We'Re supposed to start do not have hours earlier. We had some issues because you know well that's why? Sometimes you need to try a different VPN servers, different VPN addresses, etc, but, at the very beginning of the video I'm gon na tell you that it's gon na be worth waiting. It'S gon na be worth watching. It because they're a couple degrees where you in a few nice surprises a few nice products and also, I wanted to say thanks for bangla, for sponsorship to a beautiful city of Guangzhou in China yeah. So they have really beautiful office building is brand new. It was built like last year, it's similar right, yeah, yeah yeah. So basically, this office building is really nice because because they gave us a really good office to tour, they showed everything we know there was. There are so many people living, but working here, I'm showing to you probably miss video, but yeah purpose of this video is to tell me that banku, daddy Black Friday event, you'll, also find all the links down below the video we're streaming live. There were a lot of rehearsals and all the stuff, and finally, after many rehearsals we made it, I think, was pretty nice video. So he can watch my video but watch the stream again to see and get all the words will be down below with all the coupon codes, great deals and all the stuff just check it out.

So this is what I wanted to tell you, and after this we wanted.

You know just make a short video, a couple of devices made by gas company, so they is people away. Manuel is sponsoring this video blah blah all that stuff, but things that you don't need to be buying sponsors or anything to say that Sean makes one of the best phones for the price. I personally use a lot of shiny phones, gadgets, headphones earphones, speakers, power bands, all that stuff. So today we have Charlie ready. Eight eight hear this and showering eight back at home have a shower when we note 8 pro and I'll probably get already know t8. In my opinion is, and which is random, stuff about those phones, so the very first impressions about the shower with me – sorry not have any known, but we need a is that it has some sort of a textured finish on that. I think it has a nice view in my hand, Music, but yeah let's check out the camera line, which is interesting, so you probably want to take a selfie right. Just really need to so you want me to be Music. Let'S show to the audience how how it looks like I mean you need that the lighting is not the best here, but here are the results, my results. I know this is not usual sidewalk videos that they do so. There are some mistakes that are gon na.

Make it's gon na be fine and most oh, just a to you.

There will be your way, so forgive us for any mistakes made, so the first impressions are pretty good. I also took some pictures hearing in Guangzhou during the night when the the lighting is pretty bad, so I'll show you those pictures in before dedicated reviews of Asian parts, so yeah Kylie's favorite feature is selfie camera textured on the back. Yes, I also agree with those features on people's minds. The specifications are great comeback: yeah they're, a pocketable yeah. So last but not least, bangle has a lot of reduced and right now I can get this phone for just 85. Yes, for 85 bucks are getting so much value for the project, as I said, even though I'm gon na sponsor in this video. I would say this if I bought this for myself it's just 85 bucks, you can't go wrong just check out the links on our exam or the video you'll, see the specifications, how much value we get on price, so city to the pulp you for that, and The second price we have, we have the shower. Redmi. Note sorry, not the rated okay, but eight. So my first impressions are that this phone looks a little bit more because just overall more of the premium quality device, also the display a specification surprises and what's. Your favorite feature just try to name something which, like responsiveness, try the performance, maybe it's not best time to try it out, because the audio is you know: it's livestream, but usually Sean enormous political.

Our speakers for the price that I think this should not be an exception. Yeah yeah that's a good one, we're talking with her before she has an iPhone. Let me show you so this is this: is the iPhone 10 arm it's, not the latest model, but still it was 1000 device when it was just released and she lives in China Juancho and she said that she has signal problems, can imagine sometimes it doesn't work. So can you imagine, you buy a 1000 device and you have signal issues. This is the basic feature of any phone and she tried to show me show me when we hate phone, which is like almost ten I'm cheaper man. This phone has better signal reception, which is pretty impressive and yeah. So right now you can get the spoon so one hundred and eighty dollars yes and again, I'm saying this just like sponsored anything. You just have to hold the phone in your hand and for this price just feels much more premium than it actually costs. So then, I keep saying this in my videos for the past five years, so it's it's a it's, a pretty good phone and you should definitely check out of you so what's next. What else do we need to discuss yeah yeah? So last one of means we have a giveaway for you guys. Thank you very much for waiting very day. Thank you very much for your patience. I know it really sucks once you set your timer to watch a live video, but there is no live video, but you know you need to understand.

We are streaming from China and take it as an advantage. There are not too many viewers of those mics for you, so that means there are better chances to win so nice prices, so price number one miss. We don't have this product at the moment, but it's a pretty good watch. Oh, I just said: it's a watch it's a pretty good wearable device, which is the shower smart watch, the latest Xiaomi SmartWatch and believe me guys. I had some time with this device and it feels really premium well. It doesn't look similar to the Apple watch, but you know just overall looking a few charm quality, you can get it this SmartWatch shipped directly to you thanks to thank good thanks, Music to overseas customers. Yes, so this is an international giveaway and you may ask: how do you want out an independent or have to do to leave a comment in this video that's it and the winner will be chosen randomly as and as I said since there aren't too many viewers Yeah very high chances winning a brand new shiny smile, so that was price number one, but we have a couple more prizes. So we think that charm, smart, which is great but maybe you're, not just smartwatches. Maybe you want the particular gadget, so bandwidth was kind enough to offer to 100 coupons so with us. We once again just buy anything. You want from banggood.com get the product shipped directly to you, so not one but two coupons and again it will turn the same.

You just leave the comment down below the video by anything you want and have anything else. Oh yeah yeah. I didn't talk about my trip to China, so this is my first trip to China ever it's been absolutely amazing. I'M still a little jet lagged. I can't really sleep on them, so I decided adrenaline is keeps pumping so on for energy, China is amazing. Food is top notch. The best I've ever tried – and you know, banggood – has really good because the city, food and everything nice and again they're giving devices to you so it's, not as much video, is that we don't get anything. But this is like you're waiting, just gon na repeat, for the very last time all the links will be down below in the video. If you want to enter the giveaway just leave. The comment down below the OI is international, maybe in a day or two something like that yet this time tomorrow. So it is 1200 at night 1john time so consider that if this time converter so yeah, maybe you know 24 hours. So just leave a comment down below that. I think that's it. If you have any questions drop your comment down below or hit me up on social media. If you have any questions about devices, just ask me anything yeah so again, so thank you guys for watching again sorry about the late live stream, there's a VPN issues and enter the giveaway.

Thank you for watching. As always, it was Linus. Thank you for watching.