Review | Galaxy Watch 4, um smartwatch perfeito para celulares Samsung

Ver como que esto a bateria, do seu Buzz e tambm forar o modo de espelho e, a gua esse relgio prova dgua Mas ele tem um sisteminha aqui que voc espere a gua depois que voc nadar deslizando, o dedo da esquerda para direita, ou, se abre as Notificaes e da direita para esquerda, […]

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review – The Best Android Smartwatch! GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT

Well, this one is a little different because two of apples – biggest competitors, samsung and google – are working together on this one. So clearly, expectations are high. So as far as physical design goes not a whole lot has changed here. Youve got that same kind of hybrid mixture of traditional and modern […]

Xiaomi Imilab W12 Smartwatch (Review español) – BARATO Y COMPLETO!!

Silicio muy suave intercambiable y un peso muy ligero de 57 gramos con las dimensiones que ves en pantalla al verlo por primera vez mis impresiones fueron muy positivas y, a la vez sorpresiva por su precio ya, que para lo que cuesta la calidad es muy buena y Se adapta a todo tipo de […]

SmartWatch LEMFO WEAR 3 / Review, prueba de agua 💦 y COMO CONECTARLO | Diseño redondo FULL DISPLAY

Desea poder controlar la msica de tu, reloj de tu telfono sin necesidad de que suene la msica en tu reloj, sino, directamente, ac ya, en este reloj que es posible tu puedes cambiar tus canciones poner play pausa y la msica se mantiene en tu dispositivo, o en Tus audfonos ya; no se reproducen […]

Fossil Gen 6 Review: High Speeds, Hard Specs, Soft Wear

If the relentlessly repetitive rectangles of the apple watch or the simplistic circles of samsung just arent, what you want on your wrist fossil and its partners have been there to sell you. Everything from edgy armani to bedazzled, michael kors, to pipe flange manhole cover diesel. For the past two years, those watches have […]

Makin Rumit,Bila Smart Band Sama Hebat Dengan Smart Watch🤯🤯 Review realme Band 2

Will me bantu nih kalau anda Explode, Anda guna diet, saya boneka, the kepada anda dirda camp Om par dengan, kebanyakan Smartwatch yang hg300 ringgit ke dalam pasaran qd nanti, saya, cerita, dengan, lebih detail after intro Anda bersama saya Asep, Jefri dalam channel YouTube, monaliza Kalau, Anda, belum, Tekan butang sampai pastikan anda tekan […]


But yes, for the past few months i have been using smart watches to elevate my weight or to reduce my weight, and today i have a treat for you, because we have something that is mura and focuses on health and fitness. Hey guys, i see urimo smartwatch curved display slim design, battery up […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Sports & Fitness In-Depth Review: 7 New Things To Know

com here and today, ive got seven new things to know, as well as a full sport and fitness focused review on the galaxy watch 4 and galaxy watch 4 classic. But the way this review is going to go down is first im going to do these seven new sport, fitness health features and […]

Apple Watch Series 6 Review: 1 Year Later

Oh, my god, is that a matte black color okay, you know what actually i might uh. I might consider that one and i think that we might see something similar with the app watch series. Seven functionally is the series seven gon na have much going for it. Aside from the six, no not […]

Imilab W12 Smartwatch Review, The Best Budget Smartwatch

Welcome to another honest review video. Today i have this imeelab w12 watch yeah. This watch actually costs only around 50 us dollars, and this one is the cheapest smart watch that i have here. I actually have around 12 smart watches and among those this one is the cheapest one, but the truth is […]

I like the standard Galaxy Watch 4 better than Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

So this is a review of the samsung galaxy watch. I have the classic on my right wrist and also the standard the non classic on the left. Now the classic is the more premium flagship product. This is the one that samsung loaned me to review, because samsung wanted to highlight this one. But […]

Review of Blitzwolf BW-HL4 smartwatch

So you can purchase this watch for around about 45 to 50 us dollars um and the platform where you can purchase. This watch is called banggood and i will make sure that i leave the link down below underneath this video. So you can actually follow the link and purchase yourself. A decent watch […]