Great build quality, good specifications, good overall performance cameras, but there are also a few flaws to consider before buying it. Let'S take a look. First of all, let's address the elephant in the room. The display Xiaomi implemented a 720p screen instead of 1080p, but it's. Now an AMOLED panel, meaning that it's got punchy, colors great contrast and deep blacks. However, there was a lot of hate for Xiaomi because they chose to implement a lower resolution screen in practice. I wouldn't call this display bad by any means, as a lot of people say. In fact, I think this is he pretty good screen for a budget device? Well, you may see some pixelation if we get really close to the screen, but this is not how use the phone if you use your phone normally the screen looks nice. It'S got punchy, colors and it's got a great contrast. Just remember the iPhone 10. Are everyone loves is 720p panel? One flaw about the display is a hearty seat outdoors under direct sunlight. The in display fingerprint scanner has improved a lot with the software updates. It'S now reliable and pretty fast face unlock feature is less secure, but you can unlock the phone quite fast. The design of the phone is trendy glass on the front and rear any plastic frame that is spa lished. So it looks like it's made of metal but it's, not honestly.

The backplate feels a little bit plasticky as well, but Xiaomi wants you to believe it's made of glass, so let's call it glass stick like Samsung.

Does the buttons are nice and I like how the phone feels in the hand thanks to nicely curved backplate, good weight, distribution and overall economics of the device? A triple camera setup of the me a3 is definitely one of the highlights. I'Ll talk about it in just a bit other things that I love about the me a3, a headphone jack with decent, sound quality, but worse sound output than its predecessors, a microSD card slot, a tiny, LED notification, light very good loudspeaker and USB type c port. A Snapdragon 665 has plenty of power for gaming, especially if you consider the fact that it doesn't need to push many pixels on this phone gaming performance is pretty good. You should be able to play most of the demanding games without any issues. However, don't expect to play the pop G on HD graphics, the game interface, simply won't. Let you switch to this graphics setting. If you select a smooth graphics setting, you will be able to enjoy this addictive game for hours. Words can be used to describe the user interface on the Xiaomi me a3 stock Android, no bloatware, no, as just pure google experience any budget segment. The point is really fast and snappy, no matter what you do with it: excellent overall performance, a triple camera setup, not only looks great on paper, but it also delivers in reality.

You can get really nice shots out of this camera setup, but not all of them are perfect.

For example, I wish wide angle. Shots had more detail and dynamic range was better speaking of dynamic range. I took a few shots with the HDR feature on and some of the shots look ridiculously unnatural. This may also have something to do with a shower: miss AI algorithm. I hope Sharma fixes this with future software updates. The stock camera app also allows you to take pictures with two x. Digital zoom and the results are quite decent. A dedicated depth sensor does a really good job for portrait images. Night image quality is good if you use a dedicated night mode. If you use an auto mode, zoom or wide angle camera the results will not impress you selfies, look really nice in both auto and portrait modes. Thanks a high quality 32 megapixels camera. As you may expect, night selfie image quality decreases quite a bit. The sharmini a3 is capable of shooting some nice looking 4k video with lots of detail and sharpness, but, as usual, two budget phones stabilization is pretty much non existent in 4k mode. Therefore, I suggest you recording videos in 1080p for that nice and stable footage. Xiaomi phones have been famous, for you can also use wide angle camera for videos, but the overall quality is just average. I would say: 1080p selfie video looks really nice also I'm, glad that Xiaomi improved sound, recording quality on the budget phones in this video.

I showed you only a few camera samples if you want to see more check out my facebook page and tagline, each the extras youtube channel and be the judge.

Connectivity has been great on the Xiaomi me a3, but there is one major flaw: there is no NFC it's hard to understand Xiaomi here, as Google pay is a huge part of Google's ecosystem. As far as sensors go, you get quite a lot of them, so you're all set in this department battery life has been solid, especially after a few recent software updates. My record screen on time was about 16 hours when I used the device, mostly for watching video 11 hours for web browsing, social media and other stuff and over eight hours of SOT under a bit more intensive usage. The phone sports 18 was fast charging, but it ships only with 10 watts charger in the box that fully charges the phone in about two and a half hours, which is quite a lot. A fast 18 watts charger can fully charge the phone in about 1 hour and 40 minutes. So we've come to the conclusion part, and I wanted to summarize all the pros and cons of the Xiaomi 3. So first of all, I loved the design and build quality. Even though I wish xiaomi using metal frame instead of the plastic one also, I love good overall performance, pretty good, yet not perfect cameras, great battery life, stock, Android user interface and a lot of extra features, for example, LED notification, light FM radio, ire, blaster micro SD Card slot, of course, the headphone jack, pretty good loudspeaker and, last but not least, a great in display fingerprint scanner.

Now the shortcomings, as I said in the video there is no NFC and I don't get why Xiaomi didn't include this feature, because Google pay is a huge part of Google's ecosystem. Now the display is not as bad as some people may think. Once they take a look at the spec sheet, I think it's a pretty good panel for a budget device, but I still wish it was 1080p and also somewhat legibility could be better. Lastly, I wish xiaomi included a fast 18 was fast charger, not the 10 watts charger in the retail packaging. So, in conclusion, is the Xiaomi me a 3, a good budget phone? Yes, of course, I think it's a great budget wise. Despite a few shortcomings over. I would also suggest you to take a look at the xiaomi redmi note 7 or the redmi note 7 pro, because I think those phones look a little bit better. They have better displays, but they run under me why? On the other hand, if you're looking for a great budget phone with stock, Android user interface, that guarantees fast Android updates, I suggest you go with a shammy me a3. But what do you think? Would you choose the Sharma me a3 redmi note. 7. Read windows. 7. Pro or any other budget advice, as always like in the video, if you liked it, please drop me a comment down below.