification. That means that the p30 can survive.

Only accidental water, splashes and the p30 pro can be submerged underwater.

Other key features include in display fingerprint scanner that so far has been working really well. Also, facial recognition is fast and accurate. The phone also has a headphone jack expandable wows nano memory card slot, dual sim support any bar on firing loudspeaker. That is actually really good. In fact, the sound quality is so good that it can easily rival dual stereo speaker systems on other phones. Here is a quick audio sample when it comes to hardware. The p30 uses the same Kirin 980 chipset as the p30 pro model. You also get plenty of RAM and storage, as you may expect, gaming performance is just excellent, as the device can handle all the 3d games you throw at it. The EMU eye is whywe skin. That offers plenty of features and customization options, and it is built on top of the latest Android 9, whether you like the emui or not it's up to you personally, I love its feature set, but my favorite thing about the UI, its speed and validity I've used Plenty of Huawei phones over the years and the p30 continues the tradition of being one of the fastest devices out there great overall performance. The overall image quality is really good and it's comparable to most of the flagships out there. Pictures are sharp detailed and dynamic range. Is usually on point if we compare the quality to the p30 Pro you'll see that the image processing is all bit different, but in general, both camera systems take comparable pictures, whether you use the main or wide angle lens.

The p30 has a three times optical and five times, Hybrid zoom, that lets you take a high quality, telephoto pictures. However, the p30 pro is simply better in this department, as it offers more zoom range and better quality low light image. Quality is really good. What'S even more impressive is that the p30 goes toe to toe with a p30 pro. You can take really nice pictures using the main wide angle and even telephoto lens in low light. The dedicated night mode takes one of the best low light pictures on a smartphone selfies, look really nice and sharp to both an otter and portrait modes. Portrait pictures taken with the main camera look pretty good too. Four key video looks pretty good overall, as there is a good amount of detail and sharpness. Also, the footage is quite stable, even though there is no optical image stabilization. However, once you start switching between different camera modules, they may struggle with autofocus 1080p selfie. Video looks quite good, but the sound recording quality does not really impress the Wow ap 30 uses the traditional earpiece and the call quality is really good are also found signal. Reception to be great GPS is accurate and Wi Fi is fast. There are also plenty of sensors onboard battery life has been excellent. On average, you should expect to get from a to over 10 hours of screen on time, depending on how we use the device. You can fully charge the phone in just over one hour.

Unfortunately, there is no wireless charging feature that is found on the p30 pro the Huawei P. 30 is a solid all around flagship that costs significantly less than the competition and it's bigger brother. The wipey 30 pro Alaba compact design great, build quality, nice and sharp display great overall performance battery life and obviously a compelling camera setup that can compete with a huawei P. 30 pro. I do miss wireless charging and I think this phone should have ip68 certification. While we also removed an IR blaster – and there was no space for LED notification light other than that, the Huawei P 30 is a solid flagship smartphone that has plenty of premium features and it cost less than the Huawei P. 30 Pro.