However, if you are paying such a low amount of money, there simply have to be some trade offs or shortcomings to consider so in this video I'm gon na go through all the pros and cons of this device and eventually I'll try to answer the question. If the xiaomi redmi 8a is worth the price or you should go with another budget device, the design of the phone reminds you. This is a budget device, the xiaomi redmi 8, a is made entirely out of plastic. We have a textured finish on the back of the phone, which is quite nice, while the build quality is great, the phone does not look or feel premium. Like the redmi note series devices Cheramie could have given us at least a few metal or glass made elements of this phone, but we need to understand that the company needs to protect their slightly more expensive phones line up. The device feels quite hefty in the hand, but it's surprisingly thin, considering the fact that it has a massive five thousand milliamp hours battery that performs really well. I could get over 18 hours of screen on time, while mostly using the phone for multimedia consumption. There is also an 18 was fast charging support, but there's only a 10 watt charger supplied in the retail packaging.

The phone has most of the features. Budget minded users want it really loud, clear and punchy loudspeaker, a headphone jack and he dedicated micro SD card any dual SIM card slot.

However, there is no LED notification light and no IR blaster. Instead, Cheramie is giving you a wireless FM radio feature which means that you can listen to the radio without plugging in your headphones. Now the display is C 720p panel, which is really good, considering the price of the phone but it's not on par with the redmi. Note series devices that are more expensive: the redmi 8a has only one 12 megapixels camera on the back and an 8 megapixel shooter on the front. As always, i'll talk about image quality in just a bit another shortcoming: there is no fingerprint scanner. We do have a face, unlock feature that works okay, but it can be really slow in low light. I was surprised by the overall gaming performance of the xiaomi redmi 8, a especially if we consider the fact that it ships with a snapdragon, 4' chipset don't, expect that xiaomi redmi tait to be gamers, dream phone or anything. But i was able to play games like asphalt. Extreme assault, 8 asphalt, 9 without any issues, and even pub g runs fine on low graphics settings without any serious stutter or lag deme. Ui 11 is built on top of android 9, which is, however, not the latest version of android as usual to xiaomi.

There are many features and customization options to choose from the overall performance is pretty good, but i've noticed an occasional stutter which is not typical to xiaomi redmi note series devices it's not a big deal at all, as the phone still feels quite pass, but hopefully this Can be fixed with a future software updates.

The light image quality is probably the best you can get for this amount of money. Same can be said about sharp, looking selfies and portrait pictures low, light image quality. It does not really impress, but that's expected at this price. Point 1080p is the maximum video resolution, using both the main and front facing cameras. The video quality is pretty good, but there is no image stabilization, which is found on xiaomi redmi. Note serious phones, xiaomi redmi tait, is pretty good in terms of call quality signal, reception, GPS, Wi, Fi, bluetooth and other connectivity options. Also, there are quite a few sensors onboard, but there is no NFC, which is a pretty important feature to quite a few users. Overall, the xiaomi redmi a tazie great budget device, but it has quite a few cons to consider. So let me start with the cons. First of all, the phone is made entirely out of plastic and it simply doesn't feel as premium as the redmi note series devices that some of them sport, glass, back and metal frames another con. There is only a 10 watt supply fast charger in the retail packaging, whereas the phone supports 18 was fast charging feature.

You should also know that there is no LED notification light and there is no IR blaster. In addition to this, there is only one camera on the back of the device, whereas the redmi note series devices have two or even three cameras on the back end.

Video stabilization is not really impressive. Again. If we compare this bone to the xiaomi redmi note series devices, the display is only 720p and while it's not bad, I wish it was at least 1080p panel it's a shame that there is no fingerprint scanner and face unlock feature well, it's kind of slow, especially In low light, you should also know that the xiaomi redmi tait still runs on android 9, which is not the latest version of android, and there is occasional stutter in the UI, but hopefully this will be fixed with a future software updates. Last but not least, there is no NFC and honestly I don't get why Xiaomi skips this picture, but I guess they just want to protect they're a little bit more expensive, redmi note serious devices lineup. Now the pros are why you should buy the xiaomi redmi. Eight. Eight obviously, for the starting price of around 90 or 100 bucks you're getting great specifications pretty good overall performance, especially gaming performance. You can play some games like pop G on low graphics settings without any issues. Also, the phone sports great build quality despite plasticky built other pros, include great image quality, especially in daylight and amazing battery life.

There are also many yet important little features, for example, you're getting dual SIM card slot in dedicated micro, SD card slot, wireless FM radio feature a headphone jack and a really good loudspeaker. So here's my take on the xiaomi redmi 8, a for the starting price of around 90 or 100 bucks it's a great vice, but obviously there are quite a few trade offs to consider.

So my recommendation is that if you only have 90 or 100 bucks go with this device, it's a great value for the price, and you can't get anything better than this. But, however, I suggest you saving 40 or 50 dollars and by an older generation model. For example, the xiaomi redmi note 7 or the redmi note 7 pro that has a nicer design, more premium, build better specifications, better quality cameras and overall these are better devices. You should also check out the redmi note 8, that sometimes you can get for just over 130 bucks and it's a much better phone overall.