I think all the reviews are already out like a couple of months ago, but I didn't have a lot of time to make an initial review. So in this video I wanted to share my lists of pros and cons of this device and why I think it's a great value phone. I actually think this is one of the best budget points you can get for the price, because at the moment you can get it for roughly 220 bucks with a coupon codes that I'll leave in the video description down below and that's. Why? I think it's a heck of a value device. I know I'm talking about coupons and all that stuff, but this is not a sponsored video. I honestly think this is one of the best budget phones you can buy at the moment in order to prove my point. I'M gon na use the list of pros and cons, and you can make the buying decision yourself. So first Pro is the design and build quality. I know this is not an exceptional design. We'Ve seen the design language on many different devices, but either way this phone looks and feels premium feels nice in the hand, because we have glass on the front and rear any metal chassis that goes all around the device. The display is one of the best you can get on any budget device, because the Sharma meaning light uses the same panel pound or that flagship me9 which is made by samsung, and we have the AMOLED display, which is nice, sharp vivid.

The sunlight. Legibility is really good, and overall this is one of the best screens you can get on a budget phone. In order to appreciate all the beauty of the screen, I suggest you using the dark mode which is now standard in me. Ui Sharma also put in display fingerprint scanner that has been working really fast and accurate. Now the specs Snapdragon 710 6 gigabytes of ram up to 128 gigabytes of storage, and this combination sure is great gaming and overall performance. I was able to play. You know all the standard games. I usually play like pop G asphalt, extreme asphalt, 8 as full 9, and all of them have been running absolutely fine and that's. Why? I can say this is one of the best budget vices you can get if you want to play. Games on a mobile phone, Xiaomi also implemented the me UI, turbo, 2.0 or whatever, but I didn't see huge difference between standard and Wii UI turbo mode. Anyway, this phone is great for gamers on a budget, so if you're looking for a good phone, but you don't want to spend a fortune on it, the Sharma me nightlight is a great option as far as user interface goes. We have me why 11, which is built on top of Android 9, which is not the latest version of Android, but I don't really care because the overall performance has been great. The UI is loaded with features customization options.

You know the usual Xiaomi can customise the point that what you want and overall the phone has been passed and fluid. I didn't see any lag or stutter even after installing plenty of apps. So, overall, I would say that the Xiaomi mean iolite is a fast phone on a daily basis. Another Pro of the Xiaomi me 9 light is obviously a high quality triple camera setup. It can easily get one of the best looking daylight shots with this triple camera setup either. If you want to take wide angle, normal or telephoto pictures, or even if you want to shoot a high quality 4k video night image, quality is not perfect, but I would say this is really good quality for the price of the phone and you can also use A dedicated night mode that produces one of the best images in the budget segment. I also love selfie image quality, whether he takes selfies using auto or portrait mode, 4030 million hours battery has been performing really well all the time. My record screen on time was over 13 hours when I used the phone for watching video and other basic stuff, but on average you should still expect to get over 10 hours of SOT, which is a great result. I also love the Xiaomi me 9 light, because if you purchase it, you get a lot of extra features. For example, there is a nice looking LED notification light that can be highly customized.

There is FM radio NFC fast face, unlock feature plenty of sensors, onboard IR blaster, a great sounding loudspeaker, a fast charger and a protective case in the retail packaging, and has not least this phone still has he headphone jack. Now the cons are nitpicking time, because this bias doesn't have a lot of flaws to consider, but either way we can start nitpicking about the camera, and I would say that wide angle, shots in low light could look a little bit better and also there is some Visible purple, tint and low light shots using the main camera, but he could think is that the night mode fixes this issue. Another con could be a little bit shaky for key video, but the overall four key video is really good if you use the tripod. But if you really need to get that smooth and stable footage just switch to 1080p video mode because it produces nice and stable video I'm trying to think of any other flaws. And maybe I would say I wish this phone had a dual stereo speakers setup or what a resistance or wireless charging, but you can get this phone for just around 220 bucks. You can't really complain and you can't even ask for those features. You know once I talk about budget devices, they usually lack a few features. For example, they lack the micro SD card slot, a headphone, jack or something else, but the Xiaomi me 9 wide has all those features.

And honestly, I think this is one of the best budget phones. You can get for the money, but do you agree with me or not? Did I miss any of the features? Did I miss any of the flaws? Tell me in the comment section down below what you think about the Xiaomi me 9 light. Would you choose this vice, or would you go with another option? Also draw me a comment down below if you have any questions about this phone like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you haven't already, and as always, it was lioness. Thank you for watching and see you soon. Just before I sign out, I wanted to say: thanks for the channel, sponsor lame lame, is a mobile and desktop application. That gives you a shortcut for everything you do online log in instantly fly through forums and breeze through check outs on every device you own. I like that with dashlane. I can save a ton of time, as it allows me to fill forms pass with wan na click, login san autofill for personal information and payment details. The app also works everywhere on every device across Windows, iPhone or Android. I find lame to be useful in many instances.