3. Yet another budget option that offers a lot of value for the price. One of my favorite features of this phone is a quad camera system that is actually one of the best in class when it comes to image quality. But in this video i wanted to mention all the pros and cons of this device, so you can make the buying decision yourself. Nokia, 5.3 sports – quite a minimal design that i personally really like, even though the backplate and the frame are made of plastic, the phone feels premium and it doesn't look cheap. The phone feels nice in the hand too, but i'm, not a huge fan of sharp corners on the bottom and top portion of the backplate. Here is a brief comparison to a few budget phones, nokia, 5.3, vs, xiaomi, redmi, note 9s, also, nokia, phone versus xiaomi. Redmi. Note 9 and the older generation redmi note: 80. A few standout features a dedicated google assistant button, which triggers the google assistant very quickly. Another highlight led notification, light that is implemented into your power key one of the downsides on paper, a 720p plus display in practice. You cannotice: this is not a full hd panel, but i don't have major complaints about it. It is sharp enough for the daily use and it's a good screen overall for your budget device. I found the fingerprint scanner to be quite fast and reliable, but face unlock feature could work faster.

In fact, it is slow even for a budget device.

Other key features include a headphone jack, usb type c port for charging a dual sim, any dedicated micro sd card slot and, above average, sounding loudspeaker. I wish the sound had more depth here is a quick audio sample Music we've, seen quite a few budget phones with the great performing snapdragon, 665 chipset and nokia 5.3 is no exception. The gaming performance is pretty good. Overall games like asphalt, extreme and call of duty run really well. That is thanks to no small part of 720p plus display, meaning that the processor and the gpu don't need to push many pixels. However, pubg runs only on medium graphics and you might see some skipped frames, but no major lag stock, android two words that describe user interface of the phone. This nokia device is the part of android one program, meaning that it will receive android updates for at least two years and security patches for at least three years. That means this android 10 based machine will soon get version 11 of google's os since its stock. The ui performance has been great from browsing through the menus to social media to running multiple apps. At the same time, this phone feels fast, which is not always the case in the budget. Segment cameras are one of the highlights of this phone. We have a quad camera system on the back that consists of regular, wide angle, depth and macro lens.

On the front, there is an 80 megapixel shooter daylight image.

Quality is pretty amazing, considering the price of the phone. These are one of the best. Looking pictures i've ever seen from any phone this jeep, even though the color reproduction is different between the wide angle and the main lens dynamic range is quite impressive. Also all of the daylight shots are sharp and detailed portrait images. Look really nice too. The subject is nicely separated from the background with almost no artifacts the macro lens is another story. The results will usually disappoint you, as it is really hard to nail focus and health. Selfie pictures look really nice and sharp both in auto and portrait modes, even in low light. You can take really nice quality pictures if you take selfies with flash low light image. Quality is again quite impressive, but that can be said only about the main lens wide angle. Shooter disappoints but that's the case with most of the budget phones. The main camera produces really nice shots in auto mode, but a dedicated night mode takes one of the best. Looking pictures in the budget segment really impressive quality. The 4k video quality is good, but the video is shaky due to the lack of image stabilization. Unfortunately, 1080p video is also shaky. For instance, budget xiaomi phones produce smooth and stable full hd video 1080p selfie. Video looks quite nice overall, but the sound recording quality could be better. The battery life has been pretty good on average i could get about 7 or even 8 hours of screen on time.

If you use the phone only for video on a low brightness setting, you may even get 14 hours of sod. The charging speed is, however, disappointing. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the phone with a supplied, 10 watts charger. Connectivity has been good on this phone that includes signal, reception, call, quality, gps, wi, fi and multi purpose nfc. Overall, nokia 5.3 is a solid budget phone and i was most impressed with camera performance, both in daylight and at night. I also like that the phone runs on stock android that assures good overall performance and timely software updates. In addition to this, the gaming experience is pretty good. The battery lasts a good amount of time and, finally, a likely simplistic design of the phone and good build quality. The shortcomings, even though the screen is good for a budget phone it's only 720p. Most of the devices in this price range sport 1080p panels. I also wish loudspeaker was a little bit better face, unlock feature was faster and video shot with the main camera was smoother. Lastly, charging speed of about 2 hours is not the best in class. Despite these shortcomings, i still think that nokia 5.3 offers a lot of value for the price, and you should definitely consider it as one of the best options in the sub 200 price range. Now, with a word from the channel sponsor skillshare skillshare is an online learning community for creatives where millions come together to take the next step in their creative journey.

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