A forte concorrncia isso que voc confere a seguir na nossa anlise completa disponvel em trs variantes com, pulseira de fluir, as tomero nylon e couro, a nova verso do GTR traz consigo um design, elegante com, acabamento de bastante, qualidade com, estrutura que mescla liga de alumnio, policarbonato E ao inoxidvel resistente gua, o […]

The Best E INK Smartwatch You Can Buy | Fossil Gen 6 Review

Now the last release was the fossil hybrid HR smartwatch. This unit continues that tradition of not having an e ink screen, but instead having an e ink circular backdrop with real mechanical watch hands and we must say the fossil Gen 6 has never looked more real. This is definitely one of the most […]

BEST Smartwatch For YOUR Money!? MUST WATCH!

Ive got a comparison, video between all three of the major smart watches out the Apple watch, Ultra the Galaxy watch5 Pro turn it right side up and the pixel watch so Im going to do kind of in depth. Discussion. On my experience with all three of these watches, Ive used them as my […]

Apple Watch Ultra Is The REAL DEAL! One Month Review.

This watch has really changed my perspective on having an Apple Watch. So I own the Apple Watch series one series: three, four, five, six seven skip the eight came out simultaneously with the ultra. So I figured why not, why not double down and get the ultra Ive loved it? Its been a great […]

The COOLEST Apple Watch Alternative

The reason I have this watch here in my hands right now is because Im a completely superficial person scrolling through Instagram, I saw the NASA logo. I saw it on a watch and my brain had already decided. I wanted to know more: can this sequence electron HR, 2.2 live up to the NASA […]

Apple Watch Ultra Honest Review – Why I wish I could RETURN it..

Vadim reviewed the ultra after one week of use and gave it a raving review and I shot a bunch of sweet Bureau shots for that which Ill also share and use in this video. But my experience has been a bit different because my review is not for those who honestly just want to […]

Apple Watch Ultra Review – 1 Month Later – Best Watch Ever?

I think it fits my style and just fits me better, because Im so big as far as my hands and my wrists, so because of that, I think it just fits me personally, a little bit better, and so this particular device, like I said, Ive, been using For a month and Im, a […]

(Still) the best Smartwatch? Apple Watch Series 8 [review]

Apple is really pushing smart watches. They continue to make improvements year over year, but the series 8 it is the smallest upgrade yet. But honestly, no one with the series 7 is thinking about buying a series 8.. Firstly, because the series 7 is still a great Smartwatch and because hardly anything has changed. […]

Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5

The other king of Android watches both run. Wear OS have a round display and work with pretty much. Every Android phone well be breaking down the differences in the screens, the health sensors battery life and more to help you decide between the two. Now your first decision might come down to price and […]

Google Pixel Watch Review 2 weeks later! – A Beautiful LIE!

A beautiful lie so to speak. Lets talk so Ive been using the pixel 7 Pro, as my daily phone over the last couple of weeks check the review for that in the video description. If you havent seen that already, but alongside the phone Ive also been using the watch in conjunction and in […]

Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5 (Tested and Compared)

Well talk about the speakers and the microphones, the interfaces, the design and everything else that Ive actually damaged on some of these watches as well. So theres a lot to talk about, but I want to break this down into a couple categories. The first category I want to talk about is the physical […]

Google Pixel Watch Review

This is the pixel watch by Google. Why do I say that? Because for years there were rumors about a pixel watch, we hoped there would be a pixel watch and now, finally, there is its a smart watch running, wear OS by Google. No surprise there, weve seen where OS on the Samsung Galaxy […]