First impression Review – Galaxy Watch 4 – Black 44mm Samsung Smartwatch

It up for the first time and well check it out alrighty. So i think you just hit the red button here. Let that boot up ill, try it out. On my wrist the uh. The band feels really nice. If you have smaller wrists, you might want to get a new band, because these […]

വൺപ്ലസിന്റെ കിടിലൻ വാച്ച് || Oneplus Cobalt Limited Edition Smartwatch Malayalam Review

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 | Top 5 Reasons I LOVE this smartwatch!

This is sammy geek back here with another video in todays video im, going to talk about the five reasons that you should consider: the samsung galaxy watch 4 and i wanted to jump online here and let you guys know usually what i do during my reviews is. I do not talk specs. I […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review: the ultimate Android watch?

It comes in two different flavors, the watch for classic and the watch four im wearing both of them on my wrist ive been trying them out for two weeks. Are these the ultimate android watches? Well, let me talk about it. Music, samsungs, newest watches, are here the samsung galaxy watch 4.. Is this […]

Garmin Venu 2 Review (Best Smartwatch of 2021?)

2 smart watch from garmin. This is a mid range product priced at ‘9.99, which also comes in an s model with a smaller display for 349.99. The watch boasts a 1.3 inch amoled display with corner and gorilla glass 3 and a pixel count of 416 by 416. battery life is stated to be […]

Comparativo: HUAWEI WATCH 3 vs HUAWEI WATCH GT2 Pro – Qual smartwatch vale mais a pena?

Participar tudo embaixo de inscrio comentrios sem mais enrolao vamos ao que interessa daqui dois lados muito muito top Ento voc tinha aqui, o jeito dois prximo top de linha da Huawei que no bate de frente diretamente com. Os tops de linha. Do mercado t falando de apoti, Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy, Active e […]

Review dia a dia Samsung Watch 4 Classic…corrida/bateria/…

A msica que esteja reproduzir, no relgio ou ento, no telemvel e se fizermos isso, a para: a esquerda temos aqui mais uma stimos conseguimos por depois, o nosso treinar pausa gosto baixo isso que se veste super bem esse cran 1.4; a resposta, boa temos, neste relgio operador. At dos cmbio 920r rpida roupa […]

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic – O MELHOR SMARTWATCH ANDROID? 🤔 Smartwatch Samsung!

No esquecendo do bsico aqui galera vamos cortar aqui, vamos mostrar ele, a Vera vou instalar ver aplicativos as novas funes vamos l, cortemo e tiramos, aqui j vamos, dar uma olhada nele vamos ver o que vem primeiro embaixo em cima sem a sua base, para carregamento, vamos Deixar aqui no menu, sequncia e […]

Armani Exchange Drexler AXT 2007 Smartwatch Review

That another now snapdragon wait around one minute: upcoming version Music. This Music thing Music, Music, know hit on the battery saver mode, Music, Music, Music time only modern Music, foreign Music Music in 14 minutes.


You can capture a selfie in one moment. Twist then shoot a video in the next, and since you always have a camera on hand, you can snap a quick photo and upload it without breaking your day and who wants to carry a phone. All the time keep your hands free and snap amazing […]

Gostei DEMAIS! Huawei Watch Fit! COMPLETA e BEM mais BARATA que um SMARWATCH!

No propriamente dita uma, mistura dele uma, smartband com, um smartwatch, ento, ele, tem, uma, tela, um, pouco maior, bastante funcionalidade que se aproxima muitas regies matiotti, mais completo mas era, assim uma, proposta, mais, barata, T eu vou deixar o link aqui na descrio, voc, encontra, no AliExpress Pelos 400 e pouco aqui de […]

Maimo Watch Unboxing & Hands-On! Super Affordable! 🔥🔥

Her up life is much doc, pdf online by his or her from 2. To do you are a fan of a long history. Yanmar we go from here as well as for me, and mouse blue balls in stores in front of the home screen one glance top gear 4. If you open up […]